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Battle Tier limit

Size, m

Map type
  • Map
  • Standard battle


|Size = 
|Map type = 
|Battle Tier limit = 

Template for Map details and description.

  • Size = given in meters, ie. 1000x1000
  • Map type = Summer/Winter/Desert
  • Battle Tier limit = ie. 4-10

In order to make everything working properly and to populate all the different game modes available for the map, it requires several images to be uploaded:

  • map_name/page_name screen.jpg - background image
  • map_name/page_name.png - minimap image
  • map_name/page_name Layer (battle mode).png - minimap layer for the proper game mode (the following battle modes can be used: Standard battle, Encounter Battle, Assault, Team Battle, Historical Battle). For the Team and Historical Battle mode it is required to add maps to the list in row 23 (Team Battle) and 27 (Historical Battle).

All the required images can be found in World_of_Tanks\res\packages\gui.pkg\gui\maps\icons\map\