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Update 13.5

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Update 13.5: New D-Day Operations

Due to the installation of the update, the server will be unavailable
from: Wed. June 12 4:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
until: Wed. June 12 8:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Update 13.5 delivers the following:

D-Day Operations Continue

The first D-Day Operation, Utah Beach, was pretty intense, but it was only a flash for the thunderous opening of the second Operation — Atlantic Wall Defense.

Atlantic Wall Defense
Starts: June 12, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: June 26, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Utah Beach set the Allied invasion in motion, but you can now experience the events from the Axis perspective: helm German Tier V–VII destroyers in a desperate attempt to repel the Allied onslaught as their invasion fleet approaches the Normandy shores. Special rental ships with unusual configurations will be provided to all players, so even if you own suitable ships for the Operation, we still advise you to try them! The Operation's main goal is to defend the coast against the Allies, and to achieve this, you'll need to heavily rely on the Drop Minefield consumable that all destroyers will be equipped with.

Far more detail is available in this article.

Omaha Beach Assault
Starts: June 26, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Two weeks into Update 13.5, you'll experience the glorious finale of the event with the Omaha Beach Assault Operation. In terms of the battle timeline, the events unfold mere minutes after the Atlantic Wall Defense Operation. Once again on the Allied side, you'll be tasked with saving the stranded crews of disabled Allied ships and breaching the walls of Fortress Europe to bring victory within the grasp of the continent's occupied nations.

Classified Documents are available in all the D-Day Operations, and you can select which ones to bring into battle with you to gain additional combat bonuses against specific enemy types. The Documents come in three secrecy levels: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. Each new secrecy level you unlock grants an additional bonus to the existing Classified Documents in your possession.

A new section of the dedicated reward track unlocks at the start of each Operation. Complete secondary tasks in Operations to earn the Stars necessary to progress along the track and earn valuable rewards, including permanent camouflages for VIII Baltimore and VII Jervis, the Ruse of War and Sword of Freedom patches, and British Commander William Tennant. If you continue earning Stars and unlocking extra levels of the reward track, you'll earn 1x D-Day container for each level.

More information is available in this article.

Summer Festival

Starts: June 12, 05:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: July 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

During Update 13.5, we're introducing a new Event Pass fully dedicated to the summer holidays!

We've prepared two progression lines full of delicious summer treats. Notable rewards in the first progression line include the Beach Party flag, the Summer permanent camouflage, Picnic by the Sea and Distant Voyages containers, plus our new Treasure of the Sea Premium container.

Step up your rewards even more by unlocking the second progression line for Doubloons 2,500 Doubloons. This will bring you even more summer mementos: Blue Lagoon and Brazilian permanent camouflages, the Gold Eagle permanent camouflage for IX Minnesota and VIII Kansas, even more containers, plus VI Juruá!

After unlocking all the available levels, each extra level beyond the 20th will earn you 1x More Signals container and 1x Rare Bonuses container for the first and second progression lines, respectively.

Since summer is all about taking it easy and relaxing, the extra levels will be much easier to reach — you'll only need 25 Points for each. What's more, the weekly missions require only Template:BXP 5,000 Base XP, and you can complete them five times to earn 25 Points in total!

The Premium Shop and Armory will also surprise you with a variety of offers dedicated to the Summer Festival, so don't forget to check them out, too!

Please note: We're changing the PEGI rating of our game from PEGI 7 to PEGI 12, and we're introducing additional content because of the new rating. These changes will come into effect with Update 13.5 as of June 12.

More information about the Summer Festival activities are available in a separate article.

Clan Battles Season 26

Starts: June 16, 01:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Aug 5, 02:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Update 13.5 features a new Clan Battles season.


  • 7 vs. 7
  • Tier X ships
  • Gaming sessions available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Ship restrictions

Just like in previous seasons, certain restrictions on the number of specific ships per team apply in Clan Battles.

The restrictions can be set for the entire duration of a season or specific periods of time. For example, they might be set after the first 2 weeks of a season and then replaced with different restrictions a few weeks later. This allows us to promptly react to the current state of the season.

Season 26 will begin with the following restrictions:

  • Players will be able to go into battle aboard all ship types except aircraft carriers and submarines.
  • No more than two battleships per team.
  • X Napoli, X Petropavlovsk, X Louisiana, or X A. Nevsky cannot be taken into battles.
  • Limited the number of certain ships. One team cannot have more than one ship from each of the following groups:
  • X Kléber, X Marceau, and X Marseille
  • X Moskva, X Stalingrad, and X Des Moines
  • X Småland and X Gdańsk
  • X Ohio, X Kremlin, and X St. Vincent

For the start of the new season, we've added two achievements: "King Vulture," and "Hurricane. King Vulture."

More information will be available in the game client.

Division Stars

While the update is live, you'll be able to earn Division Stars — special bonuses issued for playing together with your Clanmates.

  • You can earn Division Stars by playing in a Division with each of your Clanmates.
  • Stars cannot be earned in Clan or Training Battles.
  • Certain numbers of earned Stars unlock access to various rewards.
  • If you switch Clans, any Stars and rewards you previously received remain with you.

To see the roster of Clanmates whom you can team up with in a Division, as well as the list of rewards you can obtain, navigate to the Division Star tab in the Clans section.

By playing together with each of your Clanmates, you can earn a total of up to 3 Stars — one for each fulfilled condition:

  • Winning a battle.
  • Earning the "Shoulder to Shoulder" Division achievement.
  • Earning the "Coordinated Attack" Division achievement.

With this iteration, we've updated the interface of the Division Stars page, as well as the Clan Search section.


First Brawl starts: Jun 17, 11:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
First Brawl ends: Jun 24, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Update 13.5 will deliver three Brawls in different formats, and the first has a 5v5 format with Tier VIII destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. No more than four destroyers and cruisers allowed; no more than three battleships allowed. Divisions of up to five players can participate.

More information will be available in the game client.


Trade-In Continues

Ends: Aug 5, 02:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Don't miss the opportunity to trade in ships you aren't using much for new ones that have caught your eye! You can trade in Tier V–X ships you own for qualifying replacements.

All details are available on our Development Blog.

The Beautiful Game Event

Starts: Jun 27, 03:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 21, 02:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Football takes center stage in many people's lives during summer, and if you're a fan, we invite you gather around our virtual table and try to guess the results of the matches! You can complete simple daily missions to earn Football Tokens and then use these to guess the outcome of the next matches!

If you correctly guess a match result, you'll progress along the reward track; if not, you'll still get Credits 100,000 Credits for your participation! The available rewards include Credits; permanent and expendable economic bonuses; and containers with signals, camouflages, and a guaranteed Premium ship drop. The players who see most accurately into the future will receive a ship for free (from those available for Coal Coal or Doubloons Doubloons in the Armory)!

But the rewards don't end there: if you complete five daily missions, you'll be rewarded with Commander Marco Materazzi, who has an individual voiceover. Completing 15 missions will make you a true football enthusiast and bring you a fitting reward — a special commemorative flag to proudly display your love for football to friends and foes alike!

Three Kingdoms

Starts: Jun 19, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

A beloved tale about one of the most turbulent periods in Chinese history returns to World of Warships. Meet new Commanders Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu, both with individual voiceovers; sail new Pan-Asian Tier VIII destroyer Zhu Que and Tier IX battleship Xuan Wu; and get ready to earn up to 3x Three Kingdoms containers plus signal flags and economic bonuses just by playing the game! The content from last time is also returning, so make sure to check out the Armory and Premium Shop and grab it while you can.

Note: Ships Zhu Que and Xuan Wu are based on VIII Kidd and IX Iowa, respectively, and thus have similar characteristics to them. If we ever make balance changes to these ships, they will be applied separately from the ships they are based on and vice-versa. This is due to them not having access to the nation-specific features, such as unique Commanders or upgrades.

U.S. Independence Day

Starts: Jul 3, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 24, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Fireworks! Liberty! Parades! We're celebrating the 248th anniversary (so many years!) of U.S. Independence Day with combat missions and patriotic bundles in World of Warships. Complete mission chains to earn Independence Tokens, and then spend these in a special Armory category.

You can earn enough Tokens via the missions to get the rewards from the first steps from a special set of sequential bundles in the Armory. These hold a commemorative flag for VII California; expendable economic bonuses; Commander Leroy Jenkins with 10 skill points; and at the end of the bundle sequence, battleship VII California awaits you for only Doubloons 2,900 Doubloons! Alternatively, you can spend your Tokens on 30x Wings of Freedom containers, or you add Commander John Doe with 10 skill points and Commander George Doe with 10 skill points to your roster.

But the freedom doesn't stop there! Much-coveted U.S. Tier X battleship X Rhode Island and new destroyer IX Johnston will be available for purchase in the Armory for Doubloons Doubloons, as well as in the Premium Shop.

STAR TREK Is Beaming Into World of Warships!

Starts: Jun 26, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 17, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

World of Warships is constantly working to push the boundaries and bring exciting new content to our illustrious Captains, but this time, we have something truly out of this world for you! We’re excited to announce that World of Warships will host a collaboration with Star Trek, the beloved franchise that has spanned many generations! We're keen to tell you about it, but you'll have to wait a bit for everything to be transported to our world.

Prepare yourselves, load up on photon torpedoes, check the battery levels on your tricorders, and chart a course for strange new victories!

The collaboration is delayed until Update 13.6.

Popeye and Bluto Are Back!

Starts: Jul 3, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 24, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Load up on canned spinach and polish your pipes: two of the most iconic sailors — Popeye and Bluto — are back in World of Warships! Join the iconic duo in their endless fight for Olive Oyl's heart. With individual voiceovers for Commanders Popeye and Bluto and the special Popeye the Sailor Man camouflage for VII Colorado, you’ll be ready to rack up some serious victories.

Themed bundles and combat missions are waiting for you, and don't miss the chance to obtain a free Commander Popeye or Bluto from a mission chain!

Megadeth Is Back on the World of Warships Seas

Starts: Jun 19, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jun 26, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Dave Mustaine and Vic Rattlehead return to Wake Up Dead with their Tornado of Souls! Fire up World of Warships during Update 13.5 and experience the metal mayhem and raw power of music while crushing your opponents with iconic Commanders Dave Mustaine and Vic Rattlehead, each with an individual voiceover, while sailing metal-vessel V Rattlehead. Become Addicted to Chaos and teach the opposing team the Architecture of Aggression! Themed bundles are also waiting for you in the Armory.

Heroes of Might and Magic III Return!

Starts: Jun 12, 05:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jun 19, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Legendary heroes from the land of Enroth are returning once again in World of Warships. Don't miss the chance to obtain your favorite Commanders from the Armory!

Knight Catherine Ironfist, ranger Mephala, necromancer Sandro, wizard Solmyr, overlord Gunnar and demoniac Nymus, all with individual voiceovers, will be available separately or bundled together and with a commemorative flag added into the big bundle to sweeten the deal!

Content Additions and Changes

  • Added Battle of the Philippine Sea and "Temper, Temper" patches.
  • Added four Commonwealth emblems.
  • Added new portraits for standard Spanish, Italian, and Pan-Asian Commanders.
  • Ships Theseus (British Tier VIII aircraft carrier); Almirante Oquendo (Spanish Tier IX cruiser); ship clones Colorado 2, Balao 2, North Carolina 2, Iowa 2, Montana 2; and Admiraal and Statenland (both based on VIII De 7 Provinciën) were added for testing by developers, volunteers, and community contributors.

With the release of Update 13.6, Commander Dasha Perova for all nations will be removed from the Armory. All players will receive two coupons for a 50% discount on any Commander Dasha that will be active in the last 2 weeks of Update 13.5.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the aiming circle wasn't properly updating at the maximum firing range when switching between different shell types.
  • Fixed textures on VII Rodney and the Default permanent camouflage of X R. Lauria.
  • Fixed issues with the individual voiceover of Commander Ashikaga Teru.
  • Fixed several minor issues with the "Ship Parameters in Battle" feature.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to Player Support.

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