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Batalla del Cabo Norte

Batalla del Cabo Norte

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The "Battle of the North Cape" campaign is a historical, staged campaign based around the Battle of the North Cape in December 1943. It requires a player to have ships of at least Tier V in order to complete, and is comprised of 30 different tasks spread out over 5 missions. There are achievements for both completing the campaign and completing all tasks in the campaign.

The Battle of the North Cape (26 December 1943) was a naval battle during World War II, in the course of which the Royal Navy ships sank the German battleship Scharnhorst. This battle is considered to be the northernmost naval engagement in history.

Each mission is comprised of various tasks; the campaign pins and rewards shown are granted only upon completing that particular task.

Mission 1 - Available from 20 December 2017

Mission 2 - Available from 24 December 2017

Mission 3 - Available from 29 December 2017

Mission 4 - Available from 3 January 2018

Mission 5 - Available from 8 January 2018