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Wiki Discussion/Archive (2015JanMar)

Wiki Discussion/Archive (2015JanMar)

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WoT XBOX Wiki not up to date

It has come to my attention that the wiki for WoT XBOX is missing a lot of tanks. For example there are no info on any of the Heavy tanks leading up to the Maus. Also the crews info for the WoT XBOX has been deleted due to spam?

Missing tanks on the XBOX vehicle lists are sadly out of my control, but I'll ask to have those tanks added. The Crew (XBOX) page does not seem to have a deletion record at all, but it's merely a straight copy-paste from the PC page at this point. Haswell:na (talk) 19:29, 12 February 2015 (UTC)

WoT XBOX Wiki added new map templates

I added new Xbox-specific map templates based on the PC versions and updated Maps (XBOX) to use them. This allowed me to update maps to reflect that they now have Urban camo and also allowed me to add in the Pacific Island map.

Also, I accidentally created a Pacific Island (XBOX) page that can be deleted since it isn't used and won't likely ever be used. (The template image naming scheme is such that it made more sense to just create Pacific Island than to try to make the Xbox named page work.)

That being said, the reason I didn't modify the PC versions was primarily because they are protected. This is probably for a good reason and if so then it would probably make sense to protect the Xbox versions as well. The pages are Template:MapData (XBOX), Template:Map (XBOX), and Template:Map Detail (XBOX). If they don't need protection for now then that's fine. I just wanted to raise the issue. mikebmcl:xbox (talk) 19:36, 11 February 2015 (UTC)

Good work on the map pages. For now I don't see the need to protect MapData for XBOX, I'll do that when cases of vandalism arises. Pacific Island (XBOX) is now poofed. Haswell:na (talk) 19:29, 12 February 2015 (UTC)

WoT XBOX Wiki needs main page updated to reflect Game Version 1.8 (n.b. changelog page is already created for it)

World of Tanks: Xbox currently has 1.6.1 as the Game Version and links to the (non-existant) 1.6.1 Update notes page. I created the Changelog: World of Tanks (XBOX) Patch 1.8.0 page earlier from the release notes for it, but someone who has the privileges needed to update WoT XBOX needs to update the wiki link there to reflect that the Game Version is now 1.8.0 and to have it link to the 1.8.0 changelog. Thanks! mikebmcl:xbox (talk) 19:36, 11 February 2015 (UTC)

Done. :) Haswell:na (talk) 19:29, 12 February 2015 (UTC)

WoT XBOX Wiki needs Japanese tanks added

Since the Chi Nu Kai was added to WoT XBOX, it would be neat if World of Tanks: Xbox had Japan listed as a country and had the Chi Nu Kai listed on XBOX types mediumtank. If you are waiting until the regular Japanese tanks launch, though, that's fine. mikebmcl:xbox (talk) 19:36, 11 February 2015 (UTC)

I can go and create the Japanese nation page, but mind that the page will not display the Chi Nu Kai until the tank list is updated. I'll see what I can do, thanks for the help! Haswell:na (talk) 19:29, 12 February 2015 (UTC)

la Wiki en Castellano/Español... ¿para cuando?

Hola a todos, estoy esperando desde varios años atras, se pueda tener una wiki en castellano/español.

Desde la implementacion de la wiki de WargamingNet (la cual reemplazo a la wiki del WoT) ha estado disponible el software de la wiki de wargaming en castellano toda su interfaz, pero aun esta Cerrada al publico. y yo me pregunto ¿por que no nos permiten editar la wiki en nuestro idioma?

Tal como podran ver en wiki.wargaming.net/es/ o en wiki.wargaming.net/es/Página_principal la toda la UI esta en castellano, pero no se nos permite acceder para empezar a crear los articulos.

Vengo esperando desde el año 2011...., ya estamos a 2015..., por favor, permitan acceder a la wiki en español. Queremos contribuir.

Saludos. --holakc:na (talk) 16:32, 18 February 2015 (UTC)