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Doubloon Economy

Doubloon Economy

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Current doubloon, credit, and Free XP totals as seen in the top right corner of the Port screen.
Understanding and mastering the economy of World of Warships is one of the keys to enjoying the game. There are four main types of currency: Doubloons, Credits, Experience, and Free Experience. Doubloons, Credits, and Free Experience can be seen in the game client in the top right corner of the Port screen, and on your account page from which you have to access via the main page under "Profile" and in "Detailed Statistics" (you need to login to see the full details of your account page). Experience is unique to each individual ship, and can only be seen in the Port screen by clicking on the desired ship.



Doubloons are World of Warships's version of Gold from World of Tanks and Warplanes. It is considered premium currency and as such can have a drastic impact on your gaming experience.

Doubloons can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchased directly from the premium shop.
  • As of 30 October 2016 any amount of doubloons between 500 and 25000 may be purchased with the price in USD being approximately (0.0067 * number of doubloons)^0.9. This is slightly more expensive than the standard packages, but not by much (at most 1.2% difference). The number of doubloons per dollar is between 168 and 250.
  • Purchased as part of a bundle. Examples of these bundles:
  • Premium ship bundles
  • Weekend Captain's Pass (available most weekends)
  • Check the "specials" section for limited offerings.

Doubloons have a multitude of uses:

  • Exchanging doubloons for credits. The standard conversion is 1 doubloon = 1,500 credits.
  • Converting experience you have on elite ships to Free experience. Elite ships are ships that have all modules researched; premium ships are elite by default. The standard conversion rate is 1 doubloon for 25 converted experience.
  • Purchasing some premium ships via the tech tree.
  • Purchasing premium time, which provides a 50% increase in credit and experience earnings as well as a special port with a unique soundtrack.
  • Instantly retraining a commander on a new ship (500 doubloons).
  • Redistributing commander skills (cost increases as the number of commander skills increase; 25 doubloons per assigned point).
  • Demounting upgrades from a ship (25 doubloons); this equipment can then be applied to a different ship. Note that you can also sell equipment for 50% of the credit cost.
  • Purchasing port slots (300 doubloons per slot).
  • Expanding the size of your commander reserve (100 doubloons for 4 slots).
  • Purchasing special consumables such as permanent camouflage (1,000 - 5,000 doubloons) or special camouflage (50 doubloons) or premium consumables. Camouflage can enhance experience gain, while premium consumables recharge faster and may give you an extra use.
  • Promoting a new captain to a 3 skill points immediately (25 doubloons).



Credits, also commonly referred to as silver, are the standard currency and can be earned by actively participating in battle, doing things such as damaging the enemy, capturing bases, etc. They are also rewarded for completing missions. Credits can be spent in many ways:

  • Ships.
  • Modules.
  • Upgrades (125 000 to 3 000 000 credits.)
  • Camouflage: Either -3% detectability range or +4 to dispersion of enemy shells (7 500 credits) or both (22 500 credits).
  • Premium consumables. These have 1/3 less cooldown time and 1 extra charge. (22 500 credits per consumable.)
  • A new captain with 1 skill point (10 000 credits.)
  • Instantly retraining a captain up to 50% progress (200 000 credits.)
  • Service costs. After a battle a credit fee must be paid. This depends on tier, and whether the ship is premium:
Tier Service cost
Normal Permanent
1 0 n/a n/a
2 2 000 n/a 2 000
3 3 000 n/a 3 000
4 5 000 n/a 5 000
5 11 500 11 500 11 500
6 23 000 23 000 21 850 (-5%)
7 42 000 39 900 (-5%) 35 700 (-15%)
8 75 000 67 500 (-10%) 52 500 (-30%)
9 120 000 96 000 (-20%) 60 000 (-50%)
10 180 000 90 000 (-50%) n/a
Service cost can also be decreased by the India Bravo Terrathree signal and Ranked season flags.

Experience (XP)


Experience, like credits, is earned in battle.

Base Experience

Base Experience is the amount of experience in a battle based on your performance — this is found on the Team Score tab.

Ship Experience

Ship Experience — represented by a silver star — can be used to research modules for a ship (such as upgraded hulls or guns). It can also be used to unlock the next tier of ship. However, Ship Experience can ONLY be used for the ship it is earned with, UNLESS it is converted to Free Experience. Ship Experience may only be converted to Free Experience if and when the player has completed researching all modules and the next tier of ship (if any). The total Base Experience, and then modified by any applied modifiers, is equal to your earned Ship Experience.

Commander Experience

Commanders earn Experience as well, increasing in rank when they have accumulated enough experience. Commander Experience is earned as much as Ship Experience. Modifiers, such as premium account or signals, can increase earned Commander Experience more than earned Ship Experience, projecting earned Commander Experience upwards to potentially more than 20,000 in a single battle.

For a example: A player earns a Base Experience of 2000 in a battle. Added with Ship Experience (after modified) and modifiers (such as Zulu Hotel signal, Dragon Flag signal, premium bonus, server side event, and a flag (such as the Military Month Contributor)), the player can earn up to about 10 times the amount, as shown in the example below.

After reaching maximum rank, any further Commander Experience goes into a shared Elite Commander Experience pool. Elite Commander Experience has many uses: - Instantly add skill points to other commanders. - Instantly retrain a commander on a new ship. - Redistribute skill points on a commander.

See the Commander page for more information on Elite Commander Experience.

Free Experience (XP)


Once reaching Account Level 5 players earn Free experience, represented by a gold star. Free experience is earned at a rate of 5% of the Standard experience earned in a battle, and can be used to research/unlock modules for ANY ship. Additionally, some missions may reward Free experience. Players who accumulate enough Free experience can immediately upgrade a new ship, or skip a ship altogether.

Free experience can also be earned by using Doubloons to convert Standard experience from Elite and Premium ships to Free experience.

Experience computation

  1. The Base XP is determined by the battle performance. This is the value shown on the post-battle Team Score screen.
  2. The Earned XP is equal to Base XP without a premium account, or 1.5 times the Base XP with a premium account.
  3. Ship XP is equal to Earned XP, plus any (Ship) XP modifiers. Modifiers stack additively; for example, a Type 6 camouflage (+100% XP) plus a +50% daily win bonus would award +150% Ship XP based on Earned XP. This is the amount of XP shown in the Personal Score screen.
  4. Commander XP is equal to Earned XP, plus any Commander XP modifiers. Note that some modifiers apply to Commander XP but not Ship XP, but all known Ship XP modifiers also apply to Commander XP. All of these stack additively. Continuing the example, if the ship also had a Zulu Hotel signal mounted (+50% Commander XP), it would have a total of +200% Commander XP based on Earned XP.
  5. Free XP is equal to 5% of Ship XP, plus any Free XP modifiers. For example, a Papa Papa signal (+300% Free XP) would increase this to 20% of Ship XP. Free XP Modifiers stack additively with each other, but effectively stack multiplicatively with Ship XP modifiers.

It is therefore beneficial to stack Ship XP and Free XP bonuses together; for example, you may want to use your Papa Papa signals for when you have many ship XP bonuses, such as daily wins, camouflages, and Equal Speed Charlie London signals.


  • For the best economic results (XP and credit gain), it is not important to survive til the end of the battle, but to have the most amount of active action, or impact, in the battle.
  • Significant actions that impact a battle (for example, for a battleship - to inflict a certain amount of damage, push the flank together with the allies, sacrificing some health to capture a point, etc.) will lead to better economic results.
  • Focusing only on one action (for example, for a destroyer - to seize capture points, but not dealing damage, not doing reconnaissance, etc.) will lead to worse economic results.