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Wiki Team members are players who assist and help other players of World of Warships, such as showing off their love for the game by beavering away in dusty corners with quill and inkwell. They are basically players who voluntarily dedicate time and energy towards their love for World of Warships and in doing so, improve the online community experience for others!


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a genuine interest in Wargaming games and products.
  • Contributor must behave and create content in compliance with our Terms of Service, End-User Legal Agreement, Official Game Rules.
  • Contributor's content must have the potential to reach and influence the audience (in other words, Contributor must produce quality content).
  • Contributor must have a genuine interest in helping us build a healthy community around our games by sharing constructive feedback.

Current Wiki Team members by language

Wiki Teams

Wows-icon.png  EN Wiki Editing Staff

link=https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/File:IDuckman image 1.jpg
United States  🦆 iDuckman 🦆 is an over-educated rules lawyer and a proud Texan — the not-laconic type. He loves his cruisers. Rumor has it that the witch, Salem, is considering his proposal of marriage. [<hiss> Get away from him, you witch!]   (Naively, SirDucken believes that he owns a cat.)
On the wiki, 'Ducky' sticks mostly to the rules pages, trying to keep up with ongoing, constant, never-ending improvements. Sir Ducken is the senior Team Lead, Editor-in-Chief, and - of necessity - HR department where his extensive cat herding experience is proving to be just as useless as it is with cats. 🦆
A former US battleship main turned cruiser main, United States MidnightPhoenix07 has been playing WoWS since the start of Open Beta and joined the EN Wiki team in July 2021. He primarily focuses on writing articles for new releases and reviewing for other editors, but he also contributes historical info and change-log updates on occasion. When not working on the Wiki, he can often be found in-game playing cruisers or teaching himself to destroyer. In addition to the Wiki, he is also part of the WoWS subreddit Moderation team. And no, despite his name, he won't play Phoenix no matter how much you ask.

MidnightPhoenix07 is one of the team's Leads, Head Reviewer, and honorary sharpener of the Mighty DuckcheteTM.
link=https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/File:Biohazard warning 1.png

United States ToxicSymphony: Lord of the change-logs, checker of facts, finder of bugs and purveyor of truths. Organizing his own army in the Wiki garage.

Toxic is a Deputy Lead in charge of making sure everyone has something to do.
United States Khazal chose his odd name only because Panzer was already taken when he signed up for the World of Tanks CBT. He likes long walks on the beach or a cup of hot cocoa next to a cozy fire. Often seen in game trying his best not to give the enemy team first blood or telling everyone who will listen that Fujin is superior to Kamikaze in every way. A master of no line and a disciple of Secondary builds on battleships he seeks to do what will create the most fun. He prides himself on having jokes so bad that even Doom sighs. With that said he will do his best not to break the wiki...too much.
Taking greedy advantage of his real life experience, Panzer has been appointed Headmaster. He is also a Reviewer who does not grade on a curve.
A historian and photo collector at heart, United States Doomlock was the senior team lead for the EN wiki team. When not editing the wiki, he is perusing the web looking for more images of the ships he loves, and has amassed quite a collection of pictures. Usually, he can be seen hanging out on the forums, playing with his clan, Hijackers Anonymous [HINON], learning more about a ship on the internet, or talking up a storm about a ship's history. He still edits wiki pages but has largely retired as Editor Emeritus.
Joining the community in open beta, SeaRaptor00 also hails from The Lone Star State. Having served his time herding kittens that just happen to look a lot like the other wiki staff, he is now semi-retired, though, as a self-appointed Apostle of the Church of Hindenburg, he rarely edits wiki pages and has largely retired as Editor Emeritus.
When not sinking ships on behalf of the Kriegsmarine or mining the game client for images, he can occasionally be found on Twitch_icon.png Twitch casting competitive matches of World of Warships, such as King of the Sea.
United States Lord_Zath was one of the first members of the EN wiki team, joining at a time when most wiki pages were but empty shells. His passion for photography quickly earned him the position of "resident wiki screenshot guru". Zath is also a Supertest Coordinator and a Community Contributor. He rarely edits wiki pages and has largely retired as Editor Emeritus.
An avid fan of World of Warships, he aims to teach players as much as he can with his streams on Twitch_icon.png Twitch and his YouTube-icon.png YouTube channel. You can see some of his favorite death pics on twitter-icon.png Twitter or join his Discord to submit replays.
Wows_flag_USA.png Tedster_ is the other resident black cat, a wiki team member (and former lead wiki editor), and a supertest coordinator. He is a battleship player who started during the 2nd wave of closed alpha in June 2014, and he is probably whining somewhere about the simplification of the game over the course of testing and release or is making "back in the day" comments. When not attempting to citadel destroyers with whatever battleship is currently being tested, he plays artillery for the current top NA Clan Wars clan in World of Tanks, while also spending way too much time playing Kantai Collection, or reading Friedman-level tomes for entertainment.
United States Sharkbait_416 is a member of the World of Warships EN wiki team. For some reason, people keep assuming he is a streamer, so he covered his webcam just to be safe. He has regularly played the game since January 2016.
Sharkbait is is a state District Attorney. Don't screw up in his jurisdiction.
United States Embeddeddear97 is an avid US Navy history nerd and will often see him in game sailing one. While enjoying all classes Embedded especially enjoys playing battleships. The one thing he despises in this game are HE spamming botes that he can't shoot back at.
Germany floribe2000 has been one of the leading members of the German wiki team for a while and recently joined the EN wiki team. He is one of the tech-experts of the wiki. While not contributing much to normal articles, he usually works on templates and helps with technical issues behind the scenes. He is known to constantly complain about templates being messy and is trying to bring order into the chaos. Good luck with that.
United Kingdom Benser is one of the EN wiki team members who must remember not to use British English when making contributions. In WoWS, a jack of all trades (and master of none) who has played since the Closed Beta Test period, Benser has approximate knowledge of most things and a questionable memory to back it up with.
caduzanon is the English Wiki's Brazil Brazilian nerd who is equally at home in the guts of the English wiki and in the Brazilian Portuguese wiki that he founded. When he learned Templates, he became truly dangerous. (Fortunately he's a good nerd.)
When not marching in Toxic's Army or editing things related to game's interface, he enjoys papercrafting. His latest project is a paper Graf Zeppelin, the Aircraft Carrier. He also enjoys brigadeiro and a nice barbecue.
Takina and Chisato are a great duo!
South KoreaAdagaki_Aki_ (or known as Min) is a member of the EN World of Warships wiki team. He plays not only World of Warships (for 3 years) but also World of Tanks (for 9 years). While not working on writing ship articles, Min is usually working hard towards a secondary education teaching degree for the subject of history. As seen through the profile, he enjoys being a weeb, to the extent of learning Japanese in university.
United KingdomSirDixie is British. Has a bottomless supply of the letters "s", "u", and "e" and an urge to use them. He also has an inexhaustable stash of tea. May be Definitely is a massive nerd and is far too interested in ship histories for a healthy mind.
Most likely to be found in some sort of cruiser.
ItalyGr3y_Ghost is an Italian player and member of the EN World of Warships Wiki Team. While not working on wiki stuff, you can find Ghost fooling around or casting some tournaments on his Twitch_icon.png Twitch channel for the Italian audience, or posting either memes or reviews on YouTube-icon.png YouTube.
Of course, he gets very upset when pineapple pizza is mentioned.
link=https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/File:HasteMakesWaste pfp.jpeg
United States HasteMakesWaste is a member of the EN WoWs Wiki Team, who in addition to writing ship articles, enjoys the mundane task of updating the various lists and mechanics pages. Outside of the wiki, Haste enjoys strategy games (particularly Stellaris), and anything and everything related to horror franchises, with his favorites being Alien and The Walking Dead.
United States d_ma48 is a member of the EN World of Warships wiki team. You'll often catch him playing operations with clanmates in World of Warships or burning down the world of Genshin Impact. Also don't get him started about submarine balancing (shotgunning isn't a thing). When not filling in spreadsheets for wiki or doing Supertest tasks, D-Ma is usually working in a medical setting or studying for his master's in Chinese medicine.

Wows-icon.png  DE Wiki Editing Staff

Germany Z_OnkelE is one of the original DE Wiki staff. His WoWS hobby horses (starting even before his wiki involvement) are a detailed gunboat destroyer guide on the EU forum and statistics about one-sided battles.
link=https://wiki.wargaming.net/de/Datei:Shatricor profile.png
Germany Shatricor joined the DE Wiki staff in 2020 and plays the game since Closed Alpha. He have deep IT knowledge and actively plays WoWs on Linux. Sometimes he is also in the EN Wiki active when a topic he wants to translate is there outdated too.

Wows-icon.png  PT-BR Wiki Editing Staff

Brazil Ripper200: In addition to being an important part of the initiative that brought the Brazilian Portuguese wiki to life, he is now also part of the Moderation team, and wields the sword in official Twitch streams and in the PT-BR section of Official Discord. In addition to Warships, he is also a huge fan of Flight Simulators and enjoys some aviation content, which gave him the inspiration for his nickname.
Brazil Luscao joined the PT-BR wiki team while Cadu and Ripper were building the base for everything, thus participating in the huge process of finishing the adittion of basic templates, translating the main articles and giving a different shape to old pages, making the PT-BR wiki a unique place.
If you happen to stumble upon a Bismarck full of stars in battle, make sure you are not showing broadside!

Wows-icon.png  Other Wiki Editing Staffs