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Update 2016

Update 2016

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Update 2016


Here you can find how World of Tanks has evolved over time (2016), with a quick overview of each update. If you're looking for something in particular, feel free to click on the "full patch notes" buttons below and explore the depth of our changes!

Update 2016

Update 9.17

December 2016
  • New nation: The Swedes have arrived! Two branches have been introduced, one leading up to the Kranvagn (Tier X heavy tank), the other ending with the Strv 103B (Tier X tank destroyer)
  • Siege and Travel modes: Exclusive to high-tier Swedish tank destroyers, those modes either increase the firepower or speed of the vehicle.
  • Balance changes: Several dated Premium vehicles have been improved to make them more competitive and profitable.

Update 9.16

October 2016
  • Performance notifications: Damage panel, battle-performance badges and fire-direction indicators have been added to the battle user interface.
  • Changes to the visibility system: The spotting delay has been reduced, therefore vehicles are spotted faster when they leave their cover.
  • In-game comparison: Now you can compare vehicles in the game with different setups modules, crew skills, etc.
  • Sound improvements: Better sounds for different damaged modules, the magnitude of damage and more have been introduced to the game.

Update 9.15.1

July 2016

>Small update with several fixes and improvements.

  • Sound improvements
  • Personal Reserves can now be purchased in-game.
  • New HD models

Update 9.15

May 2016
  • Updated Garage UI: New style with collapsing and expanding categories containing combat parameters. Said parameters are now more interactive and change depending on the crew, equipment, and consumables.
  • Rampage mode: The mode and the missions have been disabled.
  • Grille 15: This new German Tier X tank destroyer replaces the Waffenträger auf E 100 as it fits better into the line. The statistics for the Waffenträger auf E 100 are saved separately.
  • Balance changes: Many Japanese, but also other vehicles have been rebalanced.

Update 9.14

March 2016
  • Improved vehicle physics: The movement physics have been updated. Now it’s possible to flip a vehicle over or drift around turns by using the handbrake.
  • Sound system revamped: FMOD sound engine has been replaced with ‘Audiokinetic Wwise’, which offers more possibilities and is more resource-friendly.
  • New map: Ravaged Capital has been added to the Rampage mode. This map is based on Paris.
  • Map changes: Because of the physics improvements, some maps have been changed to complement those improvements.