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Tier Name Load Limit Traverse Speed Price Weight Compatibility


  • If you have too few or too many variables the module name will be in red.
  • Continue to add | (pipes) to how ever many modules you need.
  • Place variables in order, separated by a semicolon.
    • name = name of the module
    • tier = tier of the module, acceptable only numbers(1,2,..,10)
    • load limit = the load limit of the suspension in tons, do not include "(t)"
    • traverse speed = traverse speed of the suspension in degrees per second, do not include "(deg/sec)"
    • price = price of the module, in credits
    • weight = weight of the module, in kilograms, do not include "(kg)"
    • compatibility = the vehicle(s) the module is compatible with, arranged by tier, then alphabetically, use the contour template {{contour|c="tank"}} see the contour template for notes.


<!--|name; combatchars name; premium; compatibility-->
|name; combatchars name; premium; compatibility