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Modified Hull

If the Dispersion for this Modification for the Gearing is supposed to be beneficial, (which I'm assuming because the text isn't red), the value should likely be negative: eg "-5% Dispersion". Jarod997:na (talk) 15:37, 4 December 2018 (UTC)

That's not how WG words it, however. The "+X% to dispersion" modifier is consistent with the wording on Concealment System Modification 1, which impacts the dispersion of other ships firing at you. It's beneficial for Gearing, but negative for enemy ships firing at her. SeaRaptor00:na (talk) 13:40, 5 December 2018 (UTC)

Use the string variables for text.

Quick tutorial on using string variables instead of string literals:

  • string literal - the literal value, such as "Aircraft Engines Modification 1"
  • string variable - a literal value referenced BY NAME
    • e.g. the name of "Aircraft Engines Modification 1" is IDS_TITLE_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I
    • a string value referenced by name uses the syntax
    • so
      is equivalent to "Aircraft Engines Modification 1"


One big reason is localization (the use of the same page for different languages), but let's not worry about that here. The other big reason is so the guys changing upgrade names and description can make their changes without any local wiki editor having to do a darn thing. For instance:

  • Steering Gears Mod 1 went away (0.9.1) - required a wiki editor
  • "Steering Gears Mod 2" was changed to "Steering Gears Mod 1" - no edit required
  • "Steering Gears Mod 3" was changed to "Steering Gears Mod 2" - no edit required

Likewise the icon (sometimes), effect description, and price can be updated without requiring an edit.


Key off the icon name. E.g. 'Wows_icon_modernization_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I.png. [underlines required not for the file: or image: mechs, but for the string variable names. The bolded portion is the variable name root. Use it:

  • to form the title name: IDS_TITLE_[root] - thus 'IDS_TITLE_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I'
  • to form the description name: IDS_DESC_[root] - thus 'IDS_DESC_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I'
  • to form the price name: just the root is needed - 'PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I'
For the id:
{{#shipstr:IDS_TITLE_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I}} ->
Aircraft Engines Modification 1

For the title (heading):
{{#shipstr:IDS_TITLE_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I|mark}} ->
Aircraft Engines Modification 1 [the 'mark' argument doesn't seem to do anything]
{{#shipstr:IDS_DESC_PCM068_PlaneEngine_Mod_I|description}} ->
[the 'description' argument doesn't seem to do anything]
{{#shipchars:device:PCM069_Movement_Mod_I|price}} -> 

iDuckman:na (talk) 22:38, 15 February 2020 (UTC)

During updating the German page, I recognized that the string variables for the names (IDS_TITLE_[root]) contain a non-breakable space before the number.
This causes that links like Ship:Upgrades#Main Armaments Modification 1 don't work. Lille65:eu (talk) 09:33, 19 February 2020 (UTC)
You need targets for links with space (handwritten) and non-breakable space (from template:WoWs Equipment). Lille65:eu (talk) 12:35, 19 February 2020 (UTC)