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The Hunt for Graf Spee

The Hunt for Graf Spee

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"The Hunt for Graf Spee" campaign was a staged campaign that took place from 22 December 2016 to 18 January 2017. The campaign occurred simultaneously with another temporary campaign, Santa's Christmas Convoys.

Players progressed by earning experience and progressing through a new mission each week, with the final mission awarding players with the premium Tier VI German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee as a reward. The campaign required players to have one ship of at least Tier V in order to complete, and was comprised of 12 different tasks spread out over 4 missions. There were achievements for both completing the campaign and completing all tasks within the campaign.

Each mission was comprised of various tasks; the campaign pins and rewards shown were granted only upon completing that particular task.

Mission 1 — Available from 22 December 2016

Mission 2 — Available from 28 December 2016

Mission 3 — Available from 2 January 2017

Mission 4 — Available from 9 January 2017