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Consumables (WoWP)

Consumables (WoWP)

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Consumables can be mounted on an aircraft to improve the battle performance of said aircraft. Roughly there are two types, being aircraft&crew consumables and ammunition type consumables. For the latter, refer to the wiki page on Ammo (WoWP).

For aircraft & crew type consumables, the options are distributed per slot. These slots are:

  1. 1. Cockpit slot
  2. 2. Airframe slot
  3. 3. Engine slot
  4. (4. Ammunition)
  5. (5. Turret ammunition)
  6. (6. Fragmentation for bombs & rockets)

Some aircraft may have one consumable for each of the three aircraft/crew slots, some may even lack one of the three, some may have one of each and even a second on for instance the airframe slot. No aircraft ever has a second cockpit consumable slot, to prevent players from using fire extinguisers and med kits at the same time.

The consumables available are the following:

1. Cockpit slot

  • First Aid Dressing Package - Used to heal crew members
  • Emergency Medical Kit (Premium) - Used to heal crew members, resistance to injury for 10 seconds
  • Fire Extinguisher - Used to put out fire
  • Fire Extinguishing System (Premium) - Used to put out fire, resistance to fire for 10 seconds
  • Ground Verification (Tokens) - Increases credit earnings by 50%
  • Aerial Verification (Tokens) - Increases experience earnings by 25%

2. Airframe Slot

  • Emergency Control System - Restores controlability of wings & tails
  • Secondary Control System (Premium)
  • Pneumatic Control Assist - Increases manoeuvrability by 10% in all axis for 10 seconds
  • Pneumatic Control Assist (Premium)
  • Exhaust Bleed Inerting System- Reduces chance of being set on fire by 20%, effective during entire battle
  • CO2 Inerting System (Premium) Reduces chance of being set on fire by 30%, effective during entire battle

3. Engine Slot

  • Bottle for Manual Engine Restart - Repairs a damaged engine
  • Emergency Engine Restart System (Premium)
  • Engine Cooling - Improves the engine cooldown rate by 3 times or stops the engine from heating for 10 seconds
  • Emergency Engine Cooling (Premium)
  • Improved Mixture Control - Increases engine thrust by 3%, , effective during entire battle
  • High-Octane Additive (Premium) Increases engine thrust by 5%, , effective during entire battle

In general if a (Premium) consumable has no explanation of its working it is identical to that mention above. Non-premium consumables have a reload time of 90 seconds after each use and are not available on respawn, while Premium consumables have a reload time of 60 seconds and are available on respawn.

The price of consumables is 4.000/6.000/10.000 credits for regular ones (period I/II/III), or 25 gold for premium ones (discounted 10/15/25). The Verification consumables cost tokens, being 1/1/1 per battle.

For comparison to the old consumables, refer to this article: Consumables 2.0 system

Old consumable system- ignore all information here

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