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Old information, will be updated.

Exterior paint jobs and decals can be displayed on your plane for aesthetic purposes but some can provide small camouflage bonuses depending on the map you're on and the camouflage pattern you have. In other words, picking a nice green to coat your plane will work great on a Summer map, but applying a Desert paint color won't help much in an Artic setting. Other things such as decals and nose jobs can be added for purely aesthetic purposes, and do not affect camouflage. Aside from camouflages, you can also apply emblems and nose art for +2% Crew experience and +3% Aircraft experience per battle respectively.

Purchasing Camouflage/Paint jobs

Exterior items can be bought for periods of 7 and 30 days with Silver or Permanently with Gold, however some patterns and decals can only be received as special bonuses (E.G. Beta Test participant, Commemorative token, etc.)

Example of Camo pattern and Decal on a Plane

Kill Markers

Kill Markers are automatically added to planes for earning kills and destroying ground targets.

Every plane has a different kill marker for air kills and for destroying ground targets.

  • US
    • Air Kill: White Plane
    • Ground Kill: White bomb
  • USSR
    • Air Kill: Red Star
    • Ground Kill: Red bomb
  • German
    • Air Kill: White and black stripe
    • Ground Kill: Yellow and black stripe
  • Japanese
    • Air Kill: Yellow 5 petalled flower
    • Ground Kill: Yellow Carnation
  • British
    • Air Kill: White cross
    • Ground Kill: Small white bomb
  • EU
    • Air Kill: White Plane
    • Ground Kill: White Bomb

Air and ground kill markers are added for achieving the following number of kills/ground targets:

  • 1st Marker 1 kill/gt
  • 2nd Marker 10 kills/gts
  • 3rd Marker 50 kills/gts
  • 4th Marker 200 kills/gts
  • 5th marker 500 kills/gts
  • 6th marker 2000 kills/gts
  • 7th marker 10,000 kills/gts