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Template:TestMap Detail

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{{{n}}} - {{{s}}}



  • Use the map.jpg, properly named of course, file from map you are linking this from (see existing maps for details):
    • map.jpg - 512x512 map
    • Please fill out the details of the map in the map description area. For additional information about tactics and history use the Template:Panel content (more than once if needed) or headers (note, will pick one or the other when we go live with this) after the close ( }} ) of this template.
    • Also use the Template:To Do at the very end unless you are fully writing out the details and tactics of that map.
  • x - map is in development and not released (ie. "yes" or nothing)
  • m - map file name (ie. "Hills")
  • n - map name in game (ie. "Mines", note, most will have the same name as the file name)
  • s - map size, in meters (ie. "1000m x 1000m")
  • d - map description (ie. "This map has ...")