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I love what you're doing to the page Shinma, but do you think you might be underselling passive scouting some? Esp in hightier matches (Clan Wars being the best example), it's really the only way to go sometimes. -Force

"In most cases, passive scouting is far less useful than active scouting" There's very niche examples where it might work, so the caveat is there, but the tone I'm trying to get is that it's generally weaker, and to help new players I think it's better to stick with the majority case than to say that the few times it might be better should be weighted equally. Really, the only 'passive is better' case in my mind is that one spot on Prok on the 1 line, and even that's pretty arguable. -Shin

I guess that's where I'm not quite seeing eye-to-eye: yes for beginners active scouting is by far better, but if you make it a more general page and add mediums in general (the scouting[ish] kind) the page kind of isn't complete without giving passive scouting its own due, at least imo. Maybe it's just the avenues I've followed in this game, but I've always seen the two aspects as equal. -Force

Could you give me an example of how you might change it? I'm not opposed to changes, but I thought I was pretty factual from dividing it as active scouting = moving/sitting still >5 seconds vs. passive scouting <5 second stillness. Edit: what if we retooled this sentence: 'In most cases, passive scouting is far less useful than active scouting due to' to

'in many cases, dedicated passive scouting setups are less useful than active scouting due to'

Would that address your concern? Shin

90% of it, I'll have a think add my spin to the page on that topic later