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 {{panel content toc|title=Major Qualification|content= {{panel content toc|title=Major Qualification|content=
?Each crew member is trained and qualified for one particular role but can fill additional roles in a tank.+Each crew member fills one of five named roles within the vehicle. Each role performs a specific job. These five roles are referred to in-game as the '''"Major Qualification"''' of the crew member, and include: '''Commander''', '''Gunner''', '''Driver''', '''Radio Operator''', or '''Loader'''. The Major Qualifications are also referred to as an indicator of crew member health, graphically in the battle interface display by the following icons.
 +<div align="left"><table cellspacing="20"><tr>
 +<td><center>'''Radio Operator'''</center></td>
?There are five unique roles in a tank that need to be filled by the tank's crew to operate the tank. Each vehicle varies in the number of crew members inside it and the roles that they are assigned. Depending on the tank, a crew member may be assigned to perform multiple roles or multiple crew members may be assigned to perform the same role. 
?The proficiency of each crew member assigned to a specific role affects the [[Battle_Mechanics#Tank Statistics|vehicle's performance]] with respect to that role. If several crew members are assigned to the same role, their average training level is used.+===Proficiency===
 +For each crew member, the combined total of his experience, [[Crew#Training_Level|'''<i>Training Level</i>''']] in his Major Qualification, and the levels of each and every [[Crew#Skills|'''<i>Skill</i>''']] or [[Crew#Perks|'''<i>Perk</i>''']] he has acquired, all combine to constitute his overall '''"Proficiency"'''.
?[[image:CrewRoleCommander.png|link=]] '''Commander''' +The degree of Proficiency of each individual crew member is important because the factors contributing to it are all used in the game mechanics calculations. A crew member's Proficiency directly affects and improves the properties of certain modules installed on his vehicle, the respective handling and performance characteristics of those modules, and the vehicle's overall performance in battle. The Proficiency of the crew members also impacts the speed at which damaged modules are repaired and whether fires are extinguished before its too late. Proficiency also affects the effectiveness of camouflage hiding the vehicle from its enemies.
?::These crewmen are responsible for [[Battle_Mechanics#Spotting_Range|spotting]] enemy vehicles. They affect the view range of the vehicle, with more competent Commanders able to [[Battle_Mechanics#Spotting_Range|spot]] enemies at a greater distance. Commanders also provide a [[#Bonuses|bonus]] to the training level of the role and non-role-specific skills of the rest of the crew.+
?[[image:CrewRoleDriver.png|link=]] '''Driver'''  
?::These crewmen are responsible for operating the driving controls of the vehicle. They affect the movement dynamics of a vehicle, with more competent Drivers able to [[Battle_Mechanics#Engine_Power_.26_Acceleration|accelerate]] faster due to less [[Battle_Mechanics#Terrain_Resistance|terrain resistance]] and thus also turn tighter while losing less speed. 
?[[image:CrewRoleGunner.png|link=]] '''Gunner''' +[[image:CrewRoleCommander.png|60px|left|link=]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Commander'''
?::These tankers are responsible for [[Battle_Mechanics#Accuracy|aiming and firing]] the vehicle's gun. They affect the speed at which a gun will be aimed at its target, with more competent Gunners able to aim at a faster speed, and also aim better. In game this is reflected by the aiming circle starting out smaller, shrinking faster while your Gunners are aiming, and ultimately ending up smaller when fully aimed. Gunners also affect Turret Traverse (rotation) speed.+:::The Commander's principal job is to spot enemy vehicles. The Commander's degree of Proficiency directly affects his [[Battle_Mechanics#View_Range|''View Range'']]. The more Proficient the Commander the greater the distance at which an enemy can be [[Battle_Mechanics#Spotting_Range|''Spotted'']].
?[[image:CrewRoleLoader.png|link=]] '''Loader'''  
?::These crewmen are responsible for loading the next shell to fire. They affect how fast the next shell is loaded. More competent Loaders are able to load the next shell faster, resulting in a lower reload time. 
?[[image:CrewRoleRadioman.png|link=]] '''Radio Operator''' +[[image:CrewRoleGunner.png|60px|left|link=]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Gunner'''
?::These crewmen are responsible for maintaining contact with allies, so that they appear on the player's mini-map. They affect the [[Battle_Mechanics#Radio Range|radio range]] of the vehicle, with more competent Radio Operators able to maintain contact with allies at greater ranges. +:::The Gunner's principal job is to aim and fire the vehicle's main gun. The Gunner's degree of Proficiency directly affects the [[Battle_Mechanics#Aiming|''Aiming Speed'']] at which the sights lock on to a target, the [[Battle_Mechanics#Accuracy_and_Dispersion|''Accuracy'']] of each shot, and the [[Turret#Turret_Characteristics|''Turret Traverse'']] (rotation) speed. The more Proficient the Gunner, the better the shots he will make.
?===Primary and Secondary Roles===+[[image:CrewRoleDriver.png|60px|left|link=]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Driver'''
?''As of 0.7.2, skills are no longer referred to as "Secondary Qualifications", so it would make more sense if it said "Role" in the Personal File instead. The terms "Primary Role" and "Major Qualification" are synonymous. "Role" refers to the Major Qualification unless otherwise specified.''+:::The Driver's principal job is to drive and maneuver the vehicle. The Gunner's degree of Proficiency directly affects the [[Battle_Mechanics#Movement|''Movement and Manueverability'']] of the vehicle, including its acceleration, top speed, terrain resistance, and hull traverse speed. The more Proficient the Driver, the better the vehicle will maneuver.
?;Primary Role/Major Qualification+[[image:CrewRoleRadioman.png|60px|left|link=]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Radio Operator'''
?A crew member's primary role is listed in a crew member's Personal File as their '''Major Qualification''', and reflects one of the five roles explained above:+:::The Radio Operator's principal job is communicating with allies. The Radio Operator's degree of Proficiency directly affects the [[Battle_Mechanics#Radio_Range|''Radio or Signal Range'']] of the vehicle. The vehicle can communicate with any allied vehicle whose Signal Range overlaps with its own. Any vehicles (friend or foe) which are spotted by any allied vehicle within Signal Range will also be communicated to and display on the player's mini-map. This provides battlefield situational awareness which can be a decisive tactical advantage. The more Proficient the Radio Operator, the greater the distance that the vehicle can communicate with allies and thereby spot enemy tanks.
?<div align="left"><table cellspacing="5"><tr> 
?<td><center>'''Radio Operator'''</center></td></tr></table></div> 
?A crew member is originally recruited for a specific role and it cannot be changed later on. For example, a crew member recruited for the position of a Gunner can never be used to fill the position of the Commander in any tank. A crew member always fulfills the role of his Major Qualification in the tank, in addition to any other roles that may be assigned to him.+[[image:CrewRoleLoader.png|60px|left|link=]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Loader'''
 +:::The Loader's principal job is loading the next round into the main gun. Each Loader's Proficiency directly affects how fast the next shell is loaded, and the more Proficient the Loader(s) the faster the gun reloads. The more Proficient the Loader, the faster the time to reload the gun.
?Most [[Crew#Skills|skills]] and [[Crew#Perks|perks]] can only be trained by crew members with a specific role. Gunner skills and perks can only be learned by a Gunner, etc.+===Multiple Major Qualifications===
 +Some vehicles, particularly large caliber SPGs and TDs, may require a crew of 6 members and include a second Loader. The [[M2_Medium_Tank]] requires a crew of 6, two of whom are Radio Operators.
 +Other vehicles may require a crew complement of only 2, 3, or 4 crew members, less than the five Major Qualifications. Small light tanks with a crew of only 2 usually include a Commander and a Driver. In such cases the game mechanics calculations require a crew member to perform additional roles. For example, in an [[MS-1]], the Commander also fills the secondary roles of Gunner, Radio Operator, and Loader, while the Driver only drives.
 }} }}

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No vehicle in World of Tanks can operate without a complete crew. Acting as a proxy operator between the player and his vehicle, they affect the many of the vehicle's properties in battle. Each crew member is trained for a certain vehicle and role, each with their own levels of proficiencies. Through battles, a crew will gain experience the same way vehicles will. Each crew member receives experience equal to the experience the vehicle earned in a battle, possibly modified by experience bonuses and penalties. That experience is what raises a crewman's training level. Once this reaches 100%, the crew may acquire additional skills and perks.

Crews can be recruited and dismissed, trained and retrained for different vehicles, and moved from one vehicle to another. The career of an individual crew member can be checked though their personnel file while in the garage. The personnel file includes their service record (the crew member's statistics and medals awarded), training, skills, and personal data.

If a crew member is killed in battle, the vehicle's performance will suffer. If all the crew members are knocked out, the vehicle will become inoperable.