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Clans are player managed organizations that exist within the game client. Players can join a clan at no cost - however, they must apply or be invited. If a player so chooses, he or she can start a clan for 1,000Doubloons. Though there is no requirement to be in a clan, membership carries benefits. Besides allowing for faster communication through the clan-chat interface, members benefit from in-game perks provided by developing structures within the clan's Naval Base. These structures are built using Oil Oil, which is a clan-specific resource earned by members for simply playing the game. Additionally, membership in a clan allows for players to partake in the Clan Battles game mode.


Clans are structured hierarchically:

Rank Permissions
Commander Can build structures on the clan Naval Base, see the amount of OilOil obtained by clan members with hidden statistics, edit the clan name, tag, and description, modify the rank of clan members, send invites and accept applications, remove members, disband the clan, etc. Can form divisions for Clan Battles.
Deputy Commander Same as the Commander, except cannot remove other Deputy Commanders or disband the clan.
Recruiter Can send invitations and accept applications to the clan. Can form divisions for Clan Battles.
Commissioned Officer No permissions.
Line Officer No permissions.
Midshipman No permissions.

The naval base

Main article: Naval Base

Clan benefits

For most players, the primary attraction of a clan is the benefits that its members gain from development of the clan's naval base. As the naval base grows, there are increasing bonuses to member experience and earned resources, and discounts on ships.

A less widely used but no less important benefit is the ability to participate in Clan Battles.

Clan Rating

The Clan Rating icon shows the clan's standing in the current clan battles season. In the case that there is no clan battles season currently, it will display the clan's final standing from the most recent clan battles season.

Clan Members

Like the Naval Base, the clan's member list is publicly available.

From a member entry, anyone can send a port chat message or, unless the player has hidden his, view the member's profile. <left-click> on the member entry for options.

Both the clan's and each member's historical battle performance statistics by battle mode are also available, unless, again, the player has chosen to hide his. OilOil contribution is not available to non-members.


On the Port Main Bar, the right-most option is either "Clan" if you are not in a clan, or your clan's hack if you are.

Clan pages when you're not in a clan Clanless_main_bar_snip_2.png

The following pages are seen by a player who is not a clan member.

Clanless clan page.
The main clan page when you don't belong to a clan.

These pages are designed to help you find, evaluate, and join (or create) a clan.

Clan Search

The search function can locate a clan by tag (hack) or by name. Once found, the naval base and members list is available, along with clan rules, etc. And you can apply to join it.

Looking for the WOLFZ clan. (Partial hacks are allowed. "WOLF" returns 122 results.) Enter the clan hack "WOLFZ" and press <Enter>. Clanless_search_entry.png

WOLFZ clan found! Click it to view their naval base and member list.


The system finds some clans that it thinks might fit your preferences. You can set explicit preferences by clicking "My In-game Preference". Scroll right or left for more recommendations.

Three recommended clans.
Three of the recommended clans.

Joining a Clan

Find the clan to join. One method is to explore the Clan Recruitment area of the forum. Another is to explore clans through the game client.

  • While on the clan's Naval Base page, navigate to "Clan Search."
  • Use the search bar and Recommendations to find a clan to join.
  • Clicking a clan entry the clan opens its naval base and member list.
  • After inspecting the clan, click "Join Clan" to send an application.
  • Confirm sending your application.
  • To view the application status, click "My Applications" on the Naval Base page.The application will appear with a status on the right side. A letter icon means that the clan's commander has yet to make a decision. An 'X' means the application was rejected or expired. A check mark means the application was accepted.

A player can be invited to join a clan by a member with the proper permission. Invitations will appear on the Requests page.

Note that a player account must have achieved Access Level 17 before applying to join a clan. However, a player account of any level can be Invited and accept an invitation from a clan.[1]


On this page your invitations or applications can be displayed. This account has made two applications. It was accepted to one clan (and subsequently left). The application to another is still pending.


A clan member with the rank of 'Recruiter' or above can use the Requests tab to view current applications to join the clan as well as to view active invitations.

Create Clan

Creating a clan.
Note that there is a sale on.

Creating a clan costs Doubloons 1000;[2] that amount must be present in the account. You may not create a clan within 72 hours of leaving another clan.

  • Click the "Clans" button on the main bar of the Port screen.
  • On the left side of the screen that opens click "Create Clan."
  • If you haven't already, read the Clan Rules (link lower right of the page).
  • Enter the desired clan tag (also known as a 'clan hack'). If the tag is unavailable or prohibited, a small orange notification will appear.
  • Type in the full name of the clan.
  • Click "Create Clan".

Congratulations! As the clan creator, you are automatically assigned the rank of Commander. See below for managing your new clan.


Clan pages when you are in a clan

Inviting a player to a clan

Players can be invited across regions, and without regard to their access level.[1]

  • Locate the player using the Chat Interface (orange icon lower left corner of the Port screen).
  • <right-click> on the player line and select 'Invite to Clan'.
  • The invitation is entered on your clan's Requests page, pending his acceptance.
  • The invitation is entered on his Requests page, asking for his acceptance.[3]
  • Invitations do time out.
  • If he accepts, he is inducted immediately and no further action is required, except perhaps an introduction.[4]

A player cannot be invited if he already belongs to a clan.

Managing a clan

Member management options available to clan leadership.

Managing a clan in World of Warships is relatively simple. In your member list:

  • Click on the check box next to the member who is to be managed.
  • Upon selection, three options will become available. "Modify Position" will allow a commander to promote or demote clan members to different roles. "Delegate Authority" will promote the selected member to commander, relinquishing the player's command. "Exclude" will remove the selected player from the clan.
Clan management options allow players to edit the parameters of their clan.

Managing the Clan's Description, Name, Tag, and Rules

  • While on the clan's Naval Base page, navigate to the clan's name with the banner next to it.
  • Click on the clan's name with the banner next to it. A pop-down menu will appear with multiple management options. Choose the desired option to edit the parameter.
  • A Description can be added or changed at any time. Rules can be viewed but not changed. Changing the Tag or Name costs Doubloons 2500.

Clan communication

There is a clan-wide chat available in Port. In addition, each member can receive individual in-game messages by establishing a discrete chat. Click on the the member line in the Member List, or <right-click> and select Send Message.

Clan resources

Oil Oil

Oil is accumulated (into the clan's storage tanks) by clan members as they obtain containers (and play Clan Battles). Oil is expended by clan leadership to construct buildings in the naval base that provide bonuses to members. See the Naval Base article for details.

Clan Treasury

The clan's oilOil stores and other resources are held in the clan treasury. See the Naval Base article for details.

Leaving a Clan

A clan member is free to leave at any time. There are consequences: to join another clan he will have to go through the application process; and to start receiving clan benefits he will have to earn a certain amount of Oil Oil.

After leaving a clan, a player may not join a clan for 72 hours.

To leave:

  • Navigate to the clan's Naval Base.
  • Click on the clan's name with the banner next to it. A pop-down menu will appear. Click "Leave Clan".


  • The following confirmation page appears:


Clan Battles & Naval Battles

Main article: Clan Battles

Members of a clan may wish to view their recent performance during Clan Battles. This page lists the clan's past battles. From here, clicking on a battle will display further information about that battle including the players and what ships they were playing, the map, and how many points were won or lost.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Access Level 17 is still required to participate in Clan Battles.
  2. Creating a clan nominally costs Doubloons 2500, but the 'sale' appears to be perpetual. Be sure you're satisfied with the clan tag and name, though, because that does cost Doubloons 2500 to change.
  3. There is no notification on the invitee's Port screen; he must inspect his clan page to see it.
  4. The well-known introduction to new members of the Lone Wolves clans (solo player clans) is,
    "Welcome to the Lone Wolves. It will be nice not getting to know you."