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Equipment improves the effectiveness of the tank in combat. Unlike consumables, equipment is a one-time cost addition, with each having its own advantage; however, they come at a high cost. Equipment availability and costs vary by tank tier, class and nation.

Equipment is a category of additional systems, parts, and components that can improve a vehicle's combat characteristics and minimize its weaknesses.

In World of Tanks, there are two types of equipment: standard and special, which is divided into improved and Bounty. Standard equipment can be purchased for credits. To purchase improved equipment, you'll need bonds—a special currency that can only be earned in certain battle modes, missions and in-game activities. Bounty Equipment is earned in certain events, like Battle Pass.

Standard Equipment

Equipment Classes

Standard equipment is divided into three classes depending on the cost and vehicle tier on which it can be mounted. The higher the equipment class, the higher the cost. Availability of the equipment classes depends on your vehicle:

  • Class 3 equipment can be mounted on Tier II–IV vehicles and some Tier V or higher vehicles.
  • Class 2 equipment available for Tier V–VII vehicles and some Tier VIII or higher vehicles.
  • Class 1 equipment can be mounted on Tier VIII–X vehicles.

The exceptions are Camouflage Net and Spall Liner.

Camouflage Net is divided into Class 2 and Class 3. This equipment of Class 3 can be mounted on Tier II–IV vehicles; Class 2—on Tier V–X vehicles.

Spall Liner has no classes at all. Four different versions are available, each one suitable for certain vehicle type and tier:

  • Light Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier V–X light tanks and light tank destroyers or SPGs based on an LT chassis.
  • Medium Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier V–VII heavy tanks, as well as Tier V–X medium tanks and medium tank destroyers or SPGs based on an MT chassis.
  • Heavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII–X heavy tanks and tank destroyers or SPGs weighing less than 75 tons.
  • Superheavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII–X heavy tanks and tank destroyers or SPGs weighing 75 tons or more.

Equipment and Slots Categories

Besides classes, standard equipment has four categories. Each category improves one of the vehicle characteristics:

  • Firepower
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Scouting

Each item of standard equipment is assigned to one of the categories that it affects. The exceptions are Improved Rotation Mechanism (corresponds to two categories—Firepower and Mobility) and Improved Ventilation (corresponds to all four categories).

The equipment is mounted in the slots that become available starting from Tier II vehicles. The number of the available slots depends on the vehicle tier.


Starting from Tier VI vehicles, the first slot is assigned a certain category that depends on your vehicle type:

  • Survivability for heavy tanks
  • Mobility for medium tanks
  • Scouting for light tanks
  • Firepower for tank destroyers and SPGs

If the equipment's category corresponds to the category of the slot in which it is mounted, then the equipment provides an increased bonus to your vehicle. If the categories don't match or the slot doesn't have a category, the equipment item provides the standard effect.





Special Equipment

Special equipment is divided into Improved and Bounty. Improved equipment provides a greater bonus to vehicle characteristics than standard or bounty equipment. The basic effect of Bounty Equipment is the same as that of the standard type, but you can upgrade it for credits. After the upgrade, it becomes more effective than standard equipment, but is still slightly less effective than improved equipment. Improved and Bounty Equipment provide a static bonus no matter which slot they are in, but both of them grants a bonus superior to standard equipment, even if the standard equipment benefits from the category slot bonus.

Improved Equipment

Bounty Equipment

Equipment Mounting

You can mount up to three items of equipment on your vehicle. Equipment can be purchased and mounted in the Garage:

  1. Select the vehicle on which you want to mount equipment and click any empty equipment slot over the vehicle panel. Mouse over an equipment item to learn more about its characteristics.
  2. Select the equipment and click Apply. The equipment is purchased and automatically mounted on your vehicle, and is then displayed in one of the equipment slots.

You can't mount multiple pieces of equipment with the same effect, regardless of the equipment type.

Upgrading Bounty Equipment

You can upgrade your Bounty Equipment in the Garage:

  1. Click any equipment slot above the vehicle panel.
  2. Go to the Special tab, select the necessary Bounty Equipment and click Upgrade.png(Upgrade).
  3. On the screen displayed, click Upgrade to confirm the action. The required sum of credits will be withdrawn from your account.

If you upgrade an unmounted equipment item in this way, it will not be mounted on the vehicle automatically. Do not forget to mount it yourself before battle!

You can also upgrade the Bounty Equipment stored in the Depot, in the Stock section: right-click the Bounty Equipment item and select Upgrade in the menu displayed.

Equipment Demounting

All equipment types can be demounted. Standard equipment and Bounty Equipment can be demounted for gold or by using a Demounting Kit, and improved equipment can be demounted for bonds. You can also destroy your equipment. In this case it will be removed from the vehicle and deleted.

To demount one equipment item, you can use a Demounting Kit, which is spent upon activation. It can be obtained from rewards received for completing Daily Missions and some Battle Pass Stages.

The received or purchased Demounting Kits are permanently stored in the Depot. You can view available Demounting Kits via the Consumables tab in the Stock section.


Please note that Demounting Kits cannot be sold.

To demount your equipment with a Demounting Kit:

  1. In your Garage, select the vehicle from which you want to demount the equipment and click the necessary equipment slot.
  2. Click Demount.png (Demount).
  3. In the confirmation window select Demounting Kit and click Demount. One Demounting Kit will be spent and the demounted equipment will be sent to the Depot. You can mount the demounted equipment to another vehicle.