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Battle of the Somme Collection

Battle of the Somme Collection

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PCZA033_Battle_Of_Somme_126.png The Battle of the Somme was a confrontation between the armies of the British Empire and the French Republic on one side and the forces of the German Empire on the other. It took place along the banks of the Somme River in northern France and lasted for nearly five months, from July to November 1916. The conflict was among the bloodiest in human history, with more than 1,000,000 people wounded or killed during the battle. Nearly 30 years later, several British Battle-class destroyers were named in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme and other significant encounters of World War I in which the British Army and Navy were involved. One of them, HMS Somme, was laid down in February 1945; however, in October of the same year, the construction of the ship was canceled due to the end of the war.

The Battle of the Somme collection is presented in the form of a puzzle composed of 60 mosaic pieces. Collection items can only be obtained from the Battle of the Somme containers. The exchange rate for duplicates of this collection is 2:1.


The puzzle shows the following picture:


Overall Reward

Image Name Notes
Ship_PBSD519_Somme.png Somme Naval ensign of the Royal Navy (United Kingdom) British Tier 9 Premium destroyer Somme including Commander with 10 skill points