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Ranked Battles

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Learn more about Ranked Battles. 15 Dec 2020
Ranked Battles are a Player vs. Player (PvP) game mode in which a smaller group of players compared to Random Battles are paired against each other. MM creates mirrored games similar to Random Battles. Victory in battle is rewarded with a star, which is progress towards the next rank. Poor performance in battle will lead to reduced rewards and more importantly losing a star. Teamwork should be prioritized to have the best chance of winning. Earn enough stars to reach Rank 1 and "rank out."

Basics of Ranked Battles (New System)

  • Ranked Battles are for captains with an Access Level 16.
  • Divisions are not allowed in Ranked Battles.
  • Each season is divided into several (for example 6) Sprints. The duration of a single Sprint is approximately 1–3 weeks, and this may differ from season to season. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.
  • There are three leagues, from lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Each league has several (for example 10) ranks. Rank 1 is the highest rank.
  • At the start of the season, every player is in the Bronze league, at the lowest rank.
  • In order to enter the next league, you need to reach Rank 1 in your current league and then qualify.
  • If you don't manage to qualify for the next league, you'll start the new Sprint in your current league at the lowest rank of this league. All the rewards will be available to collect again.
  • If you qualify for the next league, you'll start the new Sprint in that next league with the lowest rank of that league.
  • During a single Sprint, players can only progress in their current league and qualify for the next one.
    • Starting with Season 4 of the new system, players can continue to play in the next league after qualifying without having to wait for the start of a new Sprint.
  • Rewards are granted for achieving victories, reaching Rank 1 in a league, and qualifying for a new league.
  • The higher the league, the better the rewards.
  • Rewards can be, for example, steel, doubloons, expendable camouflages and ranked tokens.
  • Ranked Battles are not available during low activity periods. This is necessary to ensure high-quality matchmaking.
  • Maps, ship tiers, and the number of players per team may differ from league to league, depending on the season.
  • Ship tiers are usually higher than IV. The higher the league is, the higher the ship tiers usually are.
  • The tier difference in the battles is usually 0 or 1.
  • The number of players per team is usually lower than 12, for example 7.
  • Team lineups are always strictly mirrored in terms of ship types and tiers.
  • Players get a star for winning a battle. Players who have got enough stars reach the next rank.
  • Players lose a star for losing a battle, except that the player with the most base XP in a team does not lose a Star upon their team’s defeat.
    • Starting from Season 7 of the new system, the star saving rules were changed:
      • In the Bronze League, players who take the first two places by XP earned keep their Stars in a lost battle.
      • In the Silver League, only the top XP earner keeps their Star in a lost battle.
      • In the Gold League, players do not keep their Stars in a lost battle.
    • In Season 10, star saving for the top XP earner returned to all leagues.
  • When players have no star at their current rank and they lose a star, they fall back to the previous rank, unless the rank is irrevocable.
  • The higher the league, the more wins are needed to reach rank 1, and the fewer irrevocable ranks there are.
  • Season achievements are not inherited from previous Ranked seasons, and will not transfer to those that follow.
  • Success is based on mission completion, not enemy destruction. Focus on the objectives!
  • In Season 12, a restriction system was introduced, similar to Brawls and Clan Battles.


New System

Season 1 (21/22 December 2020 - 31 January/2 February 2021)

Season 2 (18 February 2021- 13 May 2021)

Season 3 (20 May 2021- 5 August 2021)

Season 4 (19 August 2021- 4 November 2022)

Season 5 (18 November 2021- 3 February 2022)

Season 6 (17 February 2022 - 12 May 2022)

Season 7 (19 May 2022 - 13 July 2022)

Season 8 (14 July 2022 - 5 October 2022)

Season 9 (5 October 2022 - 18 January 2023)

Season 10 (18 January 2023 - 22 March 2023)

Season 11 (22 March 2023 - 21 June 2023)

Season 12 (21 June 2023 - 16 August 2023)

Season 13 (16 August 2023 - 8 November 2023)

Season 14 (8 November 2023 - 10 January 2024)

Season 14 of Ranked battles had Bronze League fought in a 7 vs. 7 format with Tier VII ships; Silver League fought in a 6 vs. 6 format with Tier VIII ships, and Gold League fought in a 5 vs. 5 format with Tier X ships and superships. In Season 14, the rule for keeping a Star in the event of a loss is the same for all leagues. Only the top XP earner on the losing team keeps a Star.

Information on the website: Ranked Battles: Season 13

Old System

Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

Pilot Season Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6
Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Season 10 Season 11 Season 12
Season 13 Season 14 Season 15 Season 16 Season 17 Season 18
Seasons 1 & 2 Sprint Seasons 3 & 4 Sprint Seasons 5 & 6 Sprint Season 7 Sprint Season 8 Sprint Season 9 Sprint
Season 10 Sprint Season 11 Sprint Season 12 Sprint Season 13 Sprint

General tips for Ranked Battles

  • Consider the ships you enjoy playing the most.
  • Use this as an opportunity to grind ships, since you will only encounter same-tier enemy ships.
  • Communicate with your team - set goals, targets, and traps.
  • Utilize the minimap to predict enemy movements.
  • Study the "meta" and choose ships based on what you encounter. See a lot of destroyers? Pick a cruiser. Lots of cruisers? Go battleship.
  • Take a break after losing several games.
  • Do not expect to win every battle.
  • Set reasonable goals for yourself.
  • Expect to play a lot of battles to reach Rank 1.