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The "Flooding" ribbon is awarded for causing flooding to an enemy ship.
Flooding in World of Warships is a damage-over-time effect that occurs due to damage taken below the waterline, most commonly from being struck by enemy torpedoes. Ships that are undergoing flooding do not list in-game as they would in real life, but do have their top speed reduced by approximately 20% in addition to the damage-over-time effect.

Causing Flooding

Only two effects have a chance to cause a ship to flood:

  • Being struck by a torpedo (enemy or friendly).
  • Being rammed by an enemy ship.
A ship's torpedo protection is shown in the Port screen under the Survivability tab. If no value is shown, it is considered to be zero.

A ribbon is awarded when a flood is caused to an enemy ship. Though captains may be awarded multiple flooding ribbons, it is not possible for a ship to suffer from the effects of multiple floods; either a ship is flooding or it is not. This is distinctly different from fires, where a ship can suffer from multiple simultaneous fires that stack their damage-over-time effects together.

Flooding Chance

The probability of a ship flooding depends on where it is struck by the torpedo (or rammed by the enemy ship), the presence of upgrades on the damaged ship (specifically, Damage Control System Modification 1), and the signals mounted on both ships (Juliet Whiskey Unaone increases the chance of causing a flood; Victor Lima increases the chance of receiving one). Many ships — most battleships and aircraft carriers, as well as some heavy cruisers — have torpedo bulges built into their citadel armor that reduces not only damage taken from the torpedo, but the chance that the torpedo will cause flooding.

Flooding Effects

The user interface will display this icon — overlayed with the remaining duration — when a ship is experiencing flooding.

Flooding damage reduces a ship's health by 0.667% of its total health pool per second. If a flood is not controlled (see below) and is allowed to run for its full duration, a ship will lose just over 60% of its total health pool to a single flood.

In addition, ships that are flooding have their top speed reduced by 15-20% (depending on class).

Controlling Flooding

The effects of flooding can only be removed by utilization of the Damage Control Party consumable, or by waiting for the flood duration timer to expire. Flooding has a base duration of 90 seconds, which can be reduced several ways:

Each of these effects stacks with the others; however, they are multiplicative rather than cumulative.

For example, if all three effects are stacked, the flooding duration is: 90 seconds x 0.85 x 0.85 x 0.80 = 52.02 seconds.

All damage sustained by flooding is 100% recoverable by ships that can use the Repair Party consumable.