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Battle play with the Bayern may be fast paced. Guns reload quickly unless you're nose to nose with an enemy closing. But this is a nice ship for saving a Friendly trying to escape a crossfire. The main guns can leave you disheartened when they miss or jumping for joy. The problem here is you have no sense of why you missed or hit which messes with your in battle aiming talents. Running down an enemy with the Bayern's speed is not impossible when solid angles are considered. But once has to consider range. 14kms and closer give a better chance of hitting any given target.

As a Tier VI it's rugged although salvos from opposing equal or higher Tier BB's can take you out in no time. One Cruiser to be feared is the Atlanta when you find yourself in range of one of these monsters invisible behind a rock. The turning ability is not so poor that avoiding torpedoes is particularly difficult and the Bayern stands up to a double strike depending on health at the moment. The anti-aircraft suite when upgraded can really dish out a pounding.

The professional commentators videos on YouTube and their personal sites give mixed reviews on the Bayern. For those blue collar players who run the German Battleship line and have been stuck on the Konig for months the reward is this ship finally makes you money and XP points. A Commander with skills will only stay on training a short time if you commit to the few games it will take make his skills mastered again. What Konig drivers can expect is a growing XP count that just wasn't there before. The Konig might have an edge in the long range game but neither the Konig or Bayern are a match for some of the same Tier ships when at a range of 15.6 plus. This shell grouping is much too helter skelter to be trusted. And this may only add to detection from Enemy ships when you miss. So to keep from compounding your issues hunt and pounce is a solid game plan for the Bayern. In many cases your reload will be as fast or faster than the other guy. Just in case, keep an island handy.

Enjoy the Bayern it's hard hitting guns, XP and difficulties as this will be for some a ship you either love or hate.