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Update 12.11

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News article

Due to the installation of the update, the server will be unavailable
from: Wed. Dec. 6 3:00 AM Central (UTC-6)
until: Wed. Dec. 6 8:00 AM Central (UTC-6)

Update 12.11: Holiday Season

Update 12.11 delivers the following:
Celebration Activities • Holidays in Santa City • Salvage for Victory • Sestri Ponente Dockyard • Japanese Battleships Leave Early Access • Removing Airship Escort From Random Battles • Asymmetric Battles • Armory • Piemonte in the Tech Tree • YouTube Memberships • Brawls • Balance Changes • Gameplay Improvements • Content Additions and Changes • Other Changes and Improvements

Please note: With Update 12.10, we changed update release times and daily reset times for each of our servers. The latter affects the time and date at which both missions and offers start and end. The change was made in accordance with analysis which determined that these were, on average, the times of lowest player activity for each respective server.

Celebration Activities

The Voyage to the North Pole has come to an end... so, it's about the right time to start preparing for celebration activities! We’re ready to share some exciting news about our festive events and activities and, of course, the rewards they provide!

Daily Login Rewards

As part of the celebrations, the daily login rewards have been updated with some extras such as an additional Supercontainer and multiple Santa’s Gift containers.

On top of this, you'll be able to find many more presents in the game and on our official resources during this time!

Battle Performance Bonuses

Battle performance bonuses during the festive season have become a well-loved tradition, so we’re happy to bring them back. Please note that we have slightly changed the rewards from last year, and they now scale better with ship tiers.


  • Players will continue to earn Coal playing Tier V–VII ships:
    • Tier V ships: Coal 700 Coal
    • Tier VI ships: Coal 750 Coal
    • Tier VII ships: Coal 800 Coal
  • Tiers VIII and IX ships will reward Steel:
    • Tier VIII ships: Steel 70 Steel
    • Tier IX ships: Steel 80 Steel
  • Tier X ships will reward 1x Festive Certificate each
  • Rather than Research Points, Supership superships will reward Steel 200 Steel this year

A Festive Certificate is a temporary resource that can be exchanged in Update 12.11 for:

  • 1x Santa's Gift container for 1 Festive certificate
  • 1x Santa's Big Gift container for 3 Festive Certificates
  • 1x Santa's Mega Gift container for 5 Festive Certificates
  • 1x Flags Premium container for 20 Festive Certificates (limit: 3)
  • Credits 375,000 Credits for 1 Festive Certificate

The system works in a similar way to last year's New Year celebration — you’ll again be able to receive several rewards at once, depending on the number of ships in your Port and the amount of Base XP earned in the battle. For example, a player with more than 300 ships in their Port will be able to earn four rewards in one battle: one reward for entering the battle with a ship and three additional rewards for effective performance in battle.

Changes to Santa's Containers

Santa’s containers will mostly stay the same but with an improvement that we hope you’ll enjoy. Last year’s containers had a drop list featuring 174 ships in total; this year, we’ve updated and shortened the drop list: we’ve removed 43 older ships and added 19 new ones to make it easier for you to obtain more desirable ships. With these changes, there will be exactly 150 ships in Santa's containers now. All the removed ships are available in the Armory for direct purchase.

All other aspects of Santa's containers, such as drop rates for each category, will remain the same as last year.

The visual appearance of the containers has been updated for the occasion.

You can find more about the changes to Santa’s containers here (in the “Future Changes” section), and in the Wiki page.

Holidays in Santa City

We’re happy to present you a new event that will shower you with a plethora of festive rewards!

The Holidays in Santa City event includes 20 levels, and after you complete all of them, you'll be able to earn additional rewards. There are two progress lines in the event: one is available immediately and the other is locked. You can unlock the second progress line to receive additional rewards for completing levels. You can advance through the levels by completing daily and weekly missions, and since they are based on scoring Base XP in any battle type, you can play the game in the way you want and still claim the rewards.

The main reward of the first progression line is new VII Scharnhorst '43 at Level 10. We wanted to make this ship easily obtainable for all types of players, be they hardcore or casual. Fight 1–3 battles per day and you’ll be able to get this ship within 5 days.

Aside from VII Scharnhorst '43, you can earn rewards such as days of Warships Premium Account; a festive Commander with a unique voiceover; New Year permanent camouflages for Tier VIII and IX ships; commemorative flags; Coal; Steel; and an array of Santa’s containers of all sizes, with 3x Santa's Mega Gift containers being the final prize. These containers not only provide various useful resources but also have a chance to drop one of 150 Premium ships.

Players can additionally unlock the second progression line for Doubloons to earn Festive Certificates, two new historical Commanders, another commemorative flag, more New Year permanent camouflages, Coal, and new VII Stord '43 as the final reward.

One Festive Certificate is the reward for completing each additional level for both the first and second progress lines.

The Fjords Port has once again been transformed into Santa City! Players will still be able to select the original Fjords Port.

Details of the event are available in a separate article.

Salvage for Victory

Salvage for Victory is back! We first tested this format in Update 12.9 when players could obtain VIII Champagne. This time, the event comprises 100 Stages, and you’ll be able to unlock several new cruisers and legendary X Kitakami consecutively by combining various resources. You can mix and match Research Points, Steel, and Coal without any limitations, as well as use Warships Premium Account to complete up to 16 Stages of this event at any point.

Let's take a look at the rewards this event has to offer:

  • At Stage 3, you’ll find 4x Santa's Big Gift containers.
  • Unlocking Stage 8 will grant you VI Elli.
  • The reward for Stage 16 is VII F. Ferruccio.
  • X Defence clad in the Christmas Lights permanent camouflage (in addition to the Default one) will be waiting for you at Stage 40!
  • At Stage 80, you’ll find X Kitakami – a unique cruiser that was removed from the game several years ago and is now back to overwhelm her opponents with her superior torpedo armament.

Please keep in mind that due to the special nature of Kitakami's game play and status, we're reintroducing her primarily with our long-term players in mind who collect ships and have already accumulated a large amount of resources in the game.

Truly avid collectors can complete an extra 20 Stages—at Stage 100, you’ll receive the exclusive Bitter Wind permanent camouflage for X Kitakami and commemorative flags for all four ships.

X Kitakami won't be distributed in any other way for the next 2 years in-game after the end of this event. We currently have no announced plans for her future distribution, but we’ll inform you if this changes. The permanent camouflage for X Kitakami will remain exclusive and only be available during this event. The other ships won't be distributed in any other way for at least a year.


Prices per stages
Rewards Stages Research Points Steel Coal
  • 4x Santa's Big Gift containers
3 7,200 5,100 57,000
  • VI Elli
  • Commander with 6 skill points
  • Port slot
5 12,000 8,500 95,000
  • VII F. Ferruccio
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port slot
8 19,200 13,600 152,000
  • X Defence
  • Christmas Lights permanent camouflage
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
24 57,600 40,800 456,000
  • X Kitakami
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
40 96,000 68,000 760,000
  • Bitter Wind permanent camouflage
    for X Kitakami
  • Commemorative flag for VI Elli
  • Commemorative flag for VII F. Ferruccio
  • Commemorative flag for X Defence
  • Commemorative flag for X Kitakami
20 48,000 34,000 380,000
Cumulative prices
Rewards Stages Research points Steel Coal
  • 4x Santa's Big Gift containers
3 7,200 5,100 57,000
  • VI Elli
  • Commander with 6 skill points
  • Port slot
8 19,200 13,600 152,000
  • VII F. Ferruccio
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port slot
16 38,400 27,200 304,000
  • X Defence
  • Christmas Lights permanent camouflage
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
40 96,000 68,000 760,000
  • X Kitakami
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
80 192,000 136,000 1,520,000
  • Bitter Wind permanent camouflage
    for X Kitakami
  • Commemorative flag for VI Elli
  • Commemorative flag for VII F. Ferruccio
  • Commemorative flag for X Defence
  • Commemorative flag for X Kitakami
100 240,000 170,000 1,900,000

Sestri Ponente Dockyard

Update 12.11 delivers a new Dockyard! You can advance through the stages to earn various rewards and obtain the main reward—cruiser IX Michelangelo herself.

IX Michelangelo is armed with eight 320 mm main battery guns with limited firing angles due to the turrets being positioned in the middle part of the ship. She also has numerous secondary guns armed with SAP shells that can deal good damage, thus compensating for her relatively weak main battery guns.

Her torpedo armament is represented by two triple-tube torpedo launchers with wide launching angles. The torpedoes are fast and deal high damage, but their range is short and there are few torpedoes per salvo.

The ship has a large HP pool and good armor, as well as access to Repair Party to further boost her survivability.

She has average speed for a cruiser, but she’s slower than other Italian cruisers.

Additionally, she’s equipped with Exhaust Smoke Generator and Hydroacoustic Search in different slots.

  • The construction process comprises 32 Phases; you can advance through 27 of them by completing Dockyard combat mission groups.
  • You can also complete shipbuilding phases by spending Doubloons 1,750 Doubloons per phase and purchasing Starter Packs: 10 shipbuilding phases in exchange for Doubloons 10,000 Doubloons and five shipbuilding phases in exchange for Doubloons 6,000 Doubloons.
  • The Dockyard combat missions can be completed during a period that spans Update 12.11 and the first 3 weeks of Update 13.0. The Dockyard will remain in your Port until the release of Update 13.1.
  • The reward for the last stage of the Dockyard is IX Michelangelo in the War Paint permanent camouflage.

Additionally, with this iteration of Dockyard, we added a feature that allows you to preview Dockyard ships, similar to how you can preview them in the Armory.

All details about the new Dockyard will follow in a [ separate article].

Japanese Battleships Leave Early Access

Update 12.11 marks the end of Early Access to the new Japanese Battleships— VIII Yumihari, IX Adatara, and X Bungo. With the release of the update, they will become researchable for all players in their respective Tech Tree.

The new battleships have large-caliber main battery guns with a long firing range and good accuracy.

One of the main features of these ships is High-Precision Spotter * — a new consumable, unique to this line, which increases not only their main battery guns' range but also their accuracy. It shares a slot with the Fighter consumable.

The new ships have good concealment and average speed. Among their disadvantages are small HP pools, mediocre armor, and weak AA defenses.

  • The name of the consumable has been changed from Spotting Aircraft with high-precision optics to High-Precision Spotter.

Removing Airship Escort From Random Battles

In response to community feedback, we’ve made the decision to remove Airship Escort from Random Battles in Update 12.11.

Although we anticipated a shift toward close-quarters combat-oriented and brawling ships in the Random Battles meta, the impact on the results was not significant or long-lasting.

We understand that players prefer ships that align with their desired play style, and we recognize the distinct player experience this particular mode provided in comparison to other game modes.

Consequently, we’ve chosen to remove this game mode from Random Battles.

We know that the Airship Escort is still popular among players, so it will make a comeback in 2024 as a standalone temporary battle type.

Asymmetric Battles

Asymmetric Battles will be available for players throughout the duration of Update 12.11, so take this opportunity to challenge yourself and face a numerically superior team of lower-tier bots!

For this iteration, we’ve expanded the selection of tiers that can participate in this battle type: battles are held in a 5 vs. 12 format and feature Tier VI–X ships, as well as superships. Players can select any ship type, while the bot team will not have any submarines. In player teams, the maximum tier difference between the ships is limited to one; bots will always be two tiers lower than each tier represented in the player team.

We’ve also made some improvements to the bot behavior based on feedback from the previous iteration and added an opportunity to join battles in a Division of up to five players.

You can find more details in the following article.


In Update 12.11, X R. Lauria will become available to purchase in the Armory for Steel 31,000 Steel.

Ruggiero di Lauria is a battlecruiser concept with eight 457 mm guns and a speed of 35–40 knots. She was introduced by the engineer Ferdinando Cassone in 1921, and she was the largest ship ever designed for the Italian Navy. To reduce her overall length, it was suggested to place the boilers above the engines in a two-tier propulsion unit. She also had unique anti-torpedo protection incorporated into her design: any detonation was meant to be directed to an overboard expansion chamber from where the gases would be discharged through special channels. However, the project was ahead of its time and was never implemented.

X R. Lauria is armed with eight 457 mm guns with a short firing range, housed in four twin-gun turrets with a high traverse speed. The guns fire powerful SAP shells, as well as AP shells with standard characteristics.

The ship boasts high speed, good armor, and good concealment; however, among her disadvantages are a high positioned citadel, a small HP pool, and low maneuverability.

Her consumables are represented by Repair Party with improved restoration of damage to the citadel, as well as Fighter and Spotting Aircraft in one slot.

Piemonte in the Tech Tree

Welcome ★ Piemonte! This Italian super cruiser was previously available for players only through the Anniversary Auction. With the release of Update 12.11, she joins the Tech Tree as the continuation of the X Venezia line and becomes available for all players to purchase.

Piemonte was a project for a battlecruiser with a displacement of 22,000 tons, presented to the Soviet Union by Italian company Ansaldo in the 1930s.

She’s equipped with twelve 254 mm main battery guns that deal good damage per salvo but have a long reload time. The ship is also armed with eight torpedo tubes, and her torpedoes have solid range and damage but low speed.

Piemonte has a well-protected citadel and good protection from HE shells. Additionally, she’s quite fast and has good maneuverability.

Her consumables are represented by Repair Party and Exhaust Smoke Generator in different slots, but unlike X Venezia, she has no Fighter or Spotting Aircraft.

YouTube Memberships

We've updated the benefits of our YouTube memberships program! Complete special combat missions in Update 12.11 to earn Community Tokens, along with Italian Cruisers containers and a Santa's Gift container!

Rewards for Different Membership Levels in Update 12.11
Level Cost* Combat Mission Reward
WoWS First Mate $0.99 Earn 15,000 Base XP.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Co-op, Clans, Event, Brawls and Operations. Tiers: V–X ships and superships.
Community Tokens 1,500 Community Tokens
WoWS Admiral $1.99 Deal 600,000 damage.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Co-op, Clans, Event, Brawls, and Operations.
Tiers: V–X ships and superships.
You'll also be able to complete the previous level's combat mission and receive any due rewards for it.
3x Italian Cruisers containers + the reward from the previous level
Naval Historian $2.99 Earn 15 "Destroyed" ribbons.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Co-op, Clans, Event, Brawls and Operations.
Tiers: V–X ships and superships.
You'll also be able to complete the combat missions from the two previous levels and receive any due rewards for them.
1x Santa's Gift container + the rewards from the two previous levels + historical content. **

* Currency and membership fees may vary by country.

** Historical content includes posts on the official World of Warships channel about the naval history of different countries and is only available to Naval Historian members, regardless of whether they have completed combat missions or not.

The special combat missions for our YouTube members can be claimed until the end of the current update, and you have until the end of the next update to complete them. You will find more information about YouTube Membership in the special article on our website.


Update 12.11 will see four Brawls unleashed in different formats.

Round 1

  • 1 vs. 1 with Tier VIII ships

Starts:Dec 11, 10:00 AM Central (UTC-6)
Ends: Dec 18, 03:00 AM Central (UTC-6)

Round 2

  • 4 vs. 4 with Tier VII ships
  • No more than 2 battleships and 3 destroyers
  • Maximum Division size: 4

Round 3

  • 3 vs. 3 with Tier X ships
  • No more than 1 submarine, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 battleships, 2 cruisers, and 2 destroyers
  • Maximum Division size: 3

Round 4

  • 4 vs. 4 with Tier IX ships
  • No more than 2 battleships, 2 destroyers, and 3 cruisers
  • Maximum Division size: 4

Balance Changes

We're applying balance changes to the following ships based on an analysis of both their combat statistics and player feedback: VI Renown, VII Yūdachi, IX Marlborough, IX Adriatico, X Álvaro de Bazánand, VI Béarn.

VI Renown

  • Main battery reload time reduced: 25 to 23.5 s
  • Main battery firing range increased:
    • Stock Gun Fire Control System module firing range increased: 15.4 to 15.8 km
    • Researchable Gun Fire Control System module firing range increased: 16.9 to 17.4 km

VII Yūdachi

  • Torpedo speed increased: 57 to 64 kts

IX Marlborough

  • HE shell parameters changed:
    • Maximum damage increased: 4,800 to 5,500
    • Fire chances increased: 24 to 28%

IX Adriatico

  • Main battery reload time reduced: 5.4 to 5 s

X Álvaro de Bazán

  • Main battery reload time reduced: 6.1 to 5.5 s
  • Burst Fire reload time reduced: 24 to 21 s

VI Béarn

  • Patrol Fighters consumable parameters were changed:
    • Air visibility radius increased: 2 to 4.5 km

Due to an issue that caused Patrol Fighters to lose track of their target because of limited visibility radius, Béarn's Patrol Fighters have been adjusted to spot and keep track of enemy planes at a longer distance. This change will not affect their limited spotting of ships.

Game Play Improvements

Commander skill recommendation changes

We’ve adjusted Commander skill recommendations for the majority of ships in the game to accommodate the Commander skill changes that took effect in Update 12.10.

Changes to signals and upgrades

The effects of the X-Ray Papa Unaone and November Foxtrot signal flags, as well as the Smoke Generator Modification 1 upgrade, have been changed to include the Smoke Curtain Generator consumable found on the upcoming second American aircraft carrier line:

  • November Foxtrot—added an effect that reduces the cooldown of squadron consumables by 5%
  • X-Ray Papa Unaone—added an effect that increases the action time of the Smoke Curtain Generator consumable by 5%
  • Smoke Generator Modification 1 changed to be applicable to the Smoke Curtain Generator consumable

The effect of the Squadron Consumables Modification 1 upgrade has also been changed:

  • Squadron Consumables Modification 1 replaced the effect that increased squadron consumable action time with a new effect that adds +1 additional consumable charge for squadrons

Content Additions and Changes

  • Added the Polar Ice Caps permanent camouflage for IX Alaska, IX Georgia, VIII Lightning, VII Algérie, VII Maass, and VII Hyūga.
  • Added the Shōgatsu permanent camouflage for X Yoshino.
  • Ships Jupiter '42 (British destroyer, Tier VII), Minegumo (Japanese destroyer, Tier IX), and Sicilia (Italian battleship, Tier X) were added for testing by developers, volunteers, and community contributors.

Container changes

You can find more details about Santa's containers, Supercontainers, and Premium Ship Containers changes here.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the armor of X C. Colombo not to correspond to the set parameters: deck slope armor thickness – 25 mm; citadel armored deck slope armor thickness – 25 mm.
  • Fixed several issues with the in-game sounds and audio.
  • Fixed island collision issues on the Shatter map.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed additional use of Patrol Fighters.
  • Improved geometry and textures of the following ships: VIII Atago, VIII Atago B, VIII Colossus, VIII Shōkaku.
  • Improved geometry and textures of the following permanent camouflages: ARPEGGIO for VIII ARP Maya, ARPEGGIO and ARPEGGIO RED for VIII ARP Takao, Special for VIII Atago B.
  • Fixed an issue where Clan invites couldn’t be sent out during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the airstrike distance was displayed incorrectly when aiming over terrain.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to Player Support.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

[transmission ends]