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Operation Narai

Operation Narai

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Players must break through tough enemy defenses to reach the landing zone.


Operation Narai is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force tasked securing the landing zone for troops embarking on a shore assault. Players may take Tier VII ships into the operation. The allied force consists of 7 player ships.

As of 0.7.2 this operation was made unavailable. It was restored in modified form with Update 0.7.7.


Upon spawning, players will find themselves taking part in an assault and beach landing. Players have a choice between two approaches: a defensive approach focusing on the landing force or an aggressive approach focusing on the elimination of enemy defenses.

A fleet of landing craft are ready to ready to take the beach, but that beach isn’t undefended. Several groups of enemy warships, plus an aircraft carrier, lie in wait. The landing fleet has five transport ships headed by a lead vessel. All of those ships have assault troops aboard. Every hit those vessels take will result in troop loss, so it is important to protect these ships at all costs. The lead transport ship can repair ships in her radius, but her primary focus is capturing the Repair Dock at the enemy base. Once captured, the Repair Dock will help defend the landing zone and perform nearby repairs. Once players break through the enemy lines and reach the landing zone, they will have to deal with the shore defenses. Deal with these quickly to protect the transport ships to make sure the troops complete their landing. At the same time, an enemy transport group will attempt to escape from the nearby bay, and an aircraft carrier will try to escape from the opposite side of the harbor. Take out these ships to accomplish secondary objectives.


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary “Destroy all enemy ships within the landing zone.” Every enemy ship within the landing zone is destroyed. N/A
Primary (Alternate) “Ensure the successful landing of 1,500 troops.” 1,500 troops are landed. N/A
Secondary “Defend lead transport ship.” The lead transport ship survives the engagement. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Successfully escort all non-lead transport ships ot the landing zone.” Non-lead transport ships survive the engagement. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary "Ensure the successful landing of 1,100 troops.” 1,100 troops are landed. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy the carrier King.” Players find and destroy King. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy enemy transport ships.” Players find and destroy enemy transport ships. Campaign_pin.png

Detailed Walkthrough

The players spawn with the convoy in the top left corner of the map. The goal is to escort the ship to the harbor, therfore it is recommended to sail ahead of the convoy and sink the enemy before they can get close to the transports. Should the player ship take heavy damage, they can retreat to the safety of the convoy where they can be slowly repaired.

The first enemy group spawns directly to the south behind the island and consists of three ships: Émile Bertin, Nicholas, and New York. They pose little threat if quickly taken out, otherwise the shots from the New York and torpedoes from the other ships can do serious damage to cruisers and battleship. The first of several forts spawns directly ahead of the convoy. A single heavy cruiser or battleship armor piercing salvo can kill it if you are lucky with your shell dispersion.

For the second wave, three more ships will spawn: Queen Elizabeth to the southeast, Leander behind the island just south of the convoy, and Farragut behind the next island further south. All three ships are easy to kill, although the Queen Elizabeth will take longer due to her heavy armor unless torpedoed.

If not already, at this point the players should start separating into three different groups: One to two ships to sink the aircraft carrier, one to two ships to travel south and intercept the escaping convoy, and the main group to intercept threats to the convoy. The guide will cover the three separate routes before everyone converges in the harbor.

Northern Route: All Hail the King

For this route, a cruiser is recommended for quickly dealing with the enemy destroyer and cruiser protecting the carrier. Only one ship is needed for this route if the player and ship are good, if not, two ships should be sent to be on the safe side.

While eliminating the second wave, the player should travel east on the B or C line. 1 x Dallas will spawn behind the D7 island, giving broadside to the player once it leaves the safety of the island. 1 x La Galissonnière spawns further west, just inside the mouth of the harbor, but is much harder to hit due to her high top speed and speed boost. If you have difficulty hitting the La Galissonnière you can leave her to the convoy escort instead. The biggest threat to the player is the Missouri Little Trouble. An unlucky salvo can wipe out half to all of the player's HP, making it much harder to complete the secondary mission. If the player was not shot at by the Dallas or La Galissonnière before passing the D7 island, they have time to make it to the other side of the strait allowing for a torpedo run on Little Trouble. If the player was shot at by the Dallas or La Galissonnière before reaching the D7 island, they should wait there letting the Missouri focus on other targets before making a mad dash across the strait. The player can shoot at the Missouri 's broadside, but should let the convoy escort handle her instead. Little trouble also uses Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain. so smoke cruisers and destroyers cannot use smoke to hide unless at least 9.6KM away from the Missouri. Players can and should attack the Cleveland if she spawns on the northern part of the harbor as she will focus on any player going after the Aircraft Carrier.

Once past the Missouri the only ships that stand between the player and the carrier are the Farragut and Omaha. All three ships will sail north on the 10-line, with Farragut laying smoke cover starting from when the aircraft carrier is spotted. Eliminate the Farragut first due to her torpedo threat. Omaha comes next, but can be easily dispatched with her vulnerable citadel, and heavy cruisers can get citadel hits through the bow of the Omaha. The Lexington-class aircraft carrier King poses little threat as she will not launch planes other than CAP fighters, but within 4.5km, her secondaries are very good at setting fires. Sink her to complete the secondary objective.

After completing the secondary objective, the player can either travel south to join up with the allied convoy escorts and intercept enemy ships arriving in the harbor, or stay at the mouth of the bay and use the broadside shots to quickly dispatch cruisers and detroyers as well as supporting fire against battleships.

Southern Route: Shark Among Shrimps

For this route, a 30kt+ ship is recommended so the player can intercept the lead transport before it escapes. Just one cruiser is needed, battleships should not go this way unless there is no other ship that can go. Aircraft carriers can start hitting the transports early as they spawn at the start of the match, but as soon as the Farragut that spawns with the transports is damaged, or one of the transports is sunk, the transports and the Farragut will start moving to escape, which can make this secondary objective much harder.

After dealing with the initial wave of enemies, the player should immediately head south/southeast. This gives the player ample time to deal with their escorts and cut off the convoy. The Queen Elizabeth that spawns nearby is tanky and can pose a serious threat, so use of smoke or island cover is recommended until she is sunk. Continue south and the player will encounter a fort at I3, which is also easy to destroy unless using destroyer caliber guns, which need to be within 2km for AP to do damage to the fort. Depending on how fast the player rushes south, you may encounter the Farragut or the HQ ship first. If the HQ ship has passed the bend near the fort, she takes immediate priority. Once she reaches the bottom left corner, she will have escaped and despawn, failing the secondary objective.

Farragut will lay smoke for the escaping convoy. As long as you avoid her torpedoes, she will go down with minimal effort as long as you are in a cruiser. After she is sunk, there is nothing stopping the player from sinking all five transports. Three will take the southernmost strait, two more through the H5 strait. If one player sinks all the transports, the achievement "Fox in the Henhouse"[1] will be awarded. Note that the achievement is not granted if another player kills a transport.

Once the transports have been dealt with, head east to the southwest corner. Occasionally the Cleveland or the Wakeful may spawn on the south side or even head into the harbor where the transports spawned. Take care to avoid the destroyer's torpedoes. Join up with the rest of the convoy to protect the landing zone.

Convoy Escort Route: Little Trouble

Any ship not following the other two routes should follow this route.

For the third wave of enemies, a La Galissonnière will spawn at the north end of the harbor, followed by a Dallas behind the D7 island, and an Leander in the G6 strait. Additionally, there will be a fort at F7. The 2 cruisers with torpedoes are a threat to both players and the transports, and the Leander sometimes may go after the ship headed for the enemy transports since it will go bow on towards the closest player. So it is essential to sink the two ships with torpedoes before moving onto the main threat: the Missouri named "Little Trouble".

The Missouri will spawn just behind the third wave, moving towards the E6 island before charging the convoy. Unlike previous enemies, she poses a major threat and can sink player ships in a single salvo if they are not careful. Torpedo-equipped ships like Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and Zieten are the best way to deal with her, sinking her in one pass with their torpedoes and using main guns to score citadel hits. Destroyers and cruisers can also rush in to deal with her, but will likely take more damage, if not sunk in the process. If this is not possible, concentrated gunfire will eventually sink Little Trouble. As a last resort, ramming is an option, although it will result in the death of the player ship.

Once the Missouri is taken care of, take the northern entrance into the harbor. A Cleveland and a Wakeful will spawn on Just inside the harbor (at the same time the 2nd wave spawns in), but both will move as soon as one takes damage, so sometimes they will be exiting the harbor from one of the entrances just as Little Trouble is sunk, which could lead to the transports taking fire if there is not a player in between the transports and both sides of the harbor. The final fort sits on the H10 island, again easy to destroy with battleship or heavy cruiser AP.

Final Section: Protecting the Landing Zones

Once a player ship has advanced far enough into the southwest zone, or both the Cleveland and the Wakeful have been sunk, the final waves of enemy ships will spawn, aiming to sink the vulnerable transport ships. If the player is fast enough, it is possible for the enemies to spawn even if the transports haven't actually made it into the harbor. The enemy counterattack consists of three waves, spawning after a period of time has passed or after a number of ships from the previous wave have been sunk.

The first set consists of the following: 1 x Mahan, 1 x Bretagne, 1 x New Mexico, and 1 x Omaha all emerging from just within the map border. While normally easy opponents, low health player ships may be sunk if not careful. Players should also be wary or torpedoes from the Mahan and Omaha.

Once the first wave is sunk, or 2 minutes have passed since the first wave spawn was triggered, the next wave 1 x Jervis, 1 x Indianapolis and 1 x Queen Elizabeth on the 10 line border. The destroyer should go down with no issue, and the cruiser is vulnerable to AP shells and will die easily. Queen Elizabeth is tougher, but a few torpedoes and concentrated fire will be enough.

Once one of the ships from the second wave is sunk, or a certain amount of time has passed, the third and final wave spawns the following: 1 x Anchorage, 1 x Chapayev, and 1 x Colorado. Like before, one or two AP salvo into the broadside cruisers while a quick torp rush will take care of the battleship. Once these ships are sunk, the operation will be complete. Alternatively, should the player ships take too long, but are effective at drawing fire, the scenario can also end once the AI transports unload 2000 troops.

Ship Selection

Although all ships can perform well, fast cruisers with rapid-fire guns and torpedoes tend to perform better than others. These include ships such as Weimar, Mainz, Atago, Fiji, and Atlanta and her sister ships. The tier VII and VIII German battleships and battle cruisers are also strong due to their torpedoes and more powerful secondaries.

Destroyers are not ideal due to their poor damage output, but can come in handy for hitting the Missouri with torpedoes before she can threaten the convoy.


  • Prioritize enemy targets which pose a threat to the transport ships. Every hit they take results in a loss of troops onboard the ships.
  • As the battle starts, form a battle plan with other players in the division and stick to the plan to ensure success.
  • Make sure to utilize the repair ships when needing to restore HP.
  1. The achievement used to be called Shark among Shrimps Before being changed to match the icon.

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