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Update 13.3

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Developer Bulletin & Public Test News article

Update 13.3: Wisconsin at the Dockyard

Due to the installation of the update, the server will be unavailable
from: Wed. Apr. 10 4:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
until: Wed. Apr. 10 9:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Update 13.3 delivers the following:

Wisconsin at the Dockyard

Starts: Apr 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: Jul 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

X Wisconsin is armed with nine precise 406 mm main battery guns in three turrets that inflict low damage per salvo. Compared to other battleships at her tier, she has high speed and good concealment, but her armor is relatively weak. Her specialty is the new Combat Instructions called Immediate Systems Reload. This reduces her consumable preparation and cooldown time, as well as her main battery gun reload time. To activate these Combat Instructions, you need to hit rival ships with your main battery guns until the progress bar fills.

The shipbuilding process consists of 30 phases, 28 of which can be progressed through by completing Dockyard combat missions.

The most efficient way to get yourself Wisconsin clad in the War Paint camouflage is to purchase the smallest of the two starter packs (it will cost you Doubloons 3,200 Doubloons) and complete all the Dockyard combat missions.

When you reach shipbuilding phase 20, you'll also be rewarded with VII West Virginia '44. If you already have her in your fleet, you'll receive three Dockyard phases instead; so with that and completing enough combat missions, you can earn Wisconsin completely free!

The Dockyard combat missions can be completed during Updates 13.3 and 13.4, while the Dockyard will remain available until the start of Update 13.6. We'll share more details in a [ dedicated publication].

Golden Week

Starts: Apr 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: May 15, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

The new update welcomes a new Event Pass, and this time, it's dedicated to the Golden Week holidays, celebrated in Japan and East Asian countries!

The event has a typical structure, with two 20-level progression lines with some extra levels to complete.

  • Among the rewards of the first progression line, you'll find Romanian Commander Andrei Teodorescu, the Asian Lantern and Golden Week permanent camouflages, a permanent bonus package for Tier VII ships, and Golden Tokens.
  • For the second progression line, you can expect the Japanese Lacquer permanent camouflage for V Kongō, the Dawn Harmony permanent camouflages for VIII Shimanto and IX Takahashi, a permanent bonus package for a Tier VIII ship, new Japanese Commander Ashikaga Teru, and even Doubloons Doubloons.
  • As rewards for extra levels, you can expect More Signals containers and Golden Tokens for the first and the second lines, respectively.

You can spend Golden Tokens during the Wishing Wharf event in a dedicated section of the Armory. To learn more about it, check out the Armory section of the patch notes.

Additionally, as part of the Golden Week event, we're testing a new permanent camouflage that changes the destruction animation of enemy ships! You'll be able to get one of them for free and up to three more in exchange for Credits during Update 13.3. After that, they'll be removed from your account.

More information about the Golden Week activities will be available in a [ separate article].

Asymmetric Battles

Starts: Apr 10, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: May 15, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Here's some good news for PvE fans — we've decided to bring Asymmetric Battles back for the whole duration of Update 13.3!

The rules haven't changed since the last iteration of the event that was held in Update 12.10:

  • You can play Tier VI–X ships and superships.
  • The player team comprises five ships.
  • The maximum tier difference is limited to one.
  • Any ship type can participate.

You can also form Divisions of up to five players.

As for the bots, they'll continue to be a 12-ship team two tiers lower than each tier represented in the player team. For example, a team that has Tier IX and X ships in it can expect to see Tier VII and VIII bots. There will be no submarines on the bot team.

There is more information in a dedicated article.

Early Access to Commonwealth Cruisers Continues

Ends: May 15, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

You can still obtain Commonwealth Tokens via Commonwealth Team Premium containers which are available for purchase in the Armory and Premium Shop. You can spend these Tokens on sequential bundles that hold Early Access ships. Alternatively, you can spend them on various bundles in the Armory that include historical Commander with 10 skill points; Commander John Duncan Morefield with 6 skill points; the Gregale, Canada Day, Indian Tricolor, and Blue Lagoon permanent camouflages; Credits Credits; and signals.

The new Commonwealth cruiser line will become available for research in the Tech Tree with the release of Update 13.4.

With the release of the new cruiser line, any unspent Commonwealth Tokens will be exchanged for Credits Credits at the rate of 1:7,500, and the Tokens in Commonwealth Team Premium containers will be switched for Credits Credits at the same rate.


First Brawl begins: Apr 22, 11:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
First Brawl ends: Apr 29, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Update 13.3 will see three Brawls in different formats.

The following rules apply to the first Brawl: 9 vs. 9; Tier X destroyers, cruisers, and battleships; no more than four destroyers and battleships, and six cruisers. Divisions of up to three players are allowed.

More information will be available in the game client.


Wishing Wharf

Starts: Apr 10, 05:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: May 15, 04:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

In Update 13.3, you'll find the new Wishing Wharf event in the Armory. During it, you can spend Golden Tokens to try to get random rewards. Each try will cost you 100 Golden Tokens.

For every 10 tries, you're guaranteed to get one of the following permanent camouflages: Golden Week, Dragon Boat, Asian Lantern, Yellow, and Deep Red.

The event rewards are separated into three categories based on their rarity:

  • Common rewards include special and rare economic bonuses, Free and Elite Commander XP, Credits, and signals. Additionally, you're guaranteed to earn back some of the spent Golden Tokens!
  • In the Rare rewards category, you can find themed permanent camouflages for VII Hyūga, VII Maya, VIII Mogami, X Hayate, and X Yamato, as well as the following ships: VII Hyūga, VII Maya, new hybrid cruiser IX Chikuma II, and X Hayate.
  • Lastly, exceptionally lucky captains can obtain Chikuma II Golden with characteristics identical to Chikuma II but a unique appearance. This very rare ship is the Supreme reward of the event.

You can learn more details about the event and the ways to obtain Golden Tokens in [ a later article].

The Battle of the Somme

Starts: Apr 10, 05:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

The Battle of the Somme collection is back, and you have a perfect opportunity to complete it! Battle of the Somme containers can be purchased in the Armory for Coal 3,000 Coal each.

The reward for completing the collection is IX Somme, with characteristics similar to IX Jutland, in the "Lest We Forget" permanent camouflage. The ship comes with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points.


Starts: May 1, 07:00 AM Central (UTC-5)
Ends: May 8, 07:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

A new Armory activity starts in May! Join the competition and earn cumulative Base XP playing Tier V–X ships and superships of all types in all battle types except training battles. You'll be able to track your progress, as your position will be updated hourly.

The top 5 players in each realm will be rewarded with IX Tsurugi, while the top 6 to 50 players will get a discount coupon for the purchase of IX Tsurugi. All participants who earn at least 3,000 Base XP during the event will get Community Tokens 500 Community Tokens as a reward.

You'll find detailed rules and rewards in a [ dedicated article] later.

YouTube Memberships

We've updated the benefits of our YouTube memberships program. Complete special combat missions in Update 13.3 to earn Community Tokens, along with Special Bonuses containers and Golden Week containers!

Rewards for different Membership Levels in Update 13.2
Level Cost* Combat Mission Reward
WoWS First Mate $0.99 Earn 15,000 Base XP.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Asymmetric, Co-op, Brawls and Operations. Tiers: V–X ships and Supership superships.
Community Tokens 1,500 Community Tokens
WoWS Admiral $1.99 Deal 600,000 damage.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Asymmetric, Co-op, Brawls, and Operations.
Tiers: V–X ships and Supership superships.
You'll also be able to complete the previous level's combat mission and receive any due rewards for it.
6x Special Bonuses containers + the reward from the previous level
Naval Historian $2.99 Earn 15 "Destroyed" ribbons.
Battle types: Random, Ranked, Asymmetric, Co-op, Brawls, and Operations.
Tiers: V–X ships and Supership superships.
You'll also be able to complete the combat missions from the two previous levels and receive any due rewards for them.
4x Golden Week containers + the rewards from the two previous levels + historical content. **

* Currency and membership fees may vary by country.

The special combat missions for our YouTube members can be claimed until the end of the current update, and you have until the end of the next update to complete them.

Game Balance Changes

  • Destroyers VI Leone and V Okhotnik are receiving depth charges.
  • We’re applying balance changes to a large number of ships with ship-based depth charges. You can find more details in the following Development Blog.

Content Additions and Changes

  • We've added a special setting for streamers that allows them to disable licensed music in the game client and have the default music instead.
  • Added a guaranteed-drop counter to the Armory that also shows how many containers of each type you have on your account.
  • For the upcoming Warship Masters tournament, the Warship Masters 2024 flag and the Warship Masters 2024 Finalist achievement have been added to the game.
  • Ships Incheon (Pan-Asian Tier X cruiser) and Frank Friday (American Tier IX destroyer; used to test Johnston) were added for testing by developers, volunteers, and community contributors.

Other Changes

  • We've fixed displayed information for the range at which torpedoes can inflict maximum damage in the torpedo tooltip, as well as displayed damage numbers in the tooltip for fires and flooding.
  • Fixed an issue with the firing angles of X Sicilia's rear turrets. Improved the minimal vertical angle that her guns need to reach to be able to fire. Now, the ship can better shoot at targets that are closer to her.
  • Updated the Patrol Fighters UI icon and description for VI Béarn.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to sell Awarded camouflages.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to sell rare and unique economic bonuses.
  • Fixed textures and geometry for New Year permanent camouflages for VIII Atlântico, VIII Yumihari, IX Adatara, and VIII Shimanto, as well as for ships VIII Kaga B and X Vermont.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to Player Support.

  • Fixed the German text on German Cruiser Premium containers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the terrain hit indicator to appear while aiming at a ship in front of an island.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash in some situations after a GPU reset.
  • Improved performance of the Ship Information window in the Port.
  • Updated Combat Instructions progress sound effects.
  • Fixed issues with camera angles when viewing Druid.
  • Made minor improvements to the Clan UI.
  • Revised account leveling texts in Russian and English.
  • Fixed minor UI issues in the Tech Tree.

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