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Jean Bart

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Tier VII | Type: Battleship
Cost Campaign Reward
Stock Stats
Hitpoints69 000 
Armor18 - 430 mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction32 %
Main Battery
380 mm/45 Mle 19352x4 
Firing Range17.5 km
Reload Time26 s
180 Turn Time36 s
HE Max Damage5 400 
HE Fire Chance36 %
AP Max Damage11 900 
Secondary Armament 1
100 mm/55 CAD Mle 194512x2 
Firing Range4.5 km
Reload Times
HE Max Damage1 400 
HE Fire Chance%
Secondary Armament 2
152 mm/55 Mle 19363x3 
Firing Range4.5 km
Reload Time12 s
HE Max Damage2 200 
HE Fire Chance12 %
Maximum Speed30 kn
Turning Circle Radius850 m
Rudder Shift Time16 s
Detectability by Sea14.7 km
Detectability by Air12.3 km
Detectability firing in smoke14.1 km

Jean Bart — Premium Tier VII Battleship.

A Richelieu-class battleship known for her high speed and powerful anti-torpedo defense. In the process of her completion in the late 1940s, she received the most advanced anti-aircraft artillery systems for that time, which significantly increased the ship's AA defense.

Entered Service: 1949
Ships in a series: 2

Ship Traits Premium
Legends_Fast_trait.png Legends_Reloader_trait.png Legends_Money_Maker_trait.png
Above average maximum movement speed
Above average main battery reload time.
Money Maker:
Grants a significant bonus to XP and credit earnings.


Legends_Hull.png Hit Points Min Armor (mm) Max Armor (mm) Torpedo Damage Reduction (%) Main Battery Turrets Secondary Armament Rudder Shift (s)
Stock 69 000 18 430 32 2x4
  • 12x2 100 mm/55 CAD Mle 1945
  • 3x3 152 mm/55 Mle 1936
Legends_Artillery.png Turret Arrangement Reload Time (s) 180° Turn Time (s) Max HE Damage HE Fire Chance (%) Max AP Damage
380 mm/45 Mle 1935 2x4 26 36 5 400 36 11 900
Legends_Fire_Control.png Main Battery Firing Range
Stock 17.5 km
Legends_Engine.png Maximum Speed
Stock 30 kn


Main Battery Mod 2
  • Main Battery traverse speed +15%
  • Main battery reload time +5%
Aiming Systems Mod 1
  • Dispersion of Main Battery -7%
  • Torpedo tubes traverse speed +20%
  • Secondary Battery firing range +5%
  • Dispersion of secondary batter -5%
Secondary Battery Mod 2
  • Secondary Battery firing +20%
  • Dispersion of Secondary Battery -20%
Damage Control System Mod 2
  • Fire duration -15%
  • Flood duration -15%
Steering Gears Mod 2
  • Rudder shift time -20%
Propulsion Mod 2
  • Time taken to reach full power when accelerating -50%
Target Acquisition System Mod 1
  • Spotting Range +20%
  • Torpedo visibility range +20%
  • Range of Guaranteed Acquisition of ships +50%
Main Battery Mod 3
  • Main battery reload time -12%
  • Main battery traverse speed -13%
Secondary Battery Mod 3
  • Secondary battery reload time -20%



Player Opinion


  • Access to Main Battery Reload Booster and quick reload makes it a quick firing threat.
  • Maximum speed of 30 kn and the speed boosts allows faster positioning on the map.
  • Front facing quad turrets, will help to push in without exposing broadside.


  • The turrets break easily due to low HP, and a destroyed turret disables Main Battery Reload Booster for the match.
  • Weak broadside armor allows easy damage to enemy players.
  • Below average HP, large superstructure and 32 mm plating almost everywhere makes it vulnerable to HE spam.


Jean Bart is the Tier 7 premium French Battleship. Equally in resemblance with the tech tree Tier 7 Richelieu, the Jean Bart is considered superior in battle and for good reason. Owing to some key differences, and a more flexible nature it is a deadly ship in the right hands.

The main guns is where the powerhouse starts with 2x4 380mm quad turrets setup, with a respectable 1.8 sigma, the guns have enough penetration and accuracy to reliably hit targets at mid to long ranges. But the Jean Bart is not made to be in long range duels. Owing to her quick reload of 26 seconds and a fast turret traverse it can more than perform in mid to close range duels. The ship's distinctive feature is the MBRB (Main Battery Reload Booster). This halves the reload time and has two charges. Effective use of this consumable allows for more flexibility and target prioritization for the players.

Jean Bart is a natural flanker. This does not mean it is a brawler. While she can bounce every caliber shell off her nose up to 458 mm, her sides are very weak, especially under the turrets, and showing any broadside will be punished severely in most cases. The ship has speed boost which greatly increases its speed, and that along with her front facing guns allows it to support and clear flanks to surprise enemies from behind.

Although it allows versatility in playstyle, the Jean Bart is best used as a high speed, quick firing battleship to lead flanks and support pushes, to come up behind the enemy lines and disrupt the enemy.