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Azur Lane Collection

Azur Lane Collection

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PCZA015_AzurLane.png A collection of characters from Azur Lane

The overall collection comprises six sub-collections. Each sub-collection grants a flag. The reward for obtaining all 36 items is a Commander. Duplicates can be exchanged at a 5:1 ratio.


Eagle Union

  Eagle Union  

What are you looking at? Hammann is Hammann! Midway Island? Hammann didn't regret heading to save her big sister Yorktown, and doesn't need your sympathy, hnng!

…………but……th- thank you…….
San Diego

I'm San Diego! They say I'm second only to Enterprise in battle stars, I don't really get what stars are, but they sound amazing!

What do you mean by "ameinikan", Commander? Is this some kind of code?
Did you know? The Cleveland-class light cruisers were the best in the Eagle Union during the great war, so you should show more respect toward big sis. As for me: Rennell Islands, Empress Augusta Bay, and a few other operations, I guess I did participate in some engagements.

Among my class, my strength can only be considered as average. I only got 11 battle stars, which is a bit less compared to my big sister South Dakota. I've never been injured? That's probably only because I've never met any decent opponents...

Uh, I want to be like big sis and fight with everything I have.

I'm the aircraft carrier Lexington's (!) little sister, Saratoga.


I love pranks! Ah, but Commander already knew that, right?

A true pioneer of aviation tactics... if my sister hadn't passed so early, that title would have definitely been hers.
South Dakota

I'm a battleship from the Eagle Union, South Dakota. Please don't leave my side on the battlefield, I will protect my Commander!

"The Strongest Shield"?

This is a name without value, it only takes on meaning when you can truly provide help.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE246_EagleUnion_flag.png Eagle Union
"Flag of the Eagle Union – From Azur Lane"

Royal Navy

  Royal Navy  
Elizabeth-class high speed battleship Warspite, I'm the record holder of the longest-range hit on a moving target with main guns. In past sorties, there were a few times when it looked like I wouldn't make it, but was miraculously saved in the end—this must be my fate.
Prince of Wales

I'm the second ship of the King George V-class—Prince of Wales, who once escorted the Prime Minister to sign the Atlantic Charter, turning a new page in the history of weaponry.

Hnng, you're the one telling me.

Greetings, Commander. I am the armored aircraft carrier, Illustrious.

I may seem gentle, but I can have quite the temper: last time I snapped, during the night raid at Taranto, I bullied the Italian fleet into submission.

I'm the first ship of the London-class heavy cruisers—London, serving in the First Cruising Fleet. I saw active service in the Northern Atlantic and the Pacific.

Please leave the hard work of missions to me, Your Excellency!
Queen Elizabeth

I am the super-dreadnought of the Royal Navy, be sure to remember my name!

My military results? I let my servants take care of those kinds of things... I just need to watch as they achieve them!

Royal Navy… Support aircraft carrier… Unicorn. I was originally born to support big sister Illustrious… But later on, I mobilized with my other big sisters as well. Everyone treats me very well. Unicorn gives her all in many ways, so it would be nice if any of that is of use later……

Hehe, I will work even harder, big brother…


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE247_RoyalNavy_flag.png Royal Navy
"Flag of the Royal Navy – From Azur Lane"


Prinz Eugen

I'm a miracle of the Ironblood Third Reich, the third ship of the Admiral Hipper-class—Prinz Eugen.

I can survive every kind of combat……

I bring luck?

The nerve you must have to actually say it……

It’s a bit hot here... Ah, I’m sorry—my name is Tirpitz. I spent so much time alone in the north doing nothing, which is why many people call me the "Lone Queen in the North" — if you think this is a good nickname, then maybe you didn’t understand it fully……

These few words... Represent emptiness...
Graf Zeppelin

I am Zeppelin… Ignore this name if you wish, but if it makes it easier to call for me, then you may use it.

…My desires, huh. The destruction of the world… But for now I will heed your call because you've already become part of my army.

I am Z46, an Ironblood Navy Z-class Type 1936C destroyer. Although four other ships of the same type were originally planned, work was only started on me and Z47.

Sadly, the work wasn't completed by the end of the war, and my incomplete body was scrapped.

One day, I hope not to be called Z46, but by a true name.
Admiral Hipper

I'm Admiral Hipper, a heavy cruiser from the country of science. I was named after the undefeated Admiral Franz von Hipper.

I participated in various battles and gave them my all!

Huh? The Barents Sea? That only happened because Admiral Kummetz was a little dumber than you!

I'm Deutschland, ship A of the Deutschland class! A ship as dignified as I am can't just be sent out to the battlefield on a whim, so it's only natural that I haven't seen much action.

It's called spiritual leadership!

Understood? What? Who… who's "Lützow"?

Shut up…

Why should I even care!?


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE248_MetalBlood_flag.png Ironblood
"Flag of the Ironblood – From Azur Lane"

Sakura Empire

  Sakura Empire  

I'm Yūdachi! They call me the "Mad Dog of Solomon"!

Ho! Ho! you've heard that I'm strong? I'll never lose a brawl!

Hm? Is it time for a snack? Where are the snacks!?

The spirit, the pride, and the glory of the Sakura Empire…

I am the very symbol of that time of yore. Take a good look at me, one of the Big Seven. Is that enough? I will rest now, for I am tired.

I'm Kaga, an aircraft carrier of the 1st Carrier Division.

Although I was designed as a battleship, it must have been my fate to be reborn as an aircraft carrier.

Enemies? I'll destroy them without any hesitation, but only because it's my duty, not for fun. Got it?

I am Mikasa, a Shikishima-class battleship and the final first-class battleship of the Six-Six Fleet Program.

As the flagship of the Combined Fleet, I brought about a great naval victory that spread the name of my country to the ends of the Earth.
The flagship of the Sakura Empire's fast battleships, the 7th flagship of the Combined Fleet, and the last capital ship the former Sakura Empire to be ordered from overseas. That's me—Kongō!
I'm Ayanami… an improved model of the Fubuki-class destroyer. I'm not afraid of combat. Despite being "just a destroyer", no matter who or what the enemy is, I can fight it…


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE249_SakuraEmpire_flag.png Sakura Empire
"Flag of the Sakura Empire – From Azur Lane"

Eastern Radiance and Northern Union

  Eastern Radiance and Northern Union  

I am An Shan, an Anshan-class destroyer from the Eastern Radiance and the eldest of the Four Heavenly Kings.

As the flagship of my sisters, I brought success to various missions, including exercises, patrols, and intimidation objectives.

Even though I have no actual combat experience, I am quite confident about my sailing experience.

I'm Fu Shun, an Anshan-class destroyer from the Eastern Radiance and second-born of the Four Heavenly Kings.

During my childhood, I was known as "Rezkiy". I may regret it a bit, but even though I assisted in lots of missions, I have no actual combat experience.

Despite this, I will go all out on the battlefield to bring you success!
Chang Chun

I am Chang Chun, an Anshan-class destroyer from the Eastern Radiance and third-born of the Four Heavenly Kings.

As the backbone of the Eastern Radiance Navy, I was involved in the training of sailors and accumulating experience.


Did big sister Fu Shun get in trouble again...?

Big sister An Shan sure has it rough...
Yat Sen

First Fleet of the Eastern Radiance Navy, Yat Sen.

I heard that my sisters are here as well. This time, Yat Sen will definitely not leave Commander's side.
Ping Hai

I'm Ning Hai, Ning Hai-class ship number one. My sister told me I should say something along those lines when I introduce myself.

Huh? I'm Ping Hai? You're right…

Okay, I'm Ping Hai—Ning Hai-class ship number one. Am I still doing it wrong? What a pain…

I am the Russian Cruiser, Avrora. As you know, I served and spearheaded the former Revolution.

Although, I do not know how the world has changed since.

Anyway, I am but a soldier in your fleet. Do not hesitate to use me to my fullest.

I will bring victory to the fleet!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE251_EasternRadiance_flag.png Eastern Radiance
"Flag of the Eastern Radiance – From Azur Lane"
PCEE250_NorthernUnion_flag.png Northern Union
"Flag of the Northern Union – From Azur Lane"

Iris and Vichya

  Iris and Vichya  
Saint Louis

I am but the embodiment of a fantasy that was once to be, but never was, due to my homeland plunging into war…

But, so long as you're the shepherd, Commander, I shall banish all obstacles standing in your way.
Le Triomphant

I'm Le Triomphant—the Le Fantasque-class destroyer of Iris Libre. Greetings!

I was in Brest's 8th Large Destroyer Division.

I went to the Skagerrak strait with my sisters, but we went our separate ways afterward…

I'm Dunkerque. I belonged to the Vichya Dominion's 1st Division of the Line.

As you know, there's nothing especially noteworthy in my service record…

And since that's the undeniable truth, I don't intend to hide it.

Nevertheless, if you have need of my power then I will not disappoint you.
Jean Bart

I'm Jean Bart, the battleship.

My name originates from a certain respected privateer.


"What's a privateer?"

A privateer is a pirate who legally plunders loot from people for a just cause.
Le Mars

I am Le Mars, a L'Adroit-class destroyer and a trainee knight of the Vichya Dominion.

I served the Vichya Dominion until I was sunk in port by the Eagle Union to combat the Ironblood.

I am Forbin, a L'Adroit-class destroyer and a trainee knight of the Iris Libre.

Despite the fact that for some reason I sat in port doing nothing for two years, I participated in many missions upon my return to duty.

My activity on the battlefield more than made up for the gap from before.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
PCEE252_Iris_flag.png Iris
"Flag of the Iris Libre – From Azur Lane"
PCEE253_Vichya_flag.png Vichya
"Flag of the Vichya Dominion – From Azur Lane"

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following reward:

Icon Details
Commander-bg-common.pngAzur_Azuma.pngCommander-overlay.png Azuma commander (10 points), trained for
icon_default_cruiser_premium.png IX Azuma.