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Tactics: Scouting

Tactics: Scouting

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Scouting is a key feature in World of Tanks. Scouting is where a tank spots a tank or tanks on the enemy team. This role can be filled by any tank, but it is best carried out by the light tanks in battles, due to their speed, view range, and camo that no other tank can match. It is not recommended to play any scout lines unless the player is well familiarized with the game mechanics.

Scouting styles

There are several different scouting styles, each with their own tactics and its own tanks that excel in these situations.

Active Scouting

Active scouting is very aggressive in nature, where the scout has to keep moving. This can take place anywhere on the map, which can be peeking around corners, driving on ridges, or just doing circles. The goal here is to try and keep the enemy spotted long enough for allies to hit them. A form of this is Half Court scouting, in which a scout runs several half circles around their side of the map, while not crossing the middle dividing line. Some maps are suited for this while others are not.

Passive Scouting

The opposite of Active Scouting. This is where a scout will sit in a location (usually concealed by a bush) waiting for enemies to move into their view range. It is best to find a position with a wide area that you can see without obstruction to get the best out of this.

Suicide Scouting

As the name of this style suggests, this is when you charge into the enemies cap seconds after the countdown, usually spotting their entire team, but almost always leading to a very quick death. When you do this, your team is usually not ready to fire and everyone you spotted will disappear with very little shots going into them.

Do not do this: a dead scout is a useless scout.

Scouting tanks

Currently, only four countries have scout lines. America, France, Germany, and China. Each country has their own advantages and disadvantages to these lines.


Starting with the M5 Stuart and ending at the T71, this scout line offers a wide variety of play styles, and a wide variety of tanks if you continue down the line past tier VII. American scouts are well known for their view range, damage per minute, maneuverability, and the overall fun factor. The American Tech Tree also has the last remaining 'Super Scout' tank in the tier V M24 Chaffee can be placed into tier X battles, which is outside the bounds of normal scout matchmaking for its tier.


Starting with the ELC AMX and ending with the AMX 13 90, the French scouts are very sneaky, but can deal a very wealthy amount of burst damage. They all boast autoloaders (except for the ELC AMX), with exceptional view range, and can cause a lot of damage if let behind enemy tanks. They, however, lack the speed and maneuverability of their American counterparts.


Starting with the Luchs and ending with the Aufkl. Panther, German scouts start out small and fast but then turn into large, sluggish moving, punchy behemoths. They are known for their view range and their ability to ram exceptionally well, they however lack the speed of all other scout lines.


Starting with the M5A1 Stuart and ending with the WZ-132, the Chinese have the speed of the Americans, a very low profile, slightly bouncy armor, quick aimtimes, and very punchy guns.

Recommended Equipment

All Play Styles

Passive Scouting

  • Camo Net: Improves the tank's camouflage factor by 25% when the tank is stationary for three seconds. Deactivates on hull movement.
  • Binocular Telescope: Increases the tank's view range by 25% when the tank is stationary for three seconds. Deactivates on hull movement.

Active Scouting

  • Coated Optics: Increases the tank's view range by 10%. Always active.

Recommended Crew Skills & Perks

  • Camouflage
  • Sixth Sense
  • Recon
  • Situational Awareness
  • Designated Target