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Operation Killer Whale

Operation Killer Whale

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Players must attack and destroy enemy ships and facilities in the base.


Operation Killer Whale is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force raid an enemy base. Players are tasked with destroying enemy ships and base structures, such as forts, and may take only Tier VI ships into the operation. The allied force consists of 7 player ships.

Rewards & Achievements

Requirement Reward
Campaign_pin.png 5 x India Delta flags (+20% to the amount of HP recovered when the Repair Party consumable is used.)
5 x Juliet Charlie flags (-100% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating.)
5 x Mike Yankee Soxisix flags (+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range. / -5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells. / -5% to secondary battery loading time.)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 5 x Sierra Mike flags (+5% to the ship's maximum speed.)
5 x India X-Ray flags (+1% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber above 160mm. / +0.5% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber below 160mm. / +5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating.)
5 x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags (+15% chance of causing flooding. / +5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating.)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 5 x Restless Fire camouflage (-3% to surface detectability / +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired at your ship / +250% Commander XP.)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x German Commander (Третий_рейх_флаг_ВМС_с_тенью.png Hermelin)
with 10 Skill Points & Reserve Slot
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 24 Hours Premium Account TimeIcon_battle_wows.png


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary “Destroy all enemy ships at the base” Destroy all 6 enemy fighting ships in the base. N/A
Primary “Withdraw to the designated area with at least half of of the operational ships” At least half of the friendly ships that are still alive are in the exit circle. N/A
Secondary “Destroy enemy forts and onshore facilities” Destroy 18 base structures. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary "Destroy all enemy support ships” Destroy all of the 5 support ships in the base. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy battleships Furi and Dono” Destroy both marked enemy battlehips. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy the enemy's first and second reinforcements groups” Destroy the four marked ships of the enemy reinforcements. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Do not let enemy reinforcements enter the haven” Destroy all reinforcement ships before they enter the harbor perimeter. Campaign_pin.png



Upon spawning, players will find themselves taking part in a daring raid on an enemy base. Players must enter the base through channels which are guarded by forts. Inside the harbor there will be several targets including warships, support ships, and on-shore facilities. The operation aim is to destroy these targets. During the raid, enemy reinforcements will appear outside the harbor. Players must repel the reinforcements and fight their way out of the base. To complete the operation, players must escape to the designated area, either in the West or Northeast of the map.

A special guest (Commander Jenkins on Destroyer Farragut) might spawn with your team. If he survives the battle (and your team completes the scenario), you get a special achievement!


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