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Operation Narai

Operation Narai

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Players must break through tough enemy defenses to reach the landing zone.


Operation Narai is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force tasked securing the landing zone for troops embarking on a shore assault. Players may take Tier VII ships into the operation. The allied force consists of 7 player ships.

As of 0.7.2 this operation was made unavailable. It was restored in modified form with Update 0.7.7. This article describes the pre-0.7.2 version.

Rewards & Achievements

Requirement Reward
Campaign_pin.png 7 x Zulu (+20% credits earned for the battle.)
7 x India Bravo Terrathree (-10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service.)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 7 x Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% XP earned for the battle.)
7 x Papa Papa (+300% Free XP earned for the battle.)
7 x Zulu Hotel (+50% Commander XP earned for the battle.)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 7 x Commander Day camouflages (PCEC033_commander_day.png)
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 10,000 Free Experience
17,000 Elite Experience
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 24 Hours Premium Account TimeIcon_battle_wows.png