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"Nichols’ Medal - Awarded for destroying four or more enemy vehicles with a medium tank. The targets must be at least two tiers higher than the player's tank. Alfie Nicolas was a British tank gunner. During the battle of Al Alamein he destroyed fourteen enemy vehicles." Is it "Nichols", "Nicolas" or "Nicols" (as in the medal drawing) ? I didn't find information on this particular person.

my google fu has failed on this as well. It doesn't affect the main achievement page on the wiki as that is just the in game info. But I would like to expand the detail like the RU wiki has on many achievements (though in this case they have no info either). Try the forums? --Jiri Starrider 14:59, 18 October 2012 (UTC) Lead Wiki Editor

Billote's medal

Isn't it changed to two kills, after the damage is taken?

Where do we propose new Epic Achievements?

There should be a particular wiki page where new Epic Achievements are proposed and debated.


Killing three heavy tanks two or more tiers higher than your medium tank should be an Epic Achievement named for Aleksandra Samusenko - please debate on that page until there is some more official place. See Wikipedia [1]


There should be some Epic Achievement named for Mariya Oktyabrskaya [2]. Perhaps something related to killing tanks during repairs, as she was most famous for in-battle repair of her T-34 the Fighting Girlfriend.

Team battle achievements useless since patch 1.6

With patch 1.6 team battle was removed due to a dwindling number of participants. Will it return in a revamped form or no? If not I would like to now what WG is going to do with all those achievements that can only be obtained in team battle mode, for at this moment in time they are completely useless.