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Game Modes (WoWP)

Game Modes (WoWP)

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There are four game modes currently available in World of Warplanes. You can select the game mode by opening the pull-down menu to the right of the orange "Battle!" button.

The primary means of polishing your aerial skills is through the series of training sessions. World of Warplanes offers two training modes at your disposal:

  • Individual training within tutorial.
  • Team training battle against selected teams.

Once you have the basics down, it's time to enter battle. At present there is only one type of battle room for you to join where you have the potential to earn credits and experience that can be used to advance up the tiers -- Stnadard Battle Mode. In this standard battle mode you play against a mix of human players and bots to fill out the teams.

Standard Game Modes


Individual training allows newcomers to learn basic controls and combat techniques in the form of guided tutorials. All tutorials must be completed in order to unlock the additional modes.

Training mode is comprised of four tutorials:

  • Gunnery Practice
  • Dogfight Training
  • Team Air Combat
  • Ground Target Assault.
Successful completion of each tutorial is rewarded with a small, one-time deposit of gold into your Wargaming.net account.

Team Training

This mode enables you to join an already existing Training Room or set up your own.

To Join a Training Room:

  • Select Team Training from the Battle menu.
    • The Team Training window with a list of all current Training Rooms and Participants is displayed upon opening.
  • Select a room from the list and click Join.
    • You have joined the room and appear in the list of undistributed players.
  • Wait for the host to assign you to the team and start the battle.

To Set Up a Training Room:

  • Select Team Training from the Battle menu.
  • Click Create Room in the top right-hand corner.
    • A Team Training set-up window is displayed.
  • Select a map, battle duration and aircraft tier. You may also enter a short description to specify the skills that are going to be practiced.
  • Click Create.
    • The Training Room window appears.
  • Use the arrows to distribute players to the respective teams.
  • If necessary, add bots to the rosters for a greater challenge.
  • Click Battle!

Battle Against Bots

Removed as of v1.9. See Special Battles below.

Standard Battle

Standard Battle mode is where the majority of game play occurs. This mode features two teams of maximum 15 aircraft each, selected from the players currently available in queue. The main objective in this mode is to achieve and maintain supremacy or destroy all enemy aircraft.

Battle type specifics:

  • Each battle lasts up to 15 minutes, though this is a rare occurrence.
  • Each battle includes a number of bots added to each side to help fill out the teams.
  • Team size is mostly dependent on the number of human players in queue at that moment for the chosen tier. 15v15 is rare, 7v7 is possible.
  • The map is automatically selected based on tier and a map-specific probability (some maps have a lower probability of selection than others).
  • Players are distributed between the two teams based on tier and aircraft type according to the match-maker algorithm.
  • Standard Battle provides the highest rewards of all game modes in terms of credits earned and experience gained. Players with Premium Account status earn an additional credit and experience bonus for each match played in this mode.
  • This is the only game mode that allows a flight of two players to enter the queue. By joining a flight, you are guaranteed that both members of the flight are in the same battle, and on the same side. Members of the flight are identified with gold/yellow icons in the HUD.

Special Game Modes

Snowball Fight

The Snowball Fight mode was temporarily made available in December of 2014[1]. This mode was associated with special holiday missions and rewards. The map used for Snowball Fight was a modified version of Arctic Region and renamed to Lapland. The only vehicle available to use on the map was the Odin 42M flying saucer that fired "snowballs", had incredible boost capabilities, and would regenerate health over time.

The game mode itself distributed players onto two separate teams, and then filled the remaining rosters with A.I. controlled bots. It is widely believed among the community that the Snowball Fight game mode was used as an initial test for the addition of bots into Standard Battle mode.

Battle Against Bots

Battling against computer controlled opponents is an excellent practice ground for World of Warplanes beginners as well as players wanting to test new aircraft. A team of one to five players, supplemented by bots, plays against an all bot team in a 15 vs. 15 format. The aim is to achieve and maintain supremacy or destroy all enemy aircraft.

Battle type specifics:

NOTE: This battle mode was removed as of v1.9

  • Free ammo and equipment resupply after each battle.
  • No standard rewards, instead player receives a special reward for completing combat missions, such as destroying ground targets and enemy aircraft. Missions become more challenging upon completion.
  • This battle type has its own missions and achievements.
  • Battle results are not included in game statistics, except for achievements earned.

Victory Conditions

In all modes except Training, victory is determined by either supremacy or destruction of all enemy aircraft. In the event that neither of these conditions are met or the match times out, then it is declared a draw.

Supremacy Annihilation Draw
A team gains advantage points for every enemy aircraft or ground target destroyed. As soon as one team achieves advantage over the other, the supremacy meter (progress bar in the top center of the HUD) starts to fill. The more points a team gets the faster the meter fills up. The battle ends when one of the teams achieves 100% supremacy. The battle lasts until all enemy aircraft are destroyed. The duration of the battle is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. The battle ends in a draw if neither team manages to achieve 100% supremacy or destroy all enemy aircraft within the time limit. The match also ends in a draw when both team's simultaneously achieve 100% supremacy or when all aircraft on both teams are destroyed. A game that ends in a draw is equivalent to a loss for both teams.


  1. Snowball Fight Game Mode is Here!, wargaming.net portal news announcement, Dec. 18, 2014.