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Bad Advice Collection

Bad Advice Collection

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PCZA021_CAPT.png Pop some popcorn, guys! An absorbing tale about the most courageous and fearless Commander who brought certain ruin upon many, many warships with his steady hand awaits you.

He never surrendered! On the contrary, even the most crushing defeats pushed him to leap into action again and again. We would like to bring a brief summary of his solid biography to your attention!

The overall collection comprises four sub-collections. There is a separate reward for obtaining all 23 items. Items may be bought for 4 duplicates.

Sub Collections

First Hundred Battles

  First Hundred Battles  
Tender Childhood

You probably weren't aware that the handsome, red-bearded man known as Cap was born in the small town of Dundalk on the coast of the Irish Sea. He spent his entire childhood and youth working on a farm, where he helped his father to herd and shear sheep. During those formative years, Cap mastered playing the mouth organ and ukulele. He even won a prize in a local music festival for young talents!

Cap's mother knitted fleece socks, and his father sold them at a local market. Together, his parents had a dream: to bring happiness and put smiles on the faces of everyone. For this reason, they decided to make their son a navigator—one who would be able to travel around the world spreading their family socks to its inhabitants. The red-haired guy's passion for the idea increased with each passing day, mostly due to his father's stories about one of their prominent ancestors—a Viking who was a brave seafarer.

Video: Bad Advice: Always Use AP Shell
Hitting the Books

After graduating from school, Cap entered the Scottish College of Nautical Studies. There, he met Big Mary, a lass who held secret affections for him and always brought him pasties and helped him with his homework—which, I must add, would later negatively affect his ability to command a ship. Unfortunately, Cap regarded Mary as a bosom buddy and was unaware of her true feelings.

After graduating from college, Cap wanted to work on a merchant ship, so his parents' dream looked like it would become a reality. But fate would have it another way. One day, he saw a video about the release of a new update presented by Dasha Perova on TV. Struck by her presence, he made a firm decision at that very moment to earn her affections by forging himself into a brave Commander of a warship, one who would partake in great battles and defeat all enemies in his path.

Video: Bad Advice: Stay Zoomed
Friends Do Not Blab

In the warm equatorial seas, Cap met Fishy. She became his ultimate friend and mate who would always put him on the right track in any difficult situation.

For some long years, it was believed that Fishy had a natural aptitude for naval science, just because she is... well, a fish. Who could be better than her in understanding the complexities of torpedoes. Later though, other characters from the cast of this story would blab that Fishy was a graduate from the top secret Submarine Academy of the Cyprinoid Fishes, where they teach the intricacies of military and business intelligence, cartography, gunnery, and that most nuanced art of turning a blind eye to the mistakes of others. The unshaken silence of Fishy supported these rumors.

Video: Bad Advice: Ignore the Minimap
Not an Ordinary Cat

Have you noticed a kitten on the TV? That's the beginning of a big story. Carried away by dreams of becoming an Admiral and enjoying domestic harmony with Dasha, Cap commenced ramming the target and completely forgot that he had a cat! Big Mary had probably promised to take care of him, or perhaps everything was supposed to be arranged differently, but Cat was certain that he had been betrayed and that nobody intended to take him on the Big Voyage. So he decided to take it upon himself to act!

First, Cat stole onto the naval base, and then breezed (as cats do) on board some ship. He managed to stay out of the crew's sight for some time (as cats also do), but on the third day, the intruder was tricked by his own addiction to tasty snacks—he was caught off-guard in the cook room with an extremely large saucepan between his paws. The crew fell for his feline charms, of course, and he was given refuge and renamed Fluffy. But Cat couldn't stand to be the focus of such mockery, and started planning an act of depredation—he needed a ship of his own to find Cap out in the middle of the ocean.

Video: Bad Advice: Launch Planes and Relax
Operational Record (Annoying Misfortunes)

During World War I, Cap served aboard battleship Agincourt—the ship with the largest number of main battery guns in the entire navy. When, during the course of the Battle of Jutland, the battleship fired a full broadside salvo, the flashes and smoke clouds were so enormous that both allies and enemies alike thought that another battlecruiser had exploded, and so did not pay any attention to what they thought was such an ordinary event. Because of this, Cap's ship received minimal damage—only a fragment from an HE shell smashed a cage in which five polecats resided.

After the war, the British Navy was scaled down, and Cap received an advanced cruiser named Raleigh. Everything seemed to be just fine, until one day, when Cap was hurrying to reach L'Anse Amour, his ship ran ashore due to dense fog. Earl Beatty, the First Sea Lord, declared that he wouldn't trust Cap to steer even a bum boat. Back to school!

But then World War II broke out. In the very early stages of the war, in one of the countless fjords of the Arctic, Cap's destroyer managed to sneak up on German Tier VIII cruiser Admiral Hipper. The German ship was trying to cap a point, unaware of the approaching threat.

Unfortunately, Cap's twofold higher education did not help: he was unlucky, and all of his torpedoes missed their target from point-blank range. Fortunately, Cap always had plenty of high courage. Without a second thought, he accelerated and rammed the enemy! The result of this "bold move" was his ship sinking, while Admiral Hipper escaped with slight shock and some scratches on her paintjob. However, some malicious gossip has it that Cap only rammed because his rudder had jammed.

Video: Bad Advice: Camp behind an Island
Operational Record (an Attempt to Retaliate)

As soon as Cap had recovered from his bruises, he decided to try his hand at a new role. The same malicious gossip has it that Cap made a simple decision to stay away from the enemy like a coward, but we will continue to ignore such vile insinuations. He was given command of carrier Ark Royal and immediately set off on a hunt for the arch-villain—battleship Bismarck.

Cap's airplanes were quick to chase down the enemy and release their torpedoes. But it turned out that it was not the villain he sought, but an allied cruiser—Sheffield. Fortunately, the Commander of the cruiser was a salted sailor, was actually alert, and expected a move of this sort from his allies. So he successfully dodged the torpedoes, all the while yelling out kind curses along the way that some might consider worthy of an officer of such high rank.

That being said, on the second attempt, Cap finally managed to detect Bismarck and successfully torpedo her. Despite not causing much damage, one of the torpedo hits resulted in Bismarck's rudder being jammed. Since Bismarck had already used up her repair kits, she unwillingly turned directly into the paths of battleships King George V and Rodney. Both ships enthusiastically grasped the chance to fill Bismarck with holes and send her to the bottom.

But, just short of half a year later, destiny took her revenge on Cap. An enemy submarine, U-81, scored a single torpedo hit on Cap's ship. It could perhaps have been a minor problem, but the torpedo caused flooding. Cap, similarly to Bismarck some time before, had no repair kits left. It could only have been Karma, they say.

Video: Bad Advice: Torpedo Science


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)

Masterclass by Cap

  Masterclass by Cap  
Destroyers: A Formula for Success

Cap spent plenty of time studying the art of conducting warfare from behind islands. Thanks to the experience he gained, he was able to articulate a true formula for success: to be victorious when playing a destroyer, you need to become a survival expert and truly understand the correct positioning of your ship!

The most important fact is that out of all other warship types, it is the destroyer that has the smallest HP pool. So, if you suddenly find yourself in the midst of roaring waves, try to stay behind your allies and never enter the Key Area—it is the most dangerous place on the map!

Fact no.2—there is no time to explain, but always keep your AA guns on a high alert! Take a deep breath of fresh marine air and keep calm. Your AA defenses will take care of the rest by dealing untold damage to any enemy aviation.

Remember: the ultimate goal of destroyers in battle is to destroy enemy warships. Thus, as soon as you spot an enemy on the horizon, make sure you immediately start firing at them with all your guns!

Video: Bad Advice: Never Cap
Cruisers: Knowledge Is Power

Cruisers are the easiest ship type to handle (hell, yeah!). Cap could helm any of them in his sleep! Remember—the correct use of their consumables and armament specifics are key to mastering the gameplay of cruisers. Here is a bunch of life hacks from Cap himself!

First, cruisers carry AP shells only. This means that heavily armored targets are naturally your top priority.

Second, use the tube-by-tube torpedo firing feature wisely. In the heat of battle, send a torpedo in each direction—one of them will undoubtedly find its target.

Third, don't spend your consumables in vain. You don't have too many smoke charges to play around with in battle, so use them only in dire situations, such as when you need to back off to escape fierce enemy fire.

Video: Bad Advice: Sweep the Skies
Bismarck: Easy Win

Cap knows so much about this ship—more than even the most seasoned of sea wolves could ever dream of! Here are the main secrets of how to tame this mighty behemoth!

Hint #1 from the salty sea dog: thoroughly examine the features of your ship. Bismarck's main distinction from the majority of battleships is her access to Hydroacoustic Search. Utilize this consumable for a good cause: fire it up right at the beginning of a battle to defend yourself against any unexpected torpedo attacks! With the combat awareness it provides, and being protected against any possible threats, rush to capture a Key Area.

Hint #2: don't be afraid of flanking alone. You stand at the helm of a huge battleship, so drop any agonizing doubts you might have! Your ship's excellent armor protection will allow you to fight off overwhelming enemy forces—no allied support is needed, you have my word!

Video: Bad Advice: New Ship Smell
Yamato: A Nightmare for Destroyers

Yamato is an easy-to-play ship that paves a path to victory and makes it a satisfying one to walk. Her might boils down to the caliber of her guns and the thickness of her armor. Here are some winning tactics from Cap, codenamed the "Tree Steps"!

Step 1: Acquire a target. Top priority should be given to destroyers—a natural choice due to their tiny pools of HP.

Step 2: Assume an appropriate position. Close in on the enemy to make sure your shells land dead on target.

Step 3: Fire! Turn your broadside to the doomed enemy (so you can engage all the ship's guns), and fire a full salvo!

The enemy fired back? No worries! Your broadside has the best armor protection out there!

Video: Bad Advice: Repair at Once
Scharnhorst: Shoot and Rule!

Scharnhorst is a ship that takes a wisely trained Commander to helm (in all seriousness!). The must-have skills include Survivability Expert and Torpedo Acceleration. They will improve your battleship's chances of pulling through another epic encounter at sea, and boost the efficiency of the ship's torpedo armament.

Another trait Scharnhorst can boast is a main battery reload time of only 20 seconds! That's faster than any other battleship at this tier. Her gun accuracy is up to snuff, too. With all these valuable options on board, you can outgun even an experienced opponent.

Of no less importance is the fact that Scharnhorst stands out for being well suited to capturing Key Areas. With torpedoes like hers, she can defeat destroyers with their own weapon!

Video: Bad Advice: No Skill, No Thrill
Lion: Might and Nerve

Taming British battleships is really no big deal! All you need is to follow these simple rules:

Rule #1: Keep in mind the specifics of their caliber and always use AP shells. This way, your shells will hit hard in all respects. Remember that HE shells are good for any warships whose guns are not capable of penetrating a hostile ship's armor.

Rule #2: Any fires on board your ship must be put out immediately. Fires can slowly but surely (and sometimes even pretty quickly) bring your ship's HP to zero. Don't let that happen—use the Damage Control Party consumable!

Rule #3: Be bold! Move your team forward in a daring attack, fight fiercely against your opponents—and break through to Key Areas! Your firepower and solid durability make you a supporting rock for your allies. To boost your combat efficiency in close quarters, boost your Commander skills and be sure to upgrade your secondary battery.

Video: Bad Advice: Unfriendly Fire


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)

Ambiguous Events

  Ambiguous Events  
Self-Made Wizard

Cap has always been fond of all kinds of harmless fun, such as fortune-telling from a daisy or drifting off course to eventually find himself in Mexico. He says he's a Scorpio who follows his guiding light. Another of his passions is making guesses from a ballistics manual—he randomly selected a page number and text line. Yet, it by no means implied that he was so much into applied magic that he would end up elbow deep in filth!

His aim, probably, was to concoct a potion to cast a love-spell on Dasha, or perhaps one to make AP shells bounce off his ship, or even to mix some cursed powder to sprinkle over a captured point to make any pursuing enemies slide outside of its bounds. Perhaps he elaborated on a plot to reach Rank 1, or mixed some flat filter to facilitate his acceptance into a Clan.

Instead, by way of his hand, he busted open a portal to an extraordinary world, letting in monster ships of all kinds, followed by a crazed and outraged king. Thankfully, Halloween happens only once a year.

Video: Bad Advice: Halloween
Space Tourist

Once Cap even found himself on board a UFO. Aliens had seized him and Fishy to carry out a series of experiments. But what kind of experiments could be performed on Cap? This extraordinary character is no average person, and not a poster boy by far.

Which is why, if the aliens had wanted to find something out about humankind in general, they would have been misled into thinking that humans enthusiastically sleep in until midday, drink never-ending cups of tea with candies, believe in all sorts of technological inventions, such as combat dolphins, and collect and rigorously command fleets of warships without the faintest thought of retreat or surrender. It turns out that Cap pretty much succeeded in portraying us in the most favorable light before the alien civilization.

He had every chance to fly into outer space to become a human representative of Earth in the Intergalactic Council, particularly in light of the fact that they had already given way to the grand Intergalactic Games! Instead, in exchange for valuable data on us humans, Cap cajoled the aliens into building him an aircraft carrier with a rubber deck to land planes without landing gear, or even a ship that would be able to catch planes on the fly with a crane. Breakthrough space technologies apparently made his mouth water.

He then asked for several miniature nuclear bombs to use against enemy cruisers in open waters—the plan being to throw them at the cruisers until they sank. He went on to ask if he could make use of nuclear depth charges to blast submarines. It was exactly at that moment that he and Fishy were dropped back on Earth, for space security reasons. The Intergalactic Games are no place for such "tough cookies".

Video: Bad Advice: April Fools' episode
Viking Descendent

In the spring of 1940, the Germans sank their claws into Norway and captured it. The story goes that a tiny Norwegian island called Jan Mayen was home to the base used by an extremely important yet covert scientific expedition of four. Some were inclined to believe it was the very place where climatic weapons came into being. Those weapons were expected to help Norway grow into a heavenly garden, turn Greenland green again, and banish any states hostile to the descendants of the Vikings to the depths under the deep dark waves. Another widespread rumor was the tired idea that the island housed a meteorological camp, but nobody took it seriously, of course.

Yet, all shared the idea that it was an extremely valuable expedition because the unfathomable Professor Falter was determined to set foot on the land of Jan Mayen. The Norwegians sank the German ship by raising a calamitous ridge beneath it, but the Professor managed to get ashore and, laughing and sneering, had almost reached the main secret when, at the very last moment...

Cap came to the rescue! The destroyer he helmed rushed out of the storm on a straight course toward the island. When another ridge treacherously rose out of the water, Cap's ship went down, but he had jumped into a lifeboat, reached the shore, climbed the volcano, and defeated the Professor in a straight duel.

The Norwegians took Cap as one of their own and went on to cheerfully celebrate their unexpected miraculous rescue. The evil Professor, bound hand and foot, had to listen to all five singing the Old Norse sagas in chorus. As time went by, this style of music would eventually be called Doom Death Black Metal.

Video: Bad Advice: The Shipsmas Claus
Conqueror of the Seas

It was in the Mediterranean Sea where Cap earned his first "Kraken Unleashed!"

Britain's Chief Spy Center was able to crack the cipher of the Italian seamen and learn what the Italians thought of the "presumptuous Brits". But the British turned out to be much more cunning than presumptuous—they decided to lay a trap for the Italians! The command of this operation was put under the care of the most artful officer in the entire Navy—Cap.

In order to keep the enemy unaware, Cap played golf with the Japanese Consul throughout the whole day before leaving the harbor. Upon finishing another round, he said to the Consul and others present that he was due to return to his flagship—battleship Warspite—to attend a crew party.

But the crew party that was mentioned in all the newspapers turned out to be fake. Under the creeping dusk, the British warships deployed in Greece and Egypt simultaneously set out to sea, switching off their festive fairy lights when in motion. The British had the foresight to mount radars disguised as festive decorations. Now, they were able to detect the enemy even in the blackness of the night.

No surprise then that the enemy was detected. But Cap ordered his forces to sneak up on the enemy squadron, hull-to-hull, and only then light them up with all available searchlights.

The Italians could never have expected such a dirty trick. They had hoped to meet a cluster of unguarded transport ships, but instead they ran into three battleships, seven cruisers, and more than a dozen destroyers. Warspite opened fire from point-blank range. Cruisers Zara, Pola, and Fiume went under, as did destroyers Alfieri and Carducci. Those ships that survived, in the wake of the injured battleship Vittorio Veneto, returned to Italy, and long after remained afraid to stick their noses out of their naval bases.

Video: Bad Advice: Cappy Holiday
Cat's Sudden Appearance

Have you ever really wanted to take revenge on someone? Perhaps you imagined your offender watching you as you were illuminated by bank lights and basking in the rays of worldwide glory, and of course on horseback... Or at least on a throne, a throne mounted on a battleship! Cat also wanted all of this, and he succeeded in getting it! Anyway, at least it seemed that way to him.

Being a representative of the trend-setting youth and an active explorer of the internet, Cat challenged Cap to a musical battle on board their ships. As we all know, Cap was not the type to ever reject a challenge. He installed the best possible sound system on his ship, and, together with Fishy, met Cat's challenge in style.

During the battle, anything that was capable of producing some kind of musical sound was utilized—horns in particular. "Tu-duuuu, Be-beeep, Vrooom-vrooom"—the symphony was broadcast on all available frequencies, even the most secret ones, and crowds of fan ships filled up the dance-floor zone.

As in any other good story with a happy ending, their friendship triumphed. Although, Cat was sure that he had put Cap in his place. Following this magnificent musical event, the main characters made peace, and it is said that they are preparing a collaborative feat.

Video: Bad Advice: Let's Horn
Admiral on Merit

On the eve of 1944, off the North Cape, Cap gained standout success. A cruiser squadron that included his own ship, Belfast, was supposed to repel enemy battleship Scharnhorst from the convoy and keep it spotted until battleship Duke of York ran across her. During the polar night, while the storm and its blizzards were playing havoc, Cap was able to score an accurate hit directly on Scharnhorst's radio locator on his first shot.

The same anonymous ill-wishers (yes, those already familiar to us) say that hitting the radar—the ship's highest point—meant that Cap made an error of several kilometers in determining the distance to his target, so his hit was a ridiculous coincidence! "Ha-ha-ha!" is our response to the ill-wishers.

After such success, Cap was assigned as Commander of the last-in-history battleship Vanguard. The young Queen of England, upon the occasion of her crowning, decided to take a round-the-world voyage on board a yacht. But an ordinary yacht seemed to be somewhat banal to Her Majesty. As such, she ruled that the largest, mightiest, and most spectacular ship of the Navy—battleship Vanguard—should have the honor of serving as her yacht.

During the long trip, Cap was sparkling with his fine manners, courtesy, wit, knowledge of court ceremonies, personal valor, and gallantry. The Queen was impressed beyond words. Soon after the cruise was over, Cap was promoted to Admiral, received the title of Peer and a position in the British Admiralty.

Video: Bad Advice: Go F-Key Crazy!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

  • Vanguard Expendable Camouflage “Vanguard”
  • Frosty Fir Tree Expendable Camouflage “Frosty Fir Tree”
  • Sirocco Expendable Camouflage “Sirocco”
  • Telesto Expendable Camouflage “Telesto”
  • 2× Special Expendable Bonuses +200% Ship XP earned for the battle.
  • 2× Special Expendable Bonuses +200% Commander XP earned for the battle.
  • 1× Common Expendable Bonus +300% Free XP earned for the battle.

Unbelievable Fantasies

  Unbelievable Fantasies  
Cap's Romantic Fantasy

Every little boy dreams of becoming a hero! Especially one who was born with all the right qualities! Our Cap is strong, fast, and never cools down after a battle.

Besides that, Cap was always absorbed in books about heroic seafarers. Actually, not only about seafarers, but simply, heroic novels. Following the examples of his favorite historical characters who were dressed in velvet camisoles with lacelike cuffs, he is convinced that a real knight and gentleman cannot live another day without performing a gallant deed devoted to a fair lady. For this reason, daily after breakfast, having powdered his wig and polished his lacquered shoes after the latest French fashion, he heads out every day to serve a lady.

It should be also noted that the presence of the lady herself is not required at all, her beautiful image is reason enough for our hero to accomplish a feat. If the plot needs it, Cap can play the role of the damsel in distress himself, who he would eventually shield from danger. One might find this contradictory, but for such an inventor as our Cap, it is rather easy to solve this quantum-mechanical paradox.

Video: Naval Traditions: Baptism of the Ship
Cap's Heroic Fantasy

At one point, destiny brought Cap's ship to a tropical island full of mystical secrets and mysteries, somewhere in Australasia. Cap was fully prepared and equipped for the circumstances, and he had also mastered the art of applying warpaint in advance by watching movies.

He would frequently imagine how he would make his way through the wild woods and overcome a bear in hand-to-hand combat. He thought about how he would invent new ways to mend holes in ship hulls with the help of five strobiles and his own brutality. And then he got the perfect chance to reinforce his skills!

After making a small camp on the beach, Cap uprooted a tree and chopped it up into firewood. He then made breakfast from representatives of the local flora and fauna. After such a productive day, our hero decided to take a short nap.

A strange sound woke him up—it came from a landing spacecraft. It was obvious that the crew were not very friendly. The scene was set—the hunters wanted him as their prey. Having placed several traps and trip wires across the whole island, Cap took the fight to the aliens. Who was the winner? For sure, you know it!

Just then, Cap woke up in the cockpit of his ship.

Video: Naval Traditions: Don't try this at home
What Do Fish Dream About?

It's a common fact that everything in nature is in harmony—everything is balanced. There is night, and there is day. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As a rule, opposites attract and constitute the whole.

Fishy is Cap's faithful companion, best friend, and keeper of common sense, making her irreplaceable to our hero in all of his adventures. Cap's irrepressible fantasy and Fishy's fine sense of humor are capable of creating the most enchanting spectacles out of the most ordinary situations. Fishy does not need words to express her attitude towards all that is happening in a bright manner or scenic gesture. She is not free of attractiveness and charm, which definitely adds to the fascination of this duet.

What a multitude of roles Fishy has taken on! She's been a Queen, a bishop, and even Rosie the Riveter. They say that she inherited such miraculous talents of transformation from her grandmother, who was a mermaid.

Video: Naval Traditions: Tattoos
Cap's "I'm a Star" Fantasy

Did you know that Cap once had a role in a movie? Soon after graduating from the Naval Academy, our red-bearded seafarer was offered the chance to appear in the "Bad Advice" video series. As it turned out during the film shoot, it was more of a documentary than an ordinary movie. Cap acted as himself—a fearless and somewhat simple-minded hero.

The pilot series, with Cap as its leading character, was a roaring success. The producers immediately planned a second season to follow, and the principal naval YouTube channel ordered the production of a spinoff titled "Naval Traditions." Cap was much in demand—he was invited to meetings and supper parties and even appeared in a music video. He was nicknamed "Hollywood's Naval King," almost the same nickname as one "little-known" actor at the beginning of the 20th century.

It's a poor soldier who never wants to become a general. For that reason, as with any other celebrity in the film industry, Cap has his sights set on winning an Oscar as an independent director and actor. In his dreams, our hero receives awards in all major categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.

Video: Naval Traditions: Naval Cookery
Underwater Fantasy?..

At this point, Cap's biographer fell out of step, but it seems that was for real. At least Fishy, and Cap himself, tell the same story. That's why Cap's biography has this record, word for word.

"That must have all happened," thought Cap while submerging into the depths of the sea. His meeting with Neptune awaited him, and Neptune would certainly demand an explanation about his numerous mischiefs. However, no reasonable excuses popped into Cap's head—he had even fewer ideas than usual. Our hero was fascinated by the look of the underwater realm. Everything around him looked extraordinary. But he had quite quickly gotten used to wearing the aquarium that Fishy had given him (with unabashed delight, we might add) on his head.

But the real discovery that shook him to his core was the fact that he could suddenly hear Fishy's voice.

Cap was so overwhelmed that he didn't realize at first what Fishy was actually talking about. Only some disparate words and phrases got through to him, something like "think for oneself", "responsibility", "true seaman", "immaturity", and "special assignment". All of a sudden, Cap's mind became crystal clear—he understood what he had been lacking all that time. And so they kept on moving beneath the water to a place known only to Fishy.

Video: Naval Traditions: Submariners


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

  • 2× Rare Expendable Bonuses +800% Commander XP earned for the battle.

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

Commander-bg-common.pngCAPT.pngCommander-overlay.png Cap Commander with 10 points, trained for Tier I icon_sunk_cruiser.pngBlack Swan
"Bad Advice"
"In honor of the collection dedicated to the adventures of Cap and Fishy."
"Bad Advice"