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Premium Tanks

Premium Tanks

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Premium tanks are single-configuration tanks that are located outside of their nations' tech trees. These include tanks that are purchased with gold in-game, tanks purchased in the gift shop, or tanks that are gifted/given for special events. All premium tanks come with Elite status and require no module research.

Premium tanks benefit from greater credit income than regular tanks. This credit bonus increases with the tiers, which makes tier VIII premiums the most profitable tanks available to all players in the game. Many players regularly play tier VIII or other premiums to earn the credits necessary to pay for new tanks, modules, equipment, et cetera.

Aside from their usefulness as money makers, premium tanks are also good for training crews. Unlike regular tanks, premium tanks can accept crew members trained for other tanks of the same nationality and type without a proficiency penalty. They can also be used to stack x2 experience bonuses. A player can earn a x2 XP bonus in one tank and then transfer the crew to a premium tank and do it again, giving them XP from multiple x2 bonus games. Also, since all premium tanks come with elite status, they also come with accelerated crew training available.

In addition to their universal crew class acceptances, premium tanks will also bestow a 1.5 multiplier to experience earned by crews while in the tank.

Premium tanks earn bonus combat experience (which is undistributed experience tied to the tank, which can either be converted to free experience or fed into the additional crew training mechanic) based on their tier. Tier II premiums will offer 70% of the base combat experience, while tier VIII premiums yield 10%. The bonus decreases linearly with tier.

As with regular elited tanks, premium tanks also accumulate XP when accelerated crew training is turned off. This XP can then be converted to free XP with gold. In this way, premium tanks can be used to hasten or outright skip hard module/tank grinds.

The performance of premium tanks varies greatly from tank to tank, but many (such as the IS-6 or Valentine II) have preferential or some other form of special matchmaking. Generally, most premium tanks fall somewhere between stock and fully upgraded vehicles of their tier. Still, some premium tanks (such as the T34 and Type 64) get standard matchmaking and are expected to perform equally as well as corresponding tanks of their tier.

Premium tanks' gold values are displayed on their respective pages. A premium tank's credit value is equal to its gold value times 200.

Tanks displayed below with a gold icon next to their name are available for purchase either in-game or in the gift shop. Tanks with a blue star next to their gold value are gift tanks, tanks removed from the store, or any other tank that is in the game but not otherwise available for purchase in most cases. Some of these tanks appear in gift shop bundles from time to time, and others are available through other purchase methods (see specific articles for details).



    • annoA74_T1_E6.png
      Tier_02_icon.png T1E6 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA19_T2_lt.png
      Tier_02_icon.png T2 Light Tank GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA93_T7_Combat_Car.png
      Tier_02_icon.png T7 Combat Car PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA43_M22_Locust.png
      Tier_03_icon.png M22 Locust GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA33_MTLS-1G14.png
      Tier_03_icon.png MTLS-1G14 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA134_M24E2_SuperChaffee.png
      Tier_06_icon.png M24E2 Super Chaffee PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA99_T92_LT.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T92 GoldIcon2.png


    • annoA148_Convertible_Medium_Tank_T3.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Convert. Medium Tank T3 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA78_M4_Improved.png
      Tier_05_icon.png M4 Improved PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA44_M4A2E4.png
      Tier_05_icon.png M4A2E4 Sherman GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA62_Ram-II.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Ram II PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA104_M4A3E8A.png
      Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E8 Fury PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA118_M4_Thunderbolt.png
      Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA121_M26_Cologne.png
      Tier_07_icon.png T26E3 Eagle 7 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA86_T23E3.png
      Tier_07_icon.png T23E3 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA111_T25_Pilot.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T25 Pilot Number 1 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA127_TL_1_LPC.png
      Tier_08_icon.png TL-1 LPC PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA136_T42.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T42 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA140_ASTRON_REX_105mm.png
      Tier_08_icon.png ASTRON Rex 105 mm PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA149_AMBT.png
      Tier_08_icon.png AMBT PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA63_M46_Patton_KR.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M46 Patton KR PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA80_T26_E4_SuperPershing.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T26E4 SuperPershing GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA81_T95_E2.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T95E2 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA92_M60.png
      Tier_10_icon.png M60 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA95_T95_E6.png
      Tier_10_icon.png T95E6 PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoA21_T14.png
      Tier_05_icon.png T14 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA126_PzVI_Tiger_II_capt.png
      Tier_07_icon.png King Tiger (Captured) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA115_Chrysler_K.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Chrysler K GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA115_Chrysler_K_GF.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Chrysler K GF PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA117_T26E5.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T26E5 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoA117_T26E5_Patriot.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T26E5 Patriot PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA124_T54E2.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M54 Renegade PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA132_T77.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T77 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA141_M_IV_Y.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M-IV-Y PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA45_M6A2E1.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M6A2E1 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA13_T34_hvy.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T34 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA13_T34_hvy_BF.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T34 B PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA125_AEP_1.png
      Tier_09_icon.png AE Phase I PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoA128_concept_1b.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Concept 1B PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoGB76_Mk_VIC.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Light Mk. VIC PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB108_A46.png
      Tier_06_icon.png A46 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB101_FV1066_Senlac.png
      Tier_08_icon.png FV1066 Senlac PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoGB113_Matilda_LVT.png
      Tier_04_icon.png Matilda LVT PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB33_Sentinel_AC_I.png
      Tier_04_icon.png AC 1 Sentinel PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB37_Valliant.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Valiant PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB68_Matilda_Black_Prince.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Matilda Black Prince GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB35_Sentinel_AC_IV.png
      Tier_06_icon.png AC 4 Experimental GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB85_Cromwell_Berlin.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Cromwell B PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB95_Ekins_Firefly_M4A4.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Sherman VC Firefly GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB70_N_FV4202_105.png
      Tier_08_icon.png FV4202 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB87_Chieftain_T95_turret.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Chieftain/T95 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB94_Centurion_Mk5-1_RAAC.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB97_Chimera.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Chimera PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB106_Cobra.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Cobra PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoGB51_Excelsior.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Excelsior GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB63_TOG_II.png
      Tier_06_icon.png TOG II* PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB52_A45.png
      Tier_07_icon.png FV201 (A45) GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB111_Charlemagne.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Charlemagne PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB112_Caliban.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Caliban PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB115_Gonsalo.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Gonsalo PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB93_Caernarvon_AX.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Caernarvon Action X GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB110_FV4201_Chieftain_Prototype.png
      Tier_09_icon.png FV4201 Chieftain Proto PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB13_FV215b.png
      Tier_10_icon.png FV215b PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB98_T95_FV4201_Chieftain.png
      Tier_10_icon.png T95/FV4201 Chieftain PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoGB96_Excalibur.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Excalibur PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB71_AT_15A.png
      Tier_07_icon.png AT 15A GoldIcon2.png

    • annoGB109_GSOR_1008.png
      Tier_08_icon.png GSOR 1008 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB99_Turtle_Mk1.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Turtle Mk. I PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoGB48_FV215b_183.png
      Tier_10_icon.png FV215b (183) PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoGB78_Sexton_I.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Sexton I PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoG108_PzKpfwII_AusfD.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG139_MKA.png
      Tier_02_icon.png MKA PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG160_Pz_Kpfw_35_R_mit_T_26_Turm.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. 35 R PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG33_H39_captured.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG117_Toldi_III.png
      Tier_03_icon.png 43 M. Toldi III PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG161_Pz_Kpfw_M15_38_t.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. M 15 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG36_PzII_J.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG50_T-15.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. T 15 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG158_VK2801_105_SPXXI.png
      Tier_06_icon.png VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG85_Auf_Panther.png
      Tier_07_icon.png Aufklärungspanzer Panther PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG120_M41_90.png
      Tier_08_icon.png leKpz M 41 90 mm PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG120_M41_90_GrandFinal.png
      Tier_08_icon.png leKpz M 41 90 mm GF PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG140_HWK_30.png
      Tier_08_icon.png HWK 30 GoldIcon2.png


    • annoG100_Gtraktor_Krupp.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Großtraktor - Krupp PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG34_S35_captured.png
      Tier_03_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG107_PzKpfwIII_AusfK.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG116_Turan_III_prot.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Turán III prototípus PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG81_Pz_IV_AusfH_GuP.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG70_PzIV_Hydro.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat. PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG32_PzV_PzIV.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. V/IV PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG32_PzV_PzIV_ausf_Alfa.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG46_T-25.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. T 25 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG77_PzIV_Schmalturm.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG78_Panther_M10.png
      Tier_07_icon.png Panther/M10 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG106_PzKpfwPanther_AusfF.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG119_Panzer58.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Panzer 58 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG119_Panzer58_BF.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Schwarzpanzer 58 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG119_Pz58_Mutz.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Panzer 58 Mutz PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG142_M48RPz.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M48A2 Räumpanzer GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG154_Kpz_07_RH.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Kampfpanzer 07 RH PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG105_T-55_NVA_DDR.png
      Tier_09_icon.png T 55A PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG144_Kpz_50t.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Kampfpanzer 50 t PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG147_Kunze_Panzer.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Kunze Panzer PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoG35_B-1bis_captured.png
      Tier_04_icon.png Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG136_Tiger_131.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Tiger 131 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG118_VK4503.png
      Tier_07_icon.png VK 45.03 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG138_VK168_02.png
      Tier_08_icon.png VK 168.01 (P) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG138_VK168_02_Mauerbrecher.png
      Tier_08_icon.png VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG141_VK7501K.png
      Tier_08_icon.png VK 75.01 (K) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG143_E75_TS.png
      Tier_08_icon.png E 75 TS PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG51_Lowe.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Löwe GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG92_VK7201.png
      Tier_10_icon.png VK 72.01 (K) PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoG151_Pz_Sfl_IC.png
      Tier_04_icon.png Pz.Sfl. IC PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG104_Stug_IV.png
      Tier_05_icon.png StuG IV PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG41_DickerMax.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Dicker Max GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG48_E-25.png
      Tier_07_icon.png E 25 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG109_Steyr_WT.png
      Tier_07_icon.png Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG112_KanonenJagdPanzer_105.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoG114_Rheinmetall_Skorpian.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Rheinmetall Skorpion G PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG114_Skorpian.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Rheinmetall Skorpion PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoG65_JagdTiger_SdKfz_185.png
      Tier_08_icon.png 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoF74_AMX_M4_1949.png
      Tier_08_icon.png AMX M4 mle. 49 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoF74_AMX_M4_1949_Liberte.png
      Tier_08_icon.png AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoF84_Somua_SM.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Somua SM PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoF65_FCM_50t.png
      Tier_08_icon.png FCM 50 t PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoF115_Lorraine_50t.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Lorraine 50 t PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoF27_FCM_36Pak40.png
      Tier_03_icon.png FCM 36 Pak 40 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoF112_M10_RBFM.png
      Tier_05_icon.png M10 RBFM PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoF89_Canon_dassaut_de_105.png
      Tier_08_icon.png AMX Canon d'assaut 105 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoF64_AMX_50Fosh_155.png
      Tier_10_icon.png AMX 50 Foch (155) PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoF28_105_leFH18B2.png
      Tier_05_icon.png 105 leFH18B2 PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoR125_T_45.png
      Tier_02_icon.png T-45 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR84_Tetrarch_LL.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Tetrarch PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR34_BT-SV.png
      Tier_03_icon.png BT-SV PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR86_LTP.png
      Tier_03_icon.png LTP PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR67_M3_LL.png
      Tier_03_icon.png M3 Light PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR105_BT_7A.png
      Tier_03_icon.png BT-7 artillery PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR161_T_116.png
      Tier_03_icon.png T-116 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR56_T-127.png
      Tier_03_icon.png T-127 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR31_Valentine_LL.png
      Tier_04_icon.png Valentine II GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR160_T_50_2.png
      Tier_06_icon.png T-50-2 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR158_LT_432.png
      Tier_08_icon.png LT-432 PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoR143_T_29.png
      Tier_03_icon.png T-29 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR68_A-32.png
      Tier_04_icon.png A-32 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR118_T28_F30.png
      Tier_04_icon.png T-28E with F-30 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR185_T_34_L_11_1941.png
      Tier_04_icon.png T-34 con L-11 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR32_Matilda_II_LL.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Matilda IV GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR154_T_34E_1943.png
      Tier_05_icon.png T-34 shielded PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR193_M4A2_T_34.png
      Tier_05_icon.png M4-85 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR108_T34_85M.png
      Tier_06_icon.png T-34-85M GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR117_T34_85_Rudy.png
      Tier_06_icon.png T-34-85 Rudy PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR140_M4_Loza.png
      Tier_06_icon.png M4-A2 Sherman de Loza PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR99_T44_122.png
      Tier_07_icon.png T-44-122 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR112_T54_45.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T-54 first prototype GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR127_T44_100_I.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T-44-100 Igrovoy PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR146_STG.png
      Tier_08_icon.png STG PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR146_STG_Tday.png
      Tier_08_icon.png STG Guard PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR180_Object_274_A.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Object 274a PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR95_Object_907.png
      Tier_10_icon.png Object 907 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR120_T22SR_A22.png
      Tier_10_icon.png T-22 medium PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoR33_Churchill_LL.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Churchill III GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR38_KV-220.png
      Tier_05_icon.png KV-220-2 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR38_KV-220_beta.png
      Tier_05_icon.png KV-220-2 Beta Test PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR186_KV_1_Screened.png
      Tier_05_icon.png KV-1 shielded PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR152_KV2_W.png
      Tier_06_icon.png KV-2 (R) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR114_Object_244.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Object 244 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR133_KV_122.png
      Tier_07_icon.png KV-122 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR156_IS_2M.png
      Tier_07_icon.png IS-2M GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR175_IS_2_screen.png
      Tier_07_icon.png IS-2 shielded PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR71_IS_2B.png
      Tier_07_icon.png IS-2 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR61_Object252.png
      Tier_08_icon.png IS-6 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR61_Object252_BF.png
      Tier_08_icon.png IS-6 B PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR54_KV-5.png
      Tier_08_icon.png KV-5 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR113_Object_730.png
      Tier_08_icon.png IS-5 (Object 730) PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR115_IS-3_auto.png
      Tier_08_icon.png IS-3A PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR115_IS-3_auto_S.png
      Tier_08_icon.png IS-3A Peregrine PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR123_Kirovets_1.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Kirovets-1 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR128_KV4_Kreslavskiy.png
      Tier_08_icon.png KV-4 Kreslavskiy PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR134_Object_252K.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Object 252U Defender PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR134_Object_252U.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Object 252U PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR165_Object_703_II.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Object 703 Version II PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR119_Object_777.png
      Tier_09_icon.png Object 777 Version II PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR110_Object_260.png
      Tier_10_icon.png Object 260 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR157_Object_279R.png
      Tier_10_icon.png Object 279 anticipado PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR178_Object_780.png
      Tier_10_icon.png Object 780 PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoR50_SU76I.png
      Tier_03_icon.png SU-76I PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR78_SU_85I.png
      Tier_05_icon.png SU-85I PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR49_SU100Y.png
      Tier_06_icon.png SU-100Y GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR116_ISU122C_Berlin.png
      Tier_07_icon.png ISU-122S PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR89_SU122_44.png
      Tier_07_icon.png SU-122-44 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR111_ISU130.png
      Tier_08_icon.png ISU-130 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR121_KV4_KTT.png
      Tier_08_icon.png KV-4 KTTS PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR135_T_103.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T-103 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoR159_SU_130PM.png
      Tier_08_icon.png SU-130PM PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR177_ISU_152K_BL10.png
      Tier_08_icon.png ISU-152K PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR183_K_91_PT.png
      Tier_09_icon.png K-91-PT PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoR126_Object_730_5.png
      Tier_10_icon.png Object 268 Version V PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoCh24_Type64.png
      Tier_06_icon.png Type 64 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoCh02_Type62.png
      Tier_07_icon.png Type 62 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh42_WalkerBulldog_M41D.png
      Tier_08_icon.png M41D PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoCh01_Type59.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Type 59 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh14_T34_3.png
      Tier_08_icon.png T-34-3 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh26_59_Patton.png
      Tier_08_icon.png 59-Patton PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh43_WZ_122_2.png
      Tier_08_icon.png 122 TM PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh01_Type59_Gold.png
      Tier_08_icon.png Type 59 G PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh25_121_mod_1971B.png
      Tier_10_icon.png 121B PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoCh03_WZ-111.png
      Tier_08_icon.png WZ-111 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh03_WZ_111_A.png
      Tier_08_icon.png WZ-111 Alpine Tiger PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh23_112.png
      Tier_08_icon.png 112 GoldIcon2.png

    • annoCh45_WZ_114.png
      Tier_09_icon.png WZ-114 PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh22_113_Beijing_Opera.png
      Tier_10_icon.png 113 Beijing Opera PremiumIcon2.png

    • annoCh41_WZ_111_QL.png
      Tier_10_icon.png WZ-111 Qilin PremiumIcon2.png



    • annoJ02_Te_Ke.png
      Tier_02_icon.png Type 97 Te-Ke PremiumIcon2.png


    • annoJ12_Chi_Nu_Kai.png
      Tier_05_icon.png Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai GoldIcon2.png

    • annoJ18_STA_2_3.png
      Tier_08_icon.png STA-2 GoldIcon2.png