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There is a wide range of visual modifications (mods) available for World of Warships, from alternate Ports to ship skins to battle displays and more.

These 'mods' are created by volunteer 'modders' and bundled into packages (mod packs). The two most common are:

Mods and mod packs can be discussed in many places, including the modders' own sites. Wargaming hosts sections on their forums, too.


Mods make the game interface more comfortable for many players. For instance, a turquoise spider crosshair may be easier to see for some than a plain white one. Some players find that a flatter sea makes it easier to identify targets while some love bigger waves. Some like different range displays on the mini-map. Others prefer the clean look.

The purpose of mods is to make the interface more comfortable for you.

Lack of Controversy

Some players will learn of a mod and say that it's use is "cheating". At root, each mod is merely a different way of displaying data that is already available to players. Each mod in the above packs has been checked and okay'd by Wargaming.

The fact is that it is quite difficult to cheat in World of Warships since the game itself is running on the server rather than on the players' PCs. The client side (your PC) displays the data that is calculated on the server. How it is displayed might be changed, but not what is displayed.

The Downside(s)

  1. Mods are overwritten by each monthly release. They must be re-installed.
  2. Because of internal changes to the game client, some mods may not be immediately available for the new release.
  3. The testing of mods is generally very good, but faults and incompatibilities can sneak through.