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Operation Hermes

Operation Hermes

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Players must reach the exit and defend the Battleship Ruan.


Operation Hermes is a PVE Scenario in which the friendly task force escorting French ships (led by flagship Ruan), whose holds are full of gold, past attacking German ships and out of the action area. Storms are brewing, however, and weather conditions frequently appear on the battlefield. The allied force consists of 7 player ships, 2 or 3 bot cruisers or battleships, and Ruan.


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary “Escort battleship Ruan to the designated sector” Escort the flagship to its destination. N/A
Secondary “Make sure battleship Ruan retains more than 50% of her HP” Keep the flagship's HP above 50%. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy five enemy battleships”

"Destroy 20 enemy ships"

Destroy five enemy battleships

or Destroy 20 enemy ships.[1]

Secondary “Destroy enemy aircraft” Destroy enemy aircraft - 50 or 100 depending on if you took out the scout planes. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary "Destriy aircraft carrier Adler Destroy the enemy aircraft carrier. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Save at least 3 allied battleships” Finish the Operation with at least three allied battleships afloat . Campaign_pin.png


Friendly Forces

As usual, this operation is for 7 human players. In addition, the AI will control the friendly flagship Ruan, which is a Alsace-class battleship; plus usually two additional friendly ships[2], which may either be battleships or cruisers depending on how many human-controlled battleships there are:

Human-controlled battleships AI-controlled ships
0 Ruan, Jean Bart, Richelieu, Strasbourg
1 Ruan, Jean Bart, Richelieu
2 Ruan, Jean Bart, cruiser
3 Ruan, cruiser, cruiser

Scout Planes

The first enemies to appear are several squadrons of scout planes, which enter from the south border of the map. Although they are not armed, it is important to destroy them, as even a single plane escaping will lead to more and heavier enemy air strikes for the remainder of the battle.

First Half

An enemy division of two destroyers and a Nürnberg will appear out of the Thunderstorm Front. A couple minutes later, an enemy division of two destroyers and a Yorck will appear behind the islands opposite of the storm front. Four enemy Battleships - a Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Tirpitz and Bayern - will appear from behind the islands near where the second division spawned.

Halftime: Repairs

Ruan will slow down for 100 seconds, during which time it will repair all ships in a circle around itself. At this time 3 x destroyers and 1 Bayern will spawn in either A10 or J1, whichever is closer to the halftime break location.

Second Half

Adler, an August von Parseval-class aircraft carrier, will enter from the north-western corner of the map, accompanied by a cruiser division of Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, and Nürnberg. These cruisers do not have set paths and till head towards the nearest player regardless of that players detection status. Additional reinforcements of 3 destroyers, 1 x Z-31, 1 x Leberecht Maass and 1 x Ernst Gaede will rush the exit. They need to be destroyed for Ruan to exit safely Further reinforcements of 3 cruisers and 1 destroyer will come in from A1 and head near the map border towards the exit for Ruan


  • The scout planes at the beginning of the operation are very easy to shoot down, even a ship with poor AA will manage to shoot some down.
  • It is highly recommended to heal during the Halftime repair break, as the group will face a large amount of enemy ships and planes in the Second Half.
  • Battleships and cruisers should be especially alert upon the appearance of the dive bombers, as they are armed with AP bombs, whereas the torpedoes do relatively low damage, around 3-4 thousand damage per torpedo.
  • Ships within the storm area get a buff to dispersion of incoming enemy shells and go back to standard concealment values 7 seconds after firing rather than the normal 20 seconds, so it is best to use the storm to your advantage as much as possible.
  1. The secondary objective is randomly selected.
  2. If players bring less than 7 ships, or 0 battleships additional friendly AI ships will join the players

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