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Introducing IJN Hayate

X Hayate is a Japanese destroyer project with 127 mm dual-purpose Type 1 guns. The ship has great tactical flexibility — through configuring her upgrades and Commander’s skills, she can be specialized either for torpedo attacks or artillery duels.

Key features:

  • Six 127 mm guns in three mounts. With HE shells, her guns can deal considerable damage for their caliber and have a good rate of fire and aiming speed. The ship enjoys flat-trajectory ballistics.
  • Two quintuple-tube torpedo launchers. Torpedo range—12 km. Like other Japanese destroyers, Hayate can deal heavy damage to the enemy with her torpedoes. The Torpedo Reload Booster consumable allows players to launch torpedo salvos with a minimal interval, but players will have to discard Smoke Generator in order to mount this consumable.
  • The ship's concealment is slightly worse than that of researchable X Shimakaze.
  • She enjoys a reduced post-battle service cost compared to researchable Tier X ships; +100% XP per battle; +20% credits per battle; and her permanent camouflage reduces the cost of the ship's post-battle service by 50%.

Only 2,000,000Free XP Free XP !

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