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The Ultimate Frontier

The Ultimate Frontier

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Players must defend transport aircraft and fend off waves of enemies.


The Ultimate Frontier is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force defend the evacuation of Rouen Atoll. Players are tasked with destroying attacking enemy ships and aircraft. The allied force consists of 7 player ships.


With the battlefront getting closer and closer, and amid persistent air strikes on Rouen Atoll, the project pursued by Japanese scientists and engineers is threatened. To avoid a catastrophe, a group of transport aircraft is sent to Rouen with a mission to evacuate all personnel and documentation. All warships must provide protection for the aircraft and the aerodrome until the evacuation is finished.


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary Stage One “Escort at least eight transport aircraft to the airdrome.” Eight transport aircraft successfully reach the airdrome. N/A
Primary Stage Two “Defend the airdrome.” The airdrome is successfully defended. N/A
Secondary “Save at least 43 supply aircraft.” 43 aircraft survive the engagement. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Save at least two fort structures.” Two forts survive the engagement. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary "Defend the repair base.” The repair base survives the engagement. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy the carrier Raptor.” Players find and destroy Raptor. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Sink two ships attacked by the aidrome attack squadrons.” Destroy two ships which aidrome attack squadrons engage. Campaign_pin.png



Upon spawning, players will find themselves taking part in the defense of a group of Japanese scientists and engineers being evacuated from the besieged Rouen Atoll. Squadrons of transport aircraft are tasked with their evacuation. Players will need to defend these aircraft and the base through two stages of the operation. The battleships will usually spawn in the north at Rouen Atoll, the rest of the players will spawn in the south as "reinforcements" initially met by enemy scouts consisting of 1 x Nicholas and 1 x Mahan.

In stage one, hopefully after dealing with the first 2 destroyers (they sometimes will flee to E5)[1], the transport squadrons need to be escorted to the airdrome where the research team awaits extraction. The transport aircraft (marked by a new icon) arrive from one of three separate locations. Focus on keeping the skies clear for them to reach to the extraction point! However, Dallas and and an Atlanta will respectively spawn at the 2nd and 3rd entrance locations for the allied aircraft lead by an Omaha that spawns at A9 and heads southwest. On the opposite side in the center of the map, there will be 1 x Indianapolis 1 x New Mexico 1 x New York and 1 x Wyoming that start my moving north east, but the battleships tun to go north west at H8. Players should prioritize the cruisers to reduce the enemy team's AA firepower. If even just the Atlanta which is last to spawn in is left alone, the cruisers will shoot down the supply aircraft if not all the aircraft, leading to the failure of the operation. Depending on how quickly the AA cruisers in the north and the battleships in the center are sunk, up to 4 cruisers (1 x Marblehead 2 x Omaha 1 x Phoenix) will spawn in H7 and rush north. If a player F5-7 to I5-7 or the west half of G-I8 before the extra cruisers spawn, 1 x Clemson will spawn at G5 and head north to attack the allied base.

In stage two, the extraction begins. Players will need to defend the airdrome and surrounding structures from 3 main waves of enemy attacks until the timer for extraction completion counts down. A nearby repair base can help keep player ships afloat between waves. Fortunately, attack aircraft will support the team by taking off from the airdrome and attacking an enemy ship in each wave. After successfully defending the base, players can stage a counter-attack to cap off a successful Operation. Take out the remaining enemies, including an old friend from a previous Operation – the carrier Raptor![2]

Each wave will randomly spawn in one of 3 locations, east south, or west, that has not already had a wave spawn there. As the second wave spawns, 3 destroyers code name Whiskey<The possible spawns for Whiskey are 3 ships total from Nicholas Farragut, Mahan, Sims with no duplicates.</ref>, will spawn in either F5 or F7 and head for the repair base. If they reach the repair base, a secondary objective will fail and the ability to repair will be lost.

The first wave of 3 x cruisers that will be either Omaha or Pensacola

The second wave will be 2 x cruisers with no duplicates from Omaha, Pensacola, Wichita and Cleveland and 1 x battleship, either Colorado or North Carolina

The 3rd wave will have 2 x destroyers with no duplicates from Farragut, Mahan, Benson and Kidd, 2 x cruisers with no duplicates from Cleveland, Wichita, and Seattle, and 1 x battleship, either Missouri or Iowa

Raptor, a Ranger-class aircraft carrier, spawns at the beginning of the match at G2, but does not launch planes until spotted or stage two begins, whichever comes first.[3] The destruction of Raptor is a secondary objective so ships that can shoot at Raptor should when given the chance and not in immediate danger. When an allied ship or squadron is detected while Raptor is detected, 1 x Farragut, 1 x Sims and 1 x Dallas spawn in to escort Raptor to safety. If Raptor takes enough damage, or the time left in battle is 8:30, Raptor will head south east with the 3 escorts. Once Raptor is sunk, any remaining escorts will move to assault the base.


  • Most of the Division will appear in Zone A (10 line), but battleships will start in Zone B(D5).[4]
  • Despite Raptor's presence, enemy aircraft do not pose a major threat. Do not worry about specializing for AA duties! With that said, a friendly carrier can, and should, use her fighter planes to gain vital intel.
  • Cruisers should be designated as priority targets, as they pose the greatest AA threat to friendly aircraft!
  1. If a player goes to the west of the island at the top of E9 the destroyers will immediately turn and flee as far away as they can to the north west
  2. With the reworking of operations in Update 0.11.8, this is no longer a valid tactic as the enemies have too much HP to be able to consistently take out fast enough to go chase the Raptor later.
  3. Currently due to bot logic for enemy carriers reworked in Update 0.11.9 for Operation: Wolfpack, the planes launched from raptor pose no threat as they do not attack anything
  4. If the division is 3 players or less and has 1-2 battleships and at least 1 non battleship, and there is another battleship not in the division, all players in the division will start in Zone A.

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