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Learn more about Scenarios.
Scenarios, available from the Operations battle type, are a Player vs. Environment (PvE) game mode in which seven players team up to complete several tasks. Similar to random battles, excellence in battle is rewarded. Poor performance in battle will lead to reduced rewards or may result in a loss. Teamwork should be prioritized to have the best chance of winning. In Scenarios, there are multiple objectives. The primary objective must be completed in order to win the Scenario. In addition, there are secondary objectives which reward players with additional Credits and XP upon completion.

Basics of Scenarios

  • Scenarios are for captains with an Access Level 14 or higher and helming Tier VI, VII, and VIII ships.
  • The maximum team size in a Scenario is seven (7) players. Captains may form a division or jump into a randomly assigned division.
  • Success is based on completing the mission objective, not enemy destruction. Focus on the objectives!
  • Secondary objectives reward additional Credits and XP.

Two Play Modes

The first, common mode, is using a MatchMaker. A team assembles, either as a division or randomly, and the MatchMaker determines the Operation to be played and the strength of the opponent AIs, based on the ships comprising the player team. With team comprising of only tier VIII ships, the enemy bots get a buff to their HP and damage of up to 34%. With team comprising of only tier VI ships, bots get a reduction to their HP and damage of up to 34%.

The second, team-selected mode, allows a division of a minimum size (currently four) to select the Operation that it will play. Again, the strength of the opponent AIs is determined by the MatchMaker, based on the ships comprising the player team. Team-selected mode is currently disabled due to programming issues.

Forming a Team

Scenarios let players create Extended Divisions, a Division containing four to seven players exclusive to Scenario mode. A single player, or a division, can queue into the common mode

The game will help fill out a Division that queues with less than seven players. Players can disable this function by clicking the lock icon on their Extended Division. There is an in-Port chat channel called "Operations" where you can look for players to form a division.

Eligible Ships

Currently, Scenarios allow Tier VI, VII, and VIII ships.[1]


The amount of credits and experience earned from an Operation depends on the number of completed objectives and your battle performance. Average earnings per battle fall between the earning averages of Co-Op and Random battles.

If the primary object is completed, secondary objectives reward additional Credits and XP. The completion or failure of a secondary objective is displayed on the end-of-battle splash screen with checks and Xs instead.

A team-selected Operation yields 20% fewer rewards.

A team with less than 7 members in the division will receive 15% fewer rewards per each member less than seven, so a 5 member division will receive 30% fewer rewards.

The reward reductions stack separately, so a 5 member division in a team-selected Operation will receive 44% fewer rewards.

List of Scenarios

Season 1


Defense of Naval Station Newport

  • Map: Newport
  • Description: A "Survival" mode. Superior enemy forces were spotted approaching naval station Newport. Your mission is to defend the base until the arrival of the allied attack squadron. Save the base's infrastructure and moored support ships. Remember, if we lose the Newport base, we will lose control over the entire region!
  • Goal: Defend the base. Prevent the destruction of essential onshore installations and support ships. Hold out until the arrival of the allied attack squadron.

Operation: Aegis

  • Map: Mountain Range
  • Description: This Scenario combines commerce raiding with convoy escort. A raiding fleet led by Admiral Sergei Akulov will intercept a southbound Japanese convoy. Destroy the convoy's escort, seize the cargo ships, and deal with any reinforcements that arrive. After the cargo has been hijacked, you will have to fight your way northeast against a Japanese Armada and navigate a treacherous path through an archipelago of pinnacles.
  • Goal: Take back allied ships and protect them en route to their destination.

Operation: Killer Whale

  • Map: Naval Base
  • Description: A base raid. On this mission, a fleet led by Commander Leeroy Jenkins will attack the enemy base at Lion's Gate. The fleet must split to enter the base through 3 different channels. All of the channels are protected by an outer ring of defensive cannons, though there are gaps in the perimeter that aircraft can fly through. Once the perimeter is breached, a combined German/American fleet will attempt to sortie out. You'll then have to fight past the second defensive perimeter. Let nothing escape, and eviscerate the base. After the base has been razed, you will receive directives to an exfiltration point that at least half the ships in the fleet must cap. Be on your guard, as German & Japanese hostiles will attempt to stop you.
  • Goal: Destroy the enemy base and retreat in the direction designated by reconnaissance.

Operation: Raptor Rescue

  • Map: Labyrinth
  • Description: A VIP escort mission. A sudden night attack on an allied aircraft-carrying squadron turned out to be catastrophic: all escort ships were lost, and the aircraft carrier USS Raptor was badly damaged. Your task force is ordered to find the carrier, repair the ship, and escort her from the danger zone. Be vigilant & conservative, as reports estimate about half the Nihon Kaigun has been ordered to liquidate Raptor and any reinforcements.
  • Goal: Escort the support ships to the carrier Raptor. Escort the carrier safely out of the combat zone.

Season 2


The Ultimate Frontier

  • Map: Ultimate Frontier
  • Description: A "survival" mode. With the battlefront getting closer and closer, amid persistent air strikes on Rouen Atoll, the project pursued by Japanese scientists and engineers is threatened. To avoid a catastrophe, a group of transport aircraft has been dispatched to Rouen with a mission to evacuate all personnel and documentation. Ships are already present at Rouen, but we have sent another fleet to assist. Defend the base until the aircraft are ready to leave. HQ has received reports of three separate American fleets closing on Rouen. If possible, sink the USS Raptor.
  • Goal: Protect the group of transport aircraft arriving at the base. Defend the aerodrome until embarkation is finished and the aircraft leave the base.

Operation: Narai

  • Map: Sunda Islands
  • Description: D-Day, commerce raid, and VIP hunter in one Scenario. Your ship has been chosen for the invasion of Sumatra. However, a French & American fleet has been ordered to stop you and will intercept you before you can enter the base. After deal with them, you must break through the outer perimeter and eliminate the first set of German defensive installations, codenamed LANCER and SQUIRE. The base is also defended by British, American, and French warships, who have been notified and will continuously intercept the landing craft. Protect the landing craft while breaking through second perimeter DUKE. Once you have broken through into the port, cover the stormtroopers as they capture the mission objectives.
  • HQ wants the aircraft carrier USS Ernest King sunk. In addition, we have been notified that an American convoy is attempting to escape under cover of SQUIRE. Leave no survivors. This should not take priority over covering the stormtroopers.
  • After the objectives are complete, defend the port from Soviet, American, and British reinforcement.
  • Goal: Gain control over the enemy base by breaking through the enemy's defenses, eliminating all hostile forces and escorting the assault transport ships in.

Operation: Hermes

  • Formerly Tier VII and VIII Wows_flag_France.png French battleships; and Tier VII Wows_flag_France.png French, Wows_flag_UK.png British, and Wows_flag_USA.png American cruisers only.
  • Description: VIP escort Scenario. Your objective is to escort the French ships & their gold to safety in Canada. A thunderstorm is gaining strength at the expected encounter point. A large Kriegsmarine fleet, supported (unusually) by Goering's aircraft, is operating in the area. Use the weather conditions wisely to gain an advantage over the superior forces of the enemy.
  • Goal: Escort the squadron led by flagship Ruan to the designated sector. Make sure the gold is transported safely.

Operation: Cherry Blossom

  • Formerly Tier VIII Wows_flag_France.png French, Wows_flag_UK.png British, Wows_flag_USSR.png Russian, and Wows_flag_USA.png American cruisers only.
  • Description: VIP escort & base raid combined. Under the cover of night, an elite Japanese cruiser fleet has surprised the Marines landing on the beaches of Empress Augusta Bay. We have to cover the retreat of the transport convoy & defend the marines onshore before dawn breaks and they are annihilated! Luckily we should have reinforcements from Halsey's carriers soon. IF we can save the Marines, then we can push north and take out their airfields before the Nihon Kaigun can gather its forces.
  • Goals: Defend the Marine regiments that have just disembarked. Locate and destroy enemy aerodromes.

Season 3

on hiatus

Operation Dynamo

  • Wows_flag_UK.png Cossack or Tier VI and VII Wows_flag_France.png French, Wows_flag_UK.png British, Wows_flag_USA.png American, Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png Commonwealth, Wows_flag_Poland.png Polish, and Wows_flag_USSR.png Soviet destroyers only.
  • Description: Convoy escort Scenario. Allied forces were surrounded near Dunkerque. You are to evacuate as many of our soldiers at possible from the mainland with the support of civilian ships. Expect resistance from enemy aircraft, long-range artillery, and torpedo boats. Be careful, the evacuation routes run through minefields.
  • Goal: Support the evacuation of the Allied troops surrounded near Dunkerque.



Operation: Wolfpack

  • Tier VI and VIII submarines only.
  • Description: Commerce raid scenario where stealth is NOT optional. An enemy convoy with strategic cargo on board is trying to break through neutral waters. A combat squadron is rushing to aid the convoy. Your mission is to break through the lines of escorting ships and destroy all transports before their reinforcements arrive.
  • Goal: Sink the enemy transport ships before reinforcements arrive.
  • Note: This Operation is currently only playable in a division with at least 4 players.

Special Events


Saving Transylvania

  • Only the special Tier III ships Blade, Igor, and Jackal may participate in this operation.
  • Description: Under the moonlit sky, the sea is churning, onshore catapults are creaking, and dreadful zombie ships are chasing the living. Rasputin, your arch enemy, has its guns loaded and ready to fire. Help Transylvania reach her destination and don't let her fall victim to the awakened evil.
  • Goal: Escort Transylvania to the Portal.

Sunray in the Darkness

  • Only the special Tier VIII ships Urashima, Svyatozar, Magnu-S, and Nobilium may participate in this operation. They are provided to the player when the operation becomes available, except for Nobilium, which is provided after the player plays a single Random Battle (after the operation becomes available).
  • Description: Transylvania and her rescuers returned to the native shores of Silver Spear Archipelago, bu the Forces of Darkness are trailing them and forcing their way through the Portal! The brewing horror can be ceased only by sealing the Portal with the help of the Great Towers. You must defend the Towers from the dark-minded foes until the Portal is sealed! This is our only hope.
  • Goal: Defend the Great Towers until they seal the Portal to the lost dimension.

Terror of the Deep

  • Only the special Tier VII ships Barracuda, Zipper Sub, Seelöwe, Gerfalcon, and Killer Whale may participate in this operation. They are provided to the player when the operation becomes available, except for Seelöwe, which is awarded to the player after completing the operation once.
  • Description: The Royal Fleet has defeated Rasputin and its allied darksiders many times before, but hostile forces keep coming back for more. Reconnaissance units report there is a Black Lair castle rising up from amongst the islands of Five Ravens in the Outer World. That's where Rasputin gains power to rise from the darkness of non-existence. Find the Black Lair, and destroy the villainous creature once and for all.
  • Goal: Locate Rasputin in the Black Lair harbor and defeat it permanently.

Rogue Wave

  • Note: This operation is only available during Update 0.8.5
  • Only the special Tier X destroyers may participate in this operation. Three are provided to the player when the operation becomes available. Six more, stronger and faster, may be earned.
  • Description: Nine modified destroyers in a brand new four-team game mode, Savage Battle; a post-apocalyptic port and map, the Flooded City; and an enclosing Wall of Fire that forces close-quarters brawls. Directives lead to Tier V USN destroyer Hill. Earn Fuel Tokens toward the Tier IX USN destroyer Benham.


  • Goal: Sink them all.

Last Voyage of Transylvania

  • Tier VIII and Tier IX ships Only.
  • Description: The portal to the dark dimension is open again! Unspeakably evil forces are breaking into our world. The battlefield is completely encircled by the Filth. Transylvania creates a magic area around herself that repels the filth. The magic is waining, however, and the safe area will gradually shrink over time.
  • Goal: Only Transylvania can put an end to this saga. You need to escort her to the Portal so she can wipe it off the face of the earth.

D-Day operations

Utah Beach

  • Only Tier V through Tier VII Wows_flag_France.png French, Wows_flag_UK.png British, Wows_flag_USA.png American, Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png Commonwealth, Wows_flag_Netherlands.png Dutch destroyers, cuisers, and battleships along with Blyskawica, Stord, Stord '43 and Grom may participate in this operation.
  • Description: Months before the beginning of the massive operation known as D-Day, the Allies Deceived the enemy into thinking that the invasion would start neat Pas-de-Calais, the closest French Location to Great Britain.

While the enemy's attention is drawn to another sector, you need to ensure successful landings of troops on the Normandy beach codenamed Utah.

  • Goal: Clear the coast and coastal waters of enemy coastal fortifications and combat units.

Atlantic Wall Defense

  • Tier V through Tier VII Wows_flag_Germany.png German destroyers only.
  • Description: The Kriegsmarine command have transfered additional forces from Norway to France, but despite this, Allied forces off the adjacent coast have managed to break through the Atlantic Wall and gain a foothold in Normandy. You must do your best to thwart the attempt to land on your site. Use minefields to hinder the enemy!
  • Goal: prevent the Allies from breaking through the defenses. Thwart the landing attempt!

Omaha Beach Assault

  • Only Tier V through Tier VII Wows_flag_France.png French, Wows_flag_UK.png British, Wows_flag_USA.png American, Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png Commonwealth, Wows_flag_Netherlands.png Dutch destroyers, cuisers, and battleships along with Blyskawica, Stord, Stord '43 and Grom may participate in this operation.
  • Description: During the assault on Omaha Beach, Allied forces encountered serious obstacles. Fierce, enemy resistance and other difficulties are jeopardizing the success of the operation in this sector. The Kriegsmarine command has transferred additional forces from Norway to contain our advance. You'll need to rescue the crews of sinking Allied ships and neutralize enemy forces both onshore and at sea.
  • Goal: Rescue the crews of ship in distress and ensure a successful landing.


Changes in Update 11.8

In September 2022, the Operations were significantly overhauled. The weekly rotation of a single Scenario was replaced with a random selection from eight possible Scenarios, restoring the "Season 2" Scenarios The Ultimate Frontier, Hermes, and Cherry Blossom that had been unavailable for several years. The 30-minute cool-down after using a ship in Operations was removed, and the one-time rewards for completing a particular Operation were replaced by weekly combat missions that awarded Community Tokens and a Supercontainer. Captains could now enter with any ship from Tiers VI, VII, and VIII. Creating a division still allows captains to select which Scenario they want to play.

Originally, players were awarded a star (Campaign_pin.png) for each of the five secondary objective completed, but only if they accomplished the main objective. A star earned one-time rewards ranging from signal flags to experienced commanders to premium account time. At the end of each Scenario, a splash screen appeared that broke down the results and rewards. No additional rewards were granted for completing the Scenario again and earning the same number of stars.

With the release of Update 10.8, any stars earned in Operations were reset. Stars their corresponding reward could be earned again.

In Update 11.8, the stars were removed and only the bonus of secondary objectives rewarding additional Credits and XP remained.[2] The completion or failure of a secondary objective is displayed on the end-of-battle splash screen with checks and Xs instead.

In Update 11.10 The weekly combat missions for operations that awarded Community Tokens and containers were removed.

D-day operations

The D-day operations include the use of Classified Documents for their duration. These can only be acquired and used for the D-Day operations during updates 13.4 and 13.5 You can acquire these Classified Documents by unlocking Intelligence Folders from the reward track in the Operation rewards. Opening each Folder will reward you with a random Classified Document, which come in three secrecy levels: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. These Documents will provide you different buffs against certain enemy types, with additional bonuses depending on the secrecy level. Confidential is the base level; Top Secret is the highest level.

  1. Any surface ship may be selected for any Operation with the exception of Operation: Wolfpack which only allows submarines, and there is no longer a wait time or fee for reusing the same ship.
  2. Each completed secondary objective is worth about 10% bonus to base experience per task completed, or a loss of 8.8% per task failed