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[[File:{{{m}}}.jpg|right|150px|thumb|{{{n}}} - {{{s}}}]]


[[File:{{{m}}} screen.jpg|left|200px|]]



  • Maps must have two images associated with them and properly named (see existing maps for details):
    • map.jpg - 512x512 map
    • map screen.jpg - 1920x1200 loading screen
    • the map name (*n) is a link to a page by the same name. Please fill it out using the Template:TestMap Detail.
  • x - map is in development and not released (ie. "yes" or nothing)
  • m - map file name (ie. "Hills")
  • n - map name in game, (ie. "Mines", note, most will have the same name as the file name, but be careful of spaces)
  • s - map size, in meters (ie. "1000m x 1000m")
  • d - map description (ie. "This map has ...")