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Note to the editor. I think the 4800 gold value for the Texas is not correct and should be edited to 2575.

Reason being, WG only credits 2575 doubloons, based on my experience today (May 28). I already own the Texas, but when it went on sale for $14.32 here on the US server, I rebought it, thinking the 4800 doubloon value currently on this page would make the sale price a good value on doubloon. It turns out WG only credited my account for 2575 doubloons.

joel9507:na (talk) 14:23, 28 May 2017 (UTC)

For sake of whoever is editing the main page, The Performance section is woefully outdated, recommending AFT as a skill which is basically useless now that it doesn't boost AA range and Texas produces 0 flak and isn't a secondary ship. This is clearly a relic of the RTS era of CVs. Additionally, the cons section lists the AA range at 3.6km which is too long. Should say 3.5 km (or 3.51 if the ships stats section on the main page is accurate) 42Meep:na (talk) 00:55, 9 August 2020 (UTC)