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how do you get it?

It will be in the Tech Tree following the 0.9.4 update

More make-believe Stalinium™ bullshit from a company that romanticizes one of the most murderous regimes in human history.

Yet another gimmicky paper-ship that neither existed nor could, in reality, be produced and maintained and operated by the technologically backward Soviet Union.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Soviet blue-water navy of World War II was comprised of three categories: 1) Near-mummified relics of Pre-Revolutionary Russia a/o World War I. 2) Italian vessels purchased or licensed. 3) A small handful of ships purchased or borrowed from a handful of Allied nations.

Soviet Naval strength during World War II (and slightly after) relied upon a handful of destroyers, a sizeable force of submarines, and a large, but motley collection of coastal patrol boats and riverine forces.

For all their grand schemes and extravagant promises, very few of the Soviet naval "projects" ever actually hit the water, primarily because Soviet ship building was inadequate to the task even into the 1950s. Worse than the technical short-comings in terms of production and quality control, maintenance and training were ALWAYS nigh-insurmountable problems.

Simply put, the Soviet Union could neither produce then-modern large surface combatants nor deploy them for any length of time.

WOWS needs to focus on actual, historical vessels instead of hyping retro-grade Soviet propaganda and wishful thinking.

--- Its a game my friend.