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Bismarck Collection

Bismarck Collection

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PCZA002_Bismarck.png The Hunt for Bismarck turned out to be one of the most ambitious naval operations in the North Atlantic. Incensed by the loss of Hood, a large British force comprising numerous warships of all types, as well as a number of aircraft formations, pursued Bismarck. Cruisers, battleships, an aircraft carrier and a frenzy of destroyers.

"The Hunt for Bismarck" collection consists of the badges of all major participants of the grand naval operation aimed at destroying the German navy's most powerful raider.

The Hunt for Bismarck Collection was available during the "The Hunt for Bismarck" campaign between 18 May and 7 June 2017.

Containers and Cost Estimate

The Hunt for Bismarck collection consists of 24 items. You can purchase an item for 4 duplicates. The items are only available via The Hunt for Bismarck containers, available as of June 2021, in the Armory for 1,000 coal each. Each contains 2 items of The Hunt for Bismarck collection. If you're insanely unlucky and get 1 item and every other item you collect is a duplicate, the maximum you can expect to spend is 38k on 38 containers, as you'd have that 1, and need to purchase the 23 remaining collection items with duplicates, so you'd need 4 * 23, or 92 duplicates. This would require purchasing an additional 46 containers, giving you 92 items, plus 1st additional duplicate from the first container. This is incredibly unlikely, but just as a worst-case estimate, 47k coal for 47 containers is the most you'd need to complete the collection. On the lowest end, if you're insanely lucky, getting no duplicates, you could get it with just 12 containers (each having 2 items from the collection 2*12 is 24), costing 12k coal. You're likely to fall somewhere in between.



Completing the collection provided the following rewards:

Icon Type Notes
Ship:Camouflage#Permanent_Camouflage The Last Conquest Alternate permanent camouflage for Bismarck.
Ship:Camouflage#Permanent_Camouflage From the Bottom of the Ocean Alternate permanent camouflage for Bismarck.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for Bismarck.