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Update 0.6.9

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Unique Commanders

Update 0.6.9 ushers in unique “hero” Commanders who provide their ships with special bonuses and talents in battle — they’re even marked with a special ribbon so they stand out from the crowd in your Reserve.

Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku is one of the first historical Commanders we're introducing. Yamamoto graduated the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, U.S. Naval War College, and Harvard University, ultimately rising to the rank of Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of Japan’s Combined Fleet during World War II.

What’s in a name? The Admiral’s name is usually Isoroku Yamamoto in English-language sources, but in Japanese, the family name comes first.

Earn Yamamoto as a Commander when you complete the permanent "Yamamoto Isoroku" Campaign. He has 15 undistributed Skill points and two exclusive talents when commanding ships:

  • Concealed Reserves: After earning the "First Blood" achievement, players receive one additional charge for each consumable -- in the current battle only, until that battle ends.
  • Second Wind: After earning the "Kraken Unleashed!" achievement with a Yamamoto-commanded ship, Second Wind activates. It has -34% to main battery reload time, -16% to torpedo reload and squadron prep time, and up to 48% of the ship's normal HP restored within 120 seconds. This talent functions just like the "Repair Party" consumable, which restores ship and module damage.

Better yet, this legendary Admiral comes with an exclusive pennant, alternative color settings for main gun shell tracers, and can shoot fireworks off the ship for every time you get "First Blood" or "Kraken Unleashed!"

The Yamamoto Isoroku Campaign

This new permanent campaign challenges even the most seasoned sea wolves in a series of Admiral Yamamoto’s historical battles.

All players with Account Level 9 can sail the Campaign's Tier VIII-X vessels. It contains five missions, each based on a period in Yamamoto’s life. The reward is worth it — you earn two Supercontainers for completing each mission’s final task. Each consecutive mission will become available every two weeks.

You earn Commander Yamamoto Isoroku with 15 Skill points when you finish the final task of the last mission. You also get a Container with items from the Isoroku Collection and some bonuses, plus 200,000 Credits and 50,000 Elite Commander XP for retraining Yamamoto for the desired ship. We’ll add a Reserve space for Yamamoto only if you don’t have space available at the time he’s credited. If you have spare Reserve spaces, you won't get the free space.

The Yamamoto Isoroku Collection

This collection of 40 unique items includes uniforms, decorations, personal effects and military equipment related to the life and career of Admiral Yamamoto. It’s divided into five sub-collections of eight items each:

  • Complete "Uniform" to get alternate camo for Japanese destroyers.
  • Complete "Uniform Items" to get alternate camo for Japanese cruisers.
  • Complete "Rewards" to get alternate camo for Japanese battleships.
  • Complete "Ships" to get alternate camo for Japanese carriers.
  • Complete "Miscellaneous" to mount a second flag on all Japanese ships.

When each sub-collection is completed, you can make ships even more distinct in battle! These Collection-specific bonuses are active even when you don’t have Commander Yamamoto in Port.

Complete the full Collection and you earn an achievement along with the commemorative Yamamoto Isoroku flag!


  • Check out an in-game version of the Premium Shop found in a button on the left of the Port, or via the drop-down account menu and let us know what you think!
  • We’ve modified the Commander reassignment screen: to re-assign a Commander to a different ship, first specify the ship type, and then select the required ship from the drop-down list.
  • Simplified reassigning of Japanese Commanders by expanding the list of ships you can crew with ARPEGGIO, Dragon and Japanese Commanders:
    • You can now assign "ARPEGGIO" and "Dragon" Commanders to Japanese ships while assigning Japanese Commanders to ARPEGGIO ships and Dragon ships.
    • The Port screen has a Settings panel on the right side of the screen above the carousel where you can hide or show additional content like ARPEGGIO ships or special camo.
  • Added image of final reward for finishing the Campaign to the Campaign selection screen.
  • You can now sign up for specific permanent Collections, meaning you can select which collections and items you receive in daily Containers, except for Supercontainers. That said, you won’t be able to cancel "signing up" for a temporary collection occurring during some events.

Balance Adjustments

  • Benson: Decreased Hull (B) rudder shift time to 2.7s to equalize with Hull (C).

Ship Appearance Changes

Other Changes

  • Mogami: Fixed location of crown daisy on the bow.
  • All objects made of latten brass and bronze on all ships now produce correct flares.
  • Oleg: Fixed Roman numerals.
  • Duca d'Aosta: Fixed secondary gun travelling positions.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • World of Warships will use DirectX 11 for Windows platforms in Update 0.6.9 to implement new graphics tech. The only exceptions are computers still using Intel integrated graphics processors which will still use DirectX 9. You can manually switch between DirectX 9 and DirectX 11, though systems with Intel integrated graphics processors will experience increased memory consumption. This might cause game crashes on PCs with small amounts of RAM or on 32-bit systems. DirectX 11 implementation allows us to use new graphic technologies in the future, but Update 0.6.9 won't bring any graphical or performance changes. Check our Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Fixed the bug causing the ship camo to not display when switching to another ship while viewing the camouflage of the current ship.
  • Fixed overlap of Clans screen with chat and system notifications in Port.
  • Fixed bugs in Quick Command texts.
  • Fixed incorrect text on the armor layout screen displaying after you sell ships.
  • Fixed bug causing crashes when the attempting to turn the battle camera up to the sky with the "MSAA" and "Reflections" options enabled on AMD video adapters.
  • Fixed reduced size "New" indicator displaying in Port.
  • Fixed bug with receiving "It's Just a Flesh Wound!" achievement when ship was destroyed by a teammate, even though you met all requirements.
  • Fixed causing "Incoming Fire Alert" indicator to activate when not been yet detected by the enemy.
  • Fixed bug with which dynamic icon guns hanging above the hull.
  • Fixed the bug with the "Sea Star" achievement in Operation Aegis.