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Hello im am the user "TDWhirlpool" my name has a definition for each capitol letter "The Diamond Whirlpool" i consider myself as one of the "older" players in the game after the release of the game back in September 17, 2015 i registered and played the game for the first time one month after the release on August 26, 2015. I am a heavy collector but not to serious as i am stingy with my money, so if i can get them for free i will take the time and attempt to earn it, same for camouflage, as it will annoy me to see others have it and not me like the Halloween camouflage and the World Of Warships 2nd anniversary camo for the select ships. But all around if there are resales on ships i dont have at a great price i will buy them unless otherwise.

I really enjoy this game as its the closest thing for playing in warships "War Thunder" is in CBT for Naval Testing but only allows you to play in patrol boats and destroyers at the moment but they dont plan on changing it. I love this game as it seems to be a successor to the games of "Battlestations Pacific" the original game that got me to love naval warfare and im sure many other players too who played it.

Im also a big German player and Battleship player i also play some of the most difficult ships to prove people wrong such as the Krasny Krym i rarely play Carriers i really only own my Saipan because i got it for free i also love any ship that has a unique play style or quirk that makes it interesting to play.

As of now i own 95 ships half of them are premium but i balance it with Tech Tree originals.

i am open to Divisons if im on

and i am starting up a youtube for the game but my computer cant handle it very well so im getting a better computer before i do it if you want to help me get a major headstart just gift me on Paypal or follow the link to donate me on Paypal click hereto donate to help me out