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08:18, 1 July 2019(15,554 bytes)
09:51, 16 March 2017(14,499 bytes)Changed sentence structure and minor wording of: "It also became evident that the T-34 could hardly cope with the new examples of German armor, and that is was the time to shift the priority from mass production to major modification of the T-34."...to..." It also became evident that the T-34 could hardly cope with the new examples of German armor and thus came the time to shift manufacturing priority from the mass production of the current model, to implement a major design modification to the T-34."
12:31, 26 June 2016(14,401 bytes)Created page with "{{TankData|Tank=T-34-85 |The T-34-85 retains the same hull as its predecessor, the T-34, but receives a new, more heavily armored turret with more powerful choices of arma..."
02:22, 2 October 2015(14,368 bytes)D5T-85BM HE rounds: an overlooked asset
06:01, 10 September 2015(13,952 bytes)reworked historical accuracy
20:36, 26 April 2015(13,790 bytes)Cleaned up the Combat History. Also, the Faustpatrone was part of the Panzerfaust family of weapons, so I used that term instead.
14:38, 23 August 2014(13,377 bytes)Ironically, the soft resistance on the T-34-85 is the closest to average for tier 6 mediums, and is close enough to be discounted. On medium/hard are outliers.
03:00, 1 November 2013(13,151 bytes)edited some image captions
13:52, 26 February 2013(13,143 bytes)Undo revision 42646 by Grendster (talk) - it is NOT the best tier 6 flanker.
13:45, 23 February 2013(13,138 bytes)It really can do flanking.
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