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Gun Values Wrong

The gun values change depending on if you're logged in or not. Not logged in, wrong values. Log-in then the values change, but the gun make and model disappears! (08-Jan-2016)

Needs a fix...

The gun list on the IS-3 appears to be "broken", remediation of this problem ASAP would be appreciated. 3/25/2015

Not loving this tank!!

55 Battles in and I can tell you that so far I would have to say avoid this tank like at all costs! I REALLY hope that in time I can be proven wrong as I have yet to unlock the top gun but even with a gun that might be at least able to pen for a change, the IS3 has some serious problems going for it that I cant see any solution to EVEN with the top gun.

I will just list off the problems I found so far.

1. way too much weak points on front, ALL the from, top to bottom inc turret. ok so I will also point out that this is a VERY popular tank so many ppl have one or are well used to fighting it, so its chinks perhaps are well known more so than say another tank but anyway. from the bottom up, the chin, perhaps the most famous "go to" weak spot on the IS3, its actually a VERY large weak spot, easy hit and hard, angling it is no use because of the preangled pike armor just above it will then be made the new weak spot which is already far from safe, can u see where I am going with this? there is really no "safe" stance with this tank, straight on, it gets chinned, angled or sidescraped and it get clipped through the upper front, if thats not bad enough there is another weak spot in the front middle in the way of a drivers hatch, just under the gun,it gets hit a lot and is very hard to hide if u even tried to hull down with the IS3 which isnt a good idea and that brings me to its next flaw..

2. Hull down just not an option or way of removing a lot of the front end nightmares. As we know, most of the soviet tanks have very little gun deppresion and the IS3 is no exception, so you can forget any nothing of driving up to a rock or defeated tank etc and just exposing the turret but "aha u are wrong!!" u might be saying, u might think that its not a factor if u hull down say.. at a lower section of landsape too shoot upwards.. well.. a little better yes, and lets not forget the top turret boasts a stonking great 250mm of domed turret!!.. well no.. because once again the IS3 has been cursed with another weak spot, sure most tanks have a weak turret hatch to shoot at but he IS3 also has a long flat section just above the gun all the way back to the hatches made of 1mm paint can cover so if u shoot at that with ANY HE round this tank gets wrecked and I absolutely demolished this tank before just that way, in a humble IS.. so.. now u can see how putting yourself in a lower possition or hull down doesnt really work at all in this tank.

3. To carry on from the turret weakness I will also point out that because this is one of the lowest profile tanks in its class, this large flat spot kill zone above the main gun on the turret is actually shown to the enemy most the time, from ANY distance. The gun is trash for acuracy so you really need to take this tank up close and ya.. you will get penned through the roof if you think you just gonna roll on up with your 250mm front turret armour and cover all the other front end failings on this tank by simply being in a tight wrestle with the emeny tank which covers its chin etc.. no.. you will get smashed through the top 1mm paint tin lid and hatches on the roof.. so not looking good all round really is it??

4. The guns.. or cannons, which ever you want to call it, its weapons.. that thing on the front which turns it from a tracked vehicle to a lethal killing machine, its ability to fight, what makes it a tank, well... we would have all looked at its stats before taking the path so we know this gun is not accurate, its actually good on the move, for a brutally innacurate gun at least.. lets keep it real. I have not yet unlocked the top gun and so you might say then I should not comment, ok.. but again this is part of the problem that I can comment on rightfully, and experienced in the IS prior as it was the top gun then... anything less the the IS3 top gun and u CANNOT pen anything. simple! now I know we can list off all the arti, lights, mediums, shooting sides, back and situations etc etc in which this gun can pen but let me be clear, when u need it most, and this is a heavy tank remember, I have just suffered round after round of zero dmg haven landed MANY well aimed, well placed shots on other tanks weak spots and I would say this tank along with the IS have suffered so much more than in ANY other line of heavies or any tank for that matter.. because the gun is also not accurate as pointed out.. so what can you do?? did I mention fighting higher tiers? omg.. delete game kinda stuff lol.. so, because u have no accuracy and couple that with a 4 year aim time to even reach that poor accuracy, u CANNOT offer support from medium to long distances, sure I have landed a few large show stoppers at range but its a rare hit and probably luck even against a static target, the aim circle fully aimed and at its best was still several times the size of the distant target, its just more likely to miss, also the view range on this tank is terrible, did I mention that? well.. just another.

5. Reverse sidescrape? well, yes actually, this tank is probably happiest doing this at least I found, however, there are fuel tanks on the back so a HE round in the general vacinity will torch your tank lol and the rear like all tanks are weak so its a skill that needs to be mastered and anything other than perfect will quickly see u dead lol.. also, it is really situational reliant and if any other tank comes along its the worst postion, its a heavy so slow traverse etc makes this very.. ya situational with mixed results.

I hope in time I prove myself wrong and I know the top gun will make a massive improvement attacking with this IS3, I know u could say I could use gold rounds in the mean time and I know that players have hit dizzying highs in the IS3 and if used to perfection can be beast but again that cements my point.. if I have to work that hard to achieve average or good results in this tank isnt that just good and excellent players flattering this tank? as they would in ANY tank?, are u telling me the same player wouldnt achieve better results in a say a Tiger2 or T32?

p.s. forgive spelling, I am in a rush and just RACED that on screen lol!!

BTW as far as looks go I think the IS3 is just the best looking tank by far, pike armour and that iconic Soviet domed turret, very cold war!! ;)