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  • isSPGorTD if the vehicle is an SPG or a TD mark "yes" or "1" otherwise leave it
  • nation - enter the nation, USA or usa, Germany or germany, etc. as appropriate are allowable. Usa is not.
  • You can add as many modules as needed by using next consecutive label. (ie. "radio4=")
  • Add info to the modules in the appropriate order divided by "," (comma)
  • turret# - tier, name, armor, turret traverse, arc, view range, xpcost, price, weight
  • turret#_gun# - tier, name, ammo, damage, penetration, rate of fire, accuracy, aim time, elevation, xpcost, price, weight
    • for guns with extra elevation limits enter elevation as sides;front;rear
  • engine# - tier, name, power, chance of fire, xpcost, price, weight
  • suspension# - tier, name, load limit, traverse, xpcost, price, weight
  • radio# - tier, name, signal range, xpcost, price, weight


|turret1=1,Turm Schwedisch Bofors,14/12/12,{{TooltipStats|brown|44|deg/s|45.89|46.92|47.96|50.03}},360,{{TooltipStats|brown|260|m|260|265.57|271.14|282.29}},---,0,700

|turret1_gun1=1,3,7 cm KwK 36 L/46.5,150,AP/APCR/HE,36/36/42,40/74/18,0-c/2-g/6-c,{{TooltipStats|brown|26.09|rpm|27.2|27.82|28.43|29.66}},{{TooltipStats|brown|0.46|m|0.44||0.43|0.41}},{{TooltipStats|brown|1.7|s|1.63|1.59|1.56|1.49}},7/25,---,0,100

|engine1=1,Krupp M301,51,20,Gasoline,---,0,200


|radio1=1,Signal Flags,{{TooltipStats|brown|90|m|93.86|95.98|98.1|102.34}},---,0,1