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The Dockyard is an occasional feature introduced in Update 0.8.11.

In the Dockyard a player can watch his ship being built from the keel up as he progresses in a campaign to acquire the ship. Each stage of the shipbuilding process is generally unlocked through a series of time-gated missions while the event is active, with various rewards allocated for completion of each stage, ranging from signals and camouflages to premium time, ships, containers, and harder-to-obtain resources. Completion of every stage of shipbuilding will reward the player with the completed ship. While the majority of dockyard stages can be completed for free, the player will always have to spend doubloons to complete every stage of the dockyard event, with the exception of the first dockyard (Puerto Rico, winter 2019), where it was possible to unlock every stage for free. Players can choose the number of dockyard stages to bypass, spending more to accelerate past more stages, or spending the minimum amount on un-earnable stages and grinding through the entire event.

Describing the first Dockyard event for
Tier X USS Puerto Rico.

List of Dockyard ships

Ship Nation Tier Type Dockyard event
Puerto Rico U.S.A. 10 Cruiser Winter 2019
Odin Germany 8 Battleship Summer 2020
Anchorage U.S.A. 8 Cruiser Fall 2020
Hizen Japan 9 Battleship Winter 2020
ZF-6 Germany 9 Destroyer Spring 2021
De Zeven Provinciën Netherlands 8 Cruiser Fall 2021
Repulse United Kingdom 6 Battleship Winter 2021
Marlborough United Kingdom 9 Battleship Winter 2021
Atlântico Pan-America (Brazil) 8 Battleship Spring 2022
Huron Commonwealth 7 Destroyer Fall 2022
Puerto Rico U.S.A. 10 Cruiser Fall 2022
Renown '44 United Kingdom 7 Battleship Winter 2022
Admiral Schröder Germany 9 Cruiser Winter 2022
Daisen Japan 9 Battleship Spring 2023
Lüshun Pan-Asia 10 Destroyer Summer/Fall 2023
Michelangelo Italy 9 Cruiser Winter 2023

Event Descriptions:

Dockyard 1: Puerto Rico

Update 0.8.11 saw the inauguration of the dockyard as a timed construction event. To speed up construction in order to finish before the end of the event, completion of directives gave points necessary to purchase boosts. A combination of factors led to this event being the worst-received dockyard and one of the worst public relations disasters of all time for Wargaming.

Completion of the event was rewarded with Puerto Rico. What Montana is to Iowa, is what Puerto Rico is to Alaska. Gorizia was also rewarded as a midpoint completion reward.

Hamburg Dockyard: Odin

Following community backlash from the first dockyard, this event and all others following it were designed to be completed via time-gated mission sets instead of directive boosting. Odin is a German battleship with a large number of smaller caliber guns, as well as torpedoes for brawling. Graf Spee was the midpoint reward, one of the first true "large cruisers" of the game.

Dockyard 3: Anchorage

US heavy cruiser Anchorage was the reward for the third dockyard, a ship with similar construction to Buffalo but an unusual combination of a smokescreen generator and torpedoes.

Kure Dockyard: Hizen

Japanese battleship Hizen, with a heavier but slower reloading main battery compared to her tech tree counterpart Izumo, was the star of the fourth dockyard, set in Kure. Tachibana and Yahagi were offered as midpoint rewards.

Hamburg Dockyard: ZF-6

The fifth dockyard saw a return to the Hamburg shipyards where ZF-6, an unusual French/German hybrid destroyer, was offered to players. This ship has strong AP performance, and lacks the German hydroacoustic search consumable but gains the French main battery reload booster consumable in its stead.

Rotterdam Dockyard: De Zeven Provinciën

Celebrating the concurrent release of the Dutch cruiser line, the sixth dockyard featured De Zeven Provinciën, a postwar light cruiser with a fearsome antiaircraft battery and powerful airstrike consumable.

Clydebank Dockyard: Marlborough

Clydebank, Scotland, was the location of the seventh dockyard, where Marlborough, a battleship combining a Vanguard-like hull with an absurd 16 356mm rifles, could be built. At the time, this event was also the only means of obtaining Repulse, a blisteringly fast battlecruiser with large caliber guns for her tier.

Clydebank Dockyard: Atlântico

Set in the same shipyard that crafted Marlborough, the eighth dockyard features Atlântico, a Brazilian order for a super-dreadnought with an almost comically large caliber secondary battery.

Dockyard 9: Return of Puerto Rico

As a manner of apology for the botched inaugural dockyard, the ninth dockyard has been announced starting the infamous Puerto Rico, with compensation in various currencies that will be offered to captains who already have the ship in port. Huron will be the midpoint reward ship for this event.

Hamburg Dockyard: Admiral Schröder

The tenth dockyard once again returned to Hamburg, Germany, where Admiral Schröder was constructed. A post-World War I design for a large surface raider, she carries a heavy main battery of eight 305 mm guns supported by a large secondary battery. Although she lacks the torpedoes commonly found on most German cruisers, she has an Engine Boost. Renown '44 was the midpoint reward.

Kure Dockyard: Daisen

The Kure dockyard returned for the construction of Japanese battleship Daisen. Based on a series of fast battlecruiser designs from World War I, she features a powerful, accurate main battery and quadruple torpedo launchers, but was left with a relatively archaic (for the time) casemate-mounted secondary suite inherited from earlier projects.

Sestri Ponente Dockyard: Michelangelo

The Sestri Ponente dockyard brings the first Italian ship to the event, Michelangelo, a large cruiser based on a unique inter-war design for a "medium displacement" battleship. She stands out for her numerous SAP secondary guns, as well as her unusual main battery of eight 305 mm guns placed in two quadruple turrets amidships. Among her other features are her Exhaust Smoker Generator and Hydroacoustic Search consumables, as well as her torpedoes and good survivability.


  • During Update 0.11.0, Repulse was unique in that she was only obtainable through completion of the first eighteen stages of the Marlborough dockyard. Previously, all ships given as rewards for completing intermediate stages were obtainable through other means. In Update 0.11.2, Repulse was made available in the Armory and Premium Shop.
  • As of Update 12.11, only Odin, Anchorage and Hizen are obtainable outside of the dockyard, through Santa Gift containers. The rest of the dockyard final reward ships do not drop from any container, making them unobtainable after the conclusion of the event.
  • The first dockyard, Puerto Rico, was unique in that every stage could be completed for free, meaning that it was possible to earn her without the expenditure of doubloons. However, the staggeringly monumental requirements to unlock each stage drew intense criticism from the community and prompted a redesign of following dockyard formats.
  • On May 4th, 2022, a rerun of the Puerto Rico dockyard was announced as the second dockyard event for 2022, a move which was said to be an apology for the disastrous initial dockyard event and a new opportunity for new and veteran players alike to obtain the ship. The event will run according to subsequent dockyard formats (set stages instead of directive-boosted). Previous owners of Puerto Rico will be compensated with a choice of several currency bundles for their second completion of the event.