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Adding Ships

"This page was directly copied from the RU wiki. Until we hear differently we're not adding any more ships for potential NDA reasons and because most of us don't know what's in the game." -- Misfire42

I am not bound to an NDA; I am not one of the testers, nor do I know anyone who is a tester. My information comes from the "World of Warships Fankit," https://content.wargaming.net/wows/WoWs_Fankit.zip which has some ships not previously mentioned in the WoWs wiki in the folder "WoWs_Fankit/Pictures/In-game models". The fact that the folder is titled "In-game models" seems like a pretty good clue that these ships will be in the game. So, we do know what will be in the game, and that knowledge is not bound to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

What do you think about that? Donald_ET3:na (talk) 00:16, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

The more relevant and immediate problem is, at the moment we do not have a format for ships to standardize upon. Without that, to start creating content, regardless of the source of the information, seems premature. WoWS does not need to be populated in a public form yet; at the earliest, pages should not be created in a publicly viewable way until when the NDA drops out of effect. Until then, WoWS pages should be the purview of editors in order to ensure organization of content and prevention of *accidental* (which can happen even without tester connections) leaks until there is no risk of harm due to the event.
That's what I think at least. ForcestormX:na (talk) 01:24, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

Removing pages


While I was searching for T67 TD, I realize a big mess in wiki, where Tank:T67 had source but it should be in Tank:A58_T67 data. So I put source from Tank:T67 in Tank:A58_T67. What to do with Tank:T67? It must be deleted, shouldn't it?

I also created a page "T67" which links "Tank:A58_T67" - so searching for T67 immediately returns Tank:A58_T67. Is this correct?

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