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Von der Tann

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Possibly the worst in game ship

Let's start by saing that being this ship a Tier 3 Battleship, one shouldn't get his/her hopes up, because this is just the start of the the ship line. Von der Tann IS NOT a Battleship, it's a Battlecruiser, meaning that it's a ship that is bigger, faster, more powerful, and better armored than a Cruiser, but at the same time is lesser powerful, lesser armored, lesser armed (only in this case; generally Battlecruisers share the same armament of Battleships, while being faster but lesser armored) and faster than a Battleship. The ship is armed with the same Main Guns found on Nassau and Admiral Gaf Spee, this 283mm Guns share the same disposition of Kaiser Main Batteries, that allows all the firepower to be directed on either side of the ship, on the contrary to Nassau that can't do it because of the Exagonal dispoistion of the Main Batteries, but unlike Nassau that can hit targets reliably (for a Tier 3 Battleship), but not with South Carolina precision, Von der Tann it's a lost cause, her guns have such horrible dispersion that the ship can miss a target even at 3 Km! Not all the dispersion is trash, because Horizontal Dispersion (left and right) is good, it's her vertical dispersion that do not allow the ship to hit anything smaller than a Batleship beyond 2 Km; because most of the times shells will either oveshoot the target position or fall short. Her secondaries are also a total loss, because there are too few of them to proect her agaist Torpedo armed Cruisers and Destroyers, and they are too few even to be used in an offensive manner, because of their range (4 Km). Her speed is woderful, 27.5 Knots, that can be pushed to 28.9 with Sierra Mike signal, this allows Von der Tann to catch even Bellerophon and Kawachi that are the fastest T3 Battleship at 22.5 Knots, 23.6 with Sierra Mike, and also Von der Tann can catch up the fast T4 Carriers that steaming at 25 Knoits can escape to anyone but this Battlecruiser and all Destroyers. Anti Air like secondary batteries is a total loss, because it's totally useless against carriers, and the armor is decent but nothing to boast about when facing other Battleships. All considered this ship is trash even for T3, and when faced with Cruisers and Destroyers it will be destroyed instantly by just 3 to 4 Torpedoes, and also Von der Tann MUST NEVER challenge alone South Carolina, because while both ship share an identical number of Main batteries, South Carolina 305mm Main Guns, in 4 Superfiring Main Batteries will delete Von der Tann with a good aimed salvo, all while remaining sufficiently angled to deflect Von der Tann 283mm shells.