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Anti Air in prospective

In the Pro section it is written that Furious posses the best AA of all T6 CV, this is mostly dictated by the sheer damage of 118.9 DPS of the medium ranged AA, but among the "core T6 CV" meaning Ryujo, Ranger and Furious; Ranger posses stronger AA, while haveing a medium ranged AA that deals 95 DPS, this is due to the difference in firing range between the MK2 40mm Bofors of Ranger with a range of 3.5 Km, and the Octuple 40mm Pom Pom of Furious with a range of only 2.5 Km, where's the difference one might ask, why a greater range with a lower DPS, is considered stronger? To answer the question, the firing range of the 20mm Oerlikons, which compose the short range AA of both ships, must be taken into consideration, the short range goes from 2.0 Km to 0, this means that Furious has only 0.5 Km of medium ranged AA before the short ranged AA kicks into action, and considering that planes moves at several hundred Knots per hour, moving for just 0.5 Km takes the time of a heart beat, so they will recive only 118~ damage from medium ranged AA; instead Ranger with her 3.5 Km medium ranged AA and 2.0 Km short ranged AA deals constant damage to planes all the way until they reach the end of the short ranged AA action zone, that's because long range AA stops at 3.5 Km, medium ranged AA starts at 3.5 Km and stops at 2.0 Km, and short ranged AA starts at 2.0 Km and stops at 0, this means that Ranger medium ranged AA while it has 95 DPS has an action zone that is three times Furious one, because the 1.5 Km action zone between medium ranged AA and short ranged AA. This means that if the medium ranged AA always hits the enemy planes the damage dealt is 95 multiplied for all the times it can hit enemy planes while in range, even hitting them just 2 times the sustained damage is 190 way bigger than the 118.9 of Furious. Ryujo here is not taken in consideration, because Japanese ships aside from a bunch of T9 and T10, and a premium T5 Cruiser, do not posses any kind of medium ranged AA, only long and short ranged AA.